The Greater Fool - Recap

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The episode begins on August 8th 2011, with Will presenting his show. He tells his audience how Standard and Poor has downgraded the US credit rating. He goes on to sight the various examples of how dismally the economy is performing world over. He then specifies that the economic downturn isn’t his big story, his top story of the night is instead about a woman named Dorothy Cooper. The scene then flashes back to eight days earlier. Mac comes searching for him at his house, but doesn’t find him there. Mac and Lonny eventually find Will lying senseless on the bathroom floor, it also turns out he is bleeding.

Later, the doctor at the hospital tells Mac that Will is out of immediate danger, but he had blood coming out of his mouth, because of a bleeding ulcer in his stomach. Lonny also tells the doctor that, Will takes antidepressants, which Mac is surprised to hear. She tells the doctor Will off late, has been disturbed about a magazine article and had taken the contents of the article very personally. The doctor then concludes, Will took too many antidepressants which resulted in the ulcer. Back in the present, Will tells the audience that Dorothy Cooper is a woman from Tennessee who cannot vote because she doesn’t have a valid ID. He then describes how nearly 20 million people in the US do not have government issued IDs and hence shall not be able to vote.

He also adds that the Republicans have a hand in passing the voter ID law, so they can root out a lot of undesirable people who the Republicans assume wouldn’t vote for them. The scene then flashes back to 7 days earlier. Mac at the hospital tells Will to stop being “so sad” about the article. Will though claims that he is “over it”. Will then confesses that the article has really affected him, and quotes all the negative things written about him in the article. The article basically criticizes Will’s attempt to revamp his show and be morally upright, despite everything. Will feels, probably his critics are right. Mac though feels that Will is overreacting. Will then shocks Mac by telling her “I don’t think I am coming back”.

Later Nina meets Mac and tells her, she will have to run a story about Will being high on the air, the night Bin Laden was killed, if she gets confirmation of this from a source of hers. Nina tells Mac she wants to change for the better and hence she is giving this information to Mac. She then tells Mac to make sure she doesn’t find the source she is looking for in order to go public with the news. Mac later tells Charlie about it. Charlie and Mac then conclude that this news would be the very reason Leona would use to fire Will. She also tells Charlie how Nina is waiting for a second source to confirm this news. Charlie later meets Solomon and tells him he isn’t a credible witness, as his security clearance was downgraded and he has a police case against him. The scene then flashes back to five days earlier.

Sloan is shown reading the financial news. Then when she is on a break, Don asks her about a job offer she has recently gotten and asks her if she is considering it. She basically makes it clear to Don that she is taking up the job offer, as she isn’t happy working at ACN anymore. Don though believes that she will stick around. Sloan then catches Don completely off guard by telling him, she is interested in him. Don though tells her he is pretty sure he wants to commit to Maggie and move in with her, although he doesn’t sound too sure about it. At the hospital Mac tells Will about Nina and her piece. Will though isn’t affected as he feels he has already been disgraced. Jim on the other hand tells Charlie that, Solomon committed suicide last night.

Charlie is visibly affected by the news. Back in the present, Will describes what being a Republican means, and how the Tea Party isn’t really American, as unlike a Republican it believes in “loving America but hating Americans”. He then proves his point by presenting to the audience, quotes of various members of the Tea Party. The scene then flashes back to four days earlier. At the hospital, Will’s nurse tells him about Dorothy Cooper who is her great aunt, and who has lost her right to vote. She tells Will she wants to see this story on the news. Charlie seconds her request. Will later tells Mac that he had called her up when he was high. Mac though tells him she did not receive any message on her answering machine. Charlie then figures out that Mac’s phone was hacked and the message deleted.

Nina was then passed on the information by the hacker, about Will being high. Will then decides to go back to work and do the Dorothy Cooper story. Later at the office, Will and team organize the news that is to be presented. In the night over dinner with Lisa, Maggie lets it slip that Jim was at the apartment the other night to possibly see her and not Lisa, Lisa on hearing this storms out of the restaurant. Later Maggie and Jim kiss, as Jim figures out Maggie too loves him, when he overhears, her ranting about it on the street. Maggie then tells Jim “I have to talk to Don”. Later, Don asks Maggie to move in with him, before she can tell him about her and Jim. Leona in the meanwhile asks Will about him being high on the air.

Will admits he was high. Leona on hearing this tells Will that, he is fired. Charlie in turn tells Leona that, if she fires Will, Rhys will have to go to jail. Mac then clarifies that, Rhys hacked her phone. Charlie then hands Leona an envelope which has proof sent to him by Solomon just before he died, which proves Rhys’ complicity. The document has proof of Rhys ordering the hacking of phones of various people in ACN including Mac’s. Leona is outraged at this revelation and asks Rhys, who admits it. Charlie then appeals to Leona to let him and his team “do the news” in an honest and open manner. He asks that the story against Will be killed and there be no more tabloid stories about Will. Charlie also asks Rhys to shut down his tabloid.

Leona eventually, gives in to Charlie’s demands. Later, she checks in the envelope and finds nothing but a piece of paper, on which is printed the recipe of beef stew. Sloan in the meanwhile tells Will, she is staying. Later during the broadcast Will terms the Tea Party as ‘American Taliban’. Later, Jim is shocked to see Maggie happily kissing Don. Jim on his part admits to Maggie that he lied to Lisa, about who he had “come to see that night”.

She in turn tells Jim “you made her very happy”. He also admits he knew “that night”; Don was going to ask her to move in. Nina in the meanwhile is shown deleting the recording of, Will’s call to Mac. Will on the other hand, heads home with Lonny. The episode ends at this point.