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Whistleblower - Recap

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The season finale of the Office starts with Michael Scott watching the video of himself on the internet telling that there is no problems with the Sabre printers catching fire to the press when, calling in a woman’s voice, Packer calls to mess with Michael about it. Michael makes it seem like the company marked him as their spokesman and tells the office staff that he is the 2nd most watched on the internet and was beat out by the teacher who was accused of being a pedophile. He has the office staff goes to the site and watch his video, but they are distracted when Angela tells that there is a baby otter video to watch on the same site. Back in his office, Michael is trying to be offended, but watching it is a different story and he enjoys the video as well.

After the credits we see Joe Bennet played by the one and only Kathy Bates walk in to the office and is on the manhunt for the person who told the press that the printers were catching fire. Posting a copy of the article in the paper, she doesn’t care about what people have to say and is determined to catch the person involved and handle them the way she wants to. Phyllis tells Andy that he should speak up for talking to the press, but Andy is determined not to say anything. He tells that the Bernard family is not whistleblowers and that they are the ones who “take care” of the whistleblowers. Still not convinced by the words of Michael, Joe passes around a form for the staff to sign basically saying that they were not the ones who did it. Michael tries to tell her that they are innocent but Joe takes this as an invitation to talk to Michael privately. In the office with Joe, first on the chopping block is Michael. He says that they should throw the whistleblower in prison for telling such a thing. The IT guy is going around and getting info from everyone’s computers but upon going up to Dwight’s, this gets him put in a hold and Dwight demands what he is doing. Oscar tells Dwight what is going on and he lets him go. Kevin quickly runs over to his computer, but the IT guy tells him that his computer was already searched to which Kevin runs back and says, “Sometimes I like to run.” Angela, Phyllis and Oscar are telling Michael that it was Andy and that all of them should not take the fall.

Dwight enters the conference room to meet with Joe and tells her automatically that he did not do it but then gives her a list of people to fire. Joe tells Dwight not to worry and that he has been making money this year and wonders if he is turning his money into more money to which Dwight replies very seriously, “are you suggesting Alchemy?” Michael is meeting with Andy but Andy tells Michael that he did not talk to the press. He tells that Darrel was more upset about it then he was. Michael then meets with Darrell and we find out that he talked about the printers catching fire to a woman who turned out to be a copy editor of the press at the bar.

Joe Bennet continues the interviews and meets with Toby. She tells that they did not find anything on his computer except for a novel that Toby has been working on and continues by giving a critique. Toby doesn’t care what Joe likes or dislikes of his novel. Pam and Jim are in the stairwell and Pam admits speaking about the printers catching fire at the daycare to a woman whose husband is a reporter. Pam tells Michael despite what Jim tells her and Michael is not happy that now two whistleblowers are out there. He gestures to Pam that he wants to meet Pam in Meredith’s van in 5 minutes in hand gestures to which Pam understands ironically. In the van, Pam and Darrel are complaining about the parking tickets and the car boot found in Meredith’s van but Michael wants ideas on how they could get rid of this problem. Kelly enters the van and we find out that she is a whistleblower too! But of course we all saw this coming since she doesn’t stop talking. She admits that she does all the social networking things including a social networking called “Wolf” that Ryan made up. This is shown by Ryan when he sends himself a wolf and the fax, computer, and a message from Erin pop up behind him because it is linked to all your social networking sites. Back in the van Michael suggests that they smash the computers. Darrell suggest that only one take the fall, gesturing to Kelly but Kelly tells that if she gets turned in then she is going to tell on Darrell. But Pam tells Michael to simply tell Joe to go easy on them and make sure that their jobs are safe before they turn themselves in.

Toby is in the break room trying to get a bag of chips out of the vending machine and Dwight starts to help him out. His phone rings and he leaves Toby holding the weight of the vending machine. It is the real estate offering Dwight a property. Apparently he is taking Joe’s advice and is thinking of investing into property. Michael talks to Joe in the office and says that they should make the whistleblower work and not loose their job and to work with the people they betrayed. Joe is curious of what Michael knows but he is not talking. Joe takes Michael on her private jet to simply talk to him and takes the “warm motherly” approach to see if he will talk. Michael then reveals all the things that have been going bad this year in his life. Back in the office, the investigations conclude and Gabe tells that they all passed and that they all knew it was Andy all along. But Jim tells that maybe it was not Andy. The office goes back and forth blaming each other and the IT guy, Nick, tells that he is quitting. Upon the office staff not caring that he is leaving, Nick tells people all the dirty little secrets that were found on the staff computers including the letter to the editor of the press and video on Andy’s computer. The office staff is not happy with Andy.

Outside of the building Dwight is on the phone with the real estate agent and tells that he has changed his mind of the property offer and suggests that he would like to buy the Dunder Mifflin building. As he walks in he tells Frank the security officer that he needs to stop getting used to sitting and that he is going to own the building soon.

Inside the plane, Joe is talking to Michael and tells that she doesn’t want to make an apology to the press and Michael, as always, wants to read the statement to the press. In the office Andy is looking for his bag but the other staff put it up in the ceiling. Erin walks up to Andy and tells him that she is proud of what he did. This gives Andy a little bit of happiness. After the reading to the press, Joe thanks Michael and asks if there is anything that she could do for him. Jokingly he says that she could get Holly back to Scranton. Joe says seriously, “I’ll see what I can do.” Is there going to be a romance start up again? There is a lot going to happen in the next season! Tune in next season to see all the answers to the questions that popped up in this episode.