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The Chump - Recap

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In the opening scene before the credits, Toby is conducting a meeting telling the Office staff about the new Radon Test Kits and is attempting to get Michael’s attention by snapping his fingers. It is apparent that Michael is not paying attention. The scene clips with Michael finding the old Radon Test Kits around his office and throwing them away. Michael starts making farting noises to the words “Silent but deadly” and gets upset with Toby about his complaining about his natural behavior. He then says that if he was in a room with Bin Laden, Hitler and Toby, that he would shoot Toby twice. The other Office staff tells that his joke went too far and then he tells that he would kill Bin Laden and then Toby. Still unhappy, Michael then asks what they would do. Creed says to curve the bullet and the rest of the staff start finding out ways to kill all three at once. Dwight then says that you can kill all three with one bullet in the throat and then proceeds to use Phyllis and Andy as volunteers and demonstrates how it would happen to kill Hitler, Bin Laden and Toby.

After the credits, Pam and Erin are opening ice cream and get prepared from Michael hearing the news that Donna is married from last episode. It is the classic slow of work with the office and Toby attempts to walk in and is immediately shooed by the staff in the event that Michael is wallowing will not get upset. This is typical from the past relationships of Michael. But, Michael seems like he is ok despite the news of Donna. But the staff still makes the best of it and laughs at his jokes and compliments him to avoid evident blowup. Meanwhile in the conference room, Dwight and Angela are still fighting the contract that they both signed a few episodes back and instead of fighting in court, they chose a Mediator. Angela in their typical side interviews tells Dwight that she will own his farm and Dwight says that he will use “legal jujitsu” on her. The office staff realizes that Michael seems to be holding on really well and has not faltered like in his other failed relationships. There is only one explanation. He might be still seeing Donna! On the phone Michael is talking silently. Jim and Pam ask Michael to dinner to try to tell if he is still seeing Donna and tells that they can play Band Hero with Billy Joel. Michael declines the invitation and admits that he is still seeing the married Donna. To which Michael replies “Is this an office where we dive in people’s lives?” (Uh, YES!) Meredith is disgusted by this despite her behavior of the series. Michael tells that Donnas’ husband is never going to find out because he is a High School Baseball Coach and that he goes to bed early and leaves early. He starts pointing out other people and their past transgressions and then ends the talking by demanding a moment of silence for Michael Jackson.

In Michael’s office, Andy starts to talk to Michael about his cheating and tells that he has been on the side of the cheated one. Michael is determined to make himself to be the hero by saying that there is a problem with the husband of Donna. Andy calls Michael’s manhood into question when he says that he should go meet the husband. Michael tries to decline by saying he has work to do and Andy asks if he is the boss. Michael accepts the invitation. At the baseball game, Andy is acting like a goof as usual to try to get the attention of the coach, and back at the office, Pam and Jim are having trouble staying awake and Gabe calls them to the office. They inform that they will be well rested the tomorrow. But, Gabe has other motives to calling the sleepy couple into the room. He wants to know how to defuse a situation quietly to which Jim and Pam are even more tired. (Wonder what’s going on there?) Dwight and Angela are back in the conference room with their Mediator and the contract is sound, despite mentions of the Matrix and Benjamin Button. Dwight is required to pay 30,000 in damages.
Angela offers to exchange the $30,000 for sex five times with Dwight to which he agrees. He then tries to set the rules of the trade but Angela is not budging. The Mediator tries to warn Dwight and Angela that the exchange is getting close to prostitution, but Angela and Dwight discuss the terms anyways.

Andy is really attempting to get to know the coach and starts talking about marriage. Andy just can’t keep his mouth shut and introduces Michael to meet the coach. He is unaffected by it and upon returning to the office, Andy tells the office staff that he doesn’t condone what Michael is doing and it continues with the whole office turning against Michael for wanting to continue the affair after meeting the coach. Michael says that he gets what he wants and then says that he wants cake. Ryan and Kelley are having a usual nothing fight and Michael takes Meredith’s birthday cake. Ryan sees this as a power of Michael and says, “He takes what he wants”. Ryan goes up to tell Erin that he wants to sleep with her and then after having that plan backfire, retracts and goes against what Michael is doing.

In attempting to secure the “goods” as Dwight calls them, he is in the break room holding his groin up to the microwave. There are little cut scenes with Dwight attempting to mutilate his “package”. Creed tries to tell Michael that they are out of paper and Michael ignores. Creed then says, “He doesn’t give an F about anything!” Jim and Pam are trying to stay awake and Darrel tells of a “secret rest spot” in the warehouse and makes them promise not to tell the rest of the office. Michael is getting the third degree by the members of the staff and Michael has had enough. He announces that he is going to a hotel and be nasty with Donna. Dwight and Angela start to “fulfill the contract” in their secret spot and Jim and Pam are snuggled up in their new secret spot and hear the whole thing. Michael is driving alone with his thoughts and has second thoughts as he returns to the office and walks into the break room. He grabs the ice cream and announces that he broke it off with Donna. Upon leaving the office, Michael is stopped by a news reporter about the “rumors”. Michael then confesses and apologizes to the coach and the players and that he messed up. Confused the reporters tell about the rumors of the printers catching fire. To this Michael is stunned and says, “What printers?” Apparently Michael has been caught in the dark about the whole printer thing now. This ought to show some interesting results.