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Season 5

93 :05x01 - The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in Vain

Oscar and Felix try to change "plain Jane" Myrna, into a raving beauty after discovering her boyfriend had left her.
Guest Stars: Rob Reiner as Sheldon | Bo Kaprall as Guy | Kapi Lindos as Belly Dancer | Penny Marshall as Myrna Turner | Al Molinaro as Murray | Garo Yepremian as Zeeno
Director: Harvey Miller

94 :05x02 - To Bowl or Not to Bowl

Oscar is sure that his bowling team will win the championship after Felix agrees to become a member. But a strained back while exercising may change the outcome.
Guest Stars: Noam Pitlik as O'Herlihy | Leonard Barr as Arnold | Beatrice Colen as The Bride | Bo Kaprall as Klemp
Director: Jay Sandrich
Writer: Mickey Rose

95 :05x03 - The Frog

Felix's son Leonard, desperately wants to win the upcoming frog jumping contest. But when Oscar is left to frog sit, Leonard's leaper apparently leaped out the window of their apartment. Not only do they need to find Leonard a new frog, but they need to teach it to be a great jumper.
Guest Stars: Leif Garrett as Leonard Unger | Al Molinaro as Police Officer Murray Greshler | Richard Stahl as Buck
Director: Mel Ferber

96 :05x04 - The Hollywood Story

Oscar lands a bit role in a Hollywood movie, and he brings Felix along to Los Angeles. That maybe a big mistake because Felix appoints himself as Oscar's agent and gets him fired.
Guest Stars: Allan Arbus as Director | Leonard Barr as Stickman | Alan Dexter as J.B. | Mickey Fox as Hannah | Bob Hope as Himself | George Montgomery as Griff
Director: Mel Ferber

97 :05x05 - The Dog Story

Felix finds himself in court after he smuggles a famous dog away from its owner during a photo shoot after seeing him being abused.
Guest Stars: John Fiedler as Hugo | Rona Barrett as Rona Barnett | Bill Idelson as Judge | George Ranito Jordan as Plainfiff Lawyer | Jennifer King as Receptionist | Buddy Lewis as Bailiff | Cliff Norton as Barry Fishkin
Director: Frank Buxton

98 :05x06 - Strike Up the Band or Else...

Oscar finds himself in debt to the owner of the Texas football team after losing in poker. Felix comes to his aid by promising he can get him a band for his hoe-down.
Guest Stars: Pernell Roberts as Billy Jack | Jim Boles as Sam | Alan Copeland as Piano Player | Dick Curtis (1) as Dick
Director: Jay Sandrich

99 :05x07 - The Odd Candidate

Felix is concerned about the cities playgrounds and tries to convince Oscar that he should run for city councilman. At first Oscar was skeptical about the idea but soon throws his own hat into the ring.
Guest Stars: Filip Field as TV Director | Peter Hobbs as Simpson | Kapi Lindos as Gypsy | Guy Marks as Igor | Howard K. Smith as Himself
Director: Garry Marshall

100 :05x08 - The Subway Story

Oscar's article concerning how mean and unfriendly New Yorkers can be, upsets Felix. So when the subway shuts down, Felix makes an attempt to prove him wrong.
Guest Stars: Ben Frommer as Fat Man | Fritzi Burr as Angry Woman | Scatman Crothers as Blind Man | Elinor Donahue as Miriam Welby | Heather Lowe as Miss Rapid Transit | Al Molinaro as Police Officer Murray Greshler | Garry Marshall as Man | Barney Martin as Man in Subway | Billy Sands as Man in Subway
Director: Norm Gray

101 :05x09 - The Paul Williams Show

When Felix refuses to let his daughter Edna, to attend a concert by her favorite performer, Paul Williams, she decides to run away and follow him on the road.
Guest Stars: Eddie Garrett as Body Guard | Doney Oatman as Edna Unger | William O'Connell as Hotel Clerk | Paul Williams (1) as Himself
Director: Harvey Miller

102 :05x10 - Our Fathers

Felix recalls a story he was told by his relatives from Chicago concerning a time when Oscar's father was scheduled to kill Felix's father.
Guest Stars: Jack R. Clinton as Policeman | Elisha Cook as Eliot Ness | Louis Guss as Moe | Adam Klugman as Little Oscar | Sean Manning as Little Felix | Barbara Rhoades as Lucy | Giorgio Tozzi as Big Boss
Director: Harvey Miller

103 :05x11 - The Big Broadcast

Reluctantly, Oscar allows Felix to help him boost his ratings on his radio program by writing a script for the greatest moments in sports history.
Guest Stars: Stanley Adams as Ed | Tina Andrews (1) as Secratery | Filip Field as Director | Eddie Garrett as Irate Listener | Graham Jarvis as Mr. Antrobus
Director: Frank Buxton
Writer: Frank Buxton

104 :05x12 - Oscar in Love

Oscar falls in love with an attractive widow and her two kids. Felix believes he should ask for her hand in marriage, but their friends bet that the marriage may never happen.
Guest Stars: Kirby Furlong as Mike | Shelly Hines as Laura | Dina Merrill as Anita | Richard Stahl as Minister
Director: Mel Ferber

105 :05x13 - Two on the Aisle

Oscar is asked to fill in for the theater critic while he is on vacation. Oscar gives Felix his tickets and then asks for a detailed review after the show. Felix is unaware that Oscar has become a hit at the newspaper using his critiques.
Director: Jay Sandrich

106 :05x14 - Your Mother Wears Army Boots

Oscar is given a chance to sit in as an announcer of Monday Night Football, despite his feud with Howard Cosell, the lead announcer. Wanting to look clever, Oscar hires a man to write him some insults towards Howard, which go over poorly.
Guest Stars: Roone Arledge as Roone Arledge / Head of ABC Sports | Martina Arroyo as Herself | Jack Carter as Joey Birney | Howard Cosell as Himself | Mickey Fox as Opera Club Member | Eddie Garrett as Coach
Director: Frank Buxton

107 :05x15 - Felix the Horse Player

Oscar finds a new contact for his racing tips, and when he begins winning, Felix wants in too.
Guest Stars: Joshua Shelley as Race Announcer | Don Diamond as Man at O.T.B. | Robert Ball as Waiter | Fritz Feld as Matre'd / Popper | Frank Loverde as Hanger-on | Jerry Maren as Harry | Johnny Silver as Man at O.T.B. | Elizabeth Thompson (2) as Showgirl
Director: Jerry Paris
Writer: Jack Winter

108 :05x16 - The Roy Clark Show

Oscar old Army buddy comes for a visit. When Felix discovers he plays the violin, he decides to help the prankster virtuoso become a serious musician....and boring.
Guest Stars: Roy Clark as Willie Boggs | Albert Paulsen as Kalnikov | John Wheeler as Mr. Flescher
Director: Frank Buxton

109 :05x17 - The Rent Strike

Felix offers to manage a rent strike for the other tenants of their apartment building. His negotiations go well and the management agrees to give in under one circumstance...Felix must move out.
Guest Stars: Victor Buono as Hugo Lovelace | Fritzi Burr as Mrs. Perkins | Elinor Donahue as Miriam Welby | Herbie Faye as Elmer | Peter Hobbs as Lawyer | Ed Peck as Mr. Ralston | Rodney Allen Rippy as Rodney Allen Rippy / Building Owner | Georgia Schmidt as Mrs. Osgood
Director: Norm Gray

110 :05x18 - Two Men on a Hoarse

Oscar finally gives in and agrees to have an operation on his sore throat. But he will need to keep silent for two weeks, which ends up making Felix's throat sore.
Guest Stars: Joshua Shelley as Second Burglar | Dick Cavett as Dick Cavett | Phil Foster as Dr. Krakaur | Eddie Garrett as Stage Manager | Louis Guss as Burglar #1 | Kathalynn Turner as Nurse
Director: Charles Shyer

111 :05x19 - The Bigger They Are

Felix is in a lurch when his overweight model walks out on him before his photo shoot for a weight reducing book. Oscar is asked to don a fat suit in the models place.
Guest Stars: Maggie Peterson as Ann | John Byner as Hooper | Cliff Emmich as Ben | Eddie Garrett as Doyle | Peter Hobbs as Emcee
Director: Harvey Miller

112 :05x20 - Old Flames Never Die

Felix meets up with an old ex-girlfriend and discovers that she is now a grandmother, which makes him feel old. To prove he still has some life left inside him Felix convinces Oscar to go to a discotheque with him.
Guest Stars: Tina Andrews (1) as Tina | Leonard Barr as Sonny, the stand up comedian | Jean Gillespie as Mildred Fleeton | John Harmon (1) as Old Hippie Dancing | Christina Hart as Susan | Tom Pedi as Louie Menninni
Director: Frank Buxton

113 :05x21 - Laugh, Clown, Laugh

Oscar is invited to appear on a TV show with comedian Richard Dawson. Felix believes that his one chance to become a star on TV was killed by Richard years earlier.
Guest Stars: Richard Dawson as Richard Dawson | David W. Duclon as Bee Handler | Georgia Schmidt as Mabel
Director: Norm Gray
Writer: Frank Buxton

114 :05x22 - Felix Remarries

Felix is convinced he has changed and wants another chance with Gloria. He will even go as far as sleeping in Oscar's room to prove he is no longer a neat freak.
Guest Stars: Leif Garrett as Leonard Unger | Janis Hansen as Gloria Unger | Doney Oatman as Edna Unger | Bartlett Robinson as Minister | Al Molinaro as Police Officer Murray Greshler
Director: Jack Donohue
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1970
Ended: July 04, 1975
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