The Newsroom (2012)

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How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85
In what Jim Carrey comedy did series lead Jeff Daniels also appear Easy msd85• The Mask
• Dumb & Dumber
• Ace Ventura
• Liar Liar
Sloan suffers a leaked photo scandal in season two. What 'Newsroom' star had this happen in real life Medium msd85• Olivia Munn
• Allison Pill
• Jane Fonda
What 'Office Space' co-star makes a guest appearance in season two Medium msd85• Stephen Root
• Gary Cole
• John C. McGinley
Who is suing ACN in season two Medium msd85• Will McAvoy
• Jerry Dantana
• Charlie Skinner
• Sloan Sabbith
What illegal thing do Will, Mac, and Charlie catch the Lansings doing Medium msd85• Phone Hacking
• Bribery
• Murder
On what 2010 date does 'The 112th Congress' take place Hard msd85• November 1
• November 2
• November 3
• November 4
On what 2010 date does 'News Night 2.0' take place Medium msd85• April 23
• April 24
• April 25
• April 26
On what 2010 date does 'We Just Decided To' take place Medium msd85• April 19
• April 20
• April 22
What is the name of the military operation the team receives a tip about early in the second season Easy msd85• Genoa
• Extraction
• Hailstorm
What protest movement does Neal become increasingly interested in Easy msd85• The Tea Party
• The Arab Spring
• The Anti-Abortion Movement
• Occupy Wall Street
Who suffers a traumatic experience in Africa Easy msd85• Sloan
• Jim
• Maggie
• Mackenzie
To what TV news mogul was guest star Jane Fonda married in real life Medium msd85• Ted Turner
• Rupert Murdoch
• Michael Bloomberg
• William Randolph Hearst
On what crime drama did co-star Sam Waterston become famous Easy msd85• Law & Order
On what other "fake" news show has Olivia Munn been a cast member Medium msd85• The Colbert Report
• The Daily Show
How many episodes were in the first season Easy msd85• 10
• 11
• 12
Who created 'The Newsroom' Easy msd85• Jerry Bruckheimer
• Joss Whedon
• Dick Wolf
Network: HBO ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama
Status: Ended
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 24, 2012
Ended: December 14, 2014
Episodes Order: 6
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