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The Office: Valentine's Day

Michael heads up to a meeting at the Dunder Mifflin corporate offices, and of course since it's Valentine's Day, he embarrasses himself and Jan. Back at the Scranton branch, it's like a typical grade-school Valentine's Day, complete with gifts and hurt feelings and disappointment.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x16
Production Number: 02016
Airdate: Thursday February 09th, 2006

Director: Greg Daniels
Writer: Michael Schur

Guest Stars
Andy BuckleyAndy Buckley
As David Wallace
Charles EstenCharles Esten
As Josh Porter
Craig AntonCraig Anton
As Craig

Co-Guest Stars
Creed BrattonCreed Bratton
As Creed Bratton
Dan ColeDan Cole
As Danny Gore
Gene StupnitskyGene Stupnitsky
As Delivery Man #4
Lee EisenbergLee Eisenberg
As Delivery Man #1
Mindy KalingMindy Kaling
As Kelly Kapoor
Jason KesslerJason Kessler
As Delivery Man #2
Jeremy RadinJeremy Radin
As Delivery Man #3

Conan OConan O'Brien
As Himself
Main Cast
Steve CarellSteve Carell
As Michael Scott
Rainn WilsonRainn Wilson
As Dwight Schrute
John KrasinskiJohn Krasinski
As Jim Halpert
Jenna FischerJenna Fischer
As Pam Beesly
B.J. NovakB.J. Novak
As Ryan Howard
Episode Notes
Dwight and Angela exchange very meaningful Valentine's Day gifts, confirming their relationship is still on. She gives him a Dwight bobblehead, and he gives her a key, which is most likely to his home.

Late night host for NBC, Conan O'Brien makes a brief, uncredited cameo as himself walking through the streets of New York.

The set for the corporate offices of Dunder Mifflin are the most expensive set for the show to date, due to how much it cost to add the finer details and the Dunder Mifflin logo everywhere.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
U2With Or Without You 

Episode Quotes
Jim: So I broke up with Katy, and I haven't been dating anybody else, so this year I don't have to worry about Valentine's Day. It's gonna be good. I invited a couple friends over. We're gonna play some cards. And I'll end up winning a lot of money because... they're idiots. It's gonna be great.

Dwight: Question, will you be seeing Jan while you are in New York?
Michael: I probably will, why do you ask?
Dwight: Well, it’s Valentines Day and you guys, you know...
Michael: Yeah?
Dwight: ...screwed.
Michael: What is your problem?!?

Michael: New York, New York! The city so nice they named it twice. Manhattan, that’s the other name.

Delivery Man: (Carrying a giant stuffed bear) Phyllis Lapin?
Pam: Holy God.
Delivery Man: It's from Bob.
Kevin: Man, that thing's bigger than I am.
Delivery Man: No it's not.
Kevin: Oh zip it.

Kelly: It's frustrating, because we'd be so perfect together.
Jim: You know what, here's the deal Kelly. It would be really nice, if he was into you. Right? It would be great. But he isn't.
Kelly: Yeah, it would be so great if he was-
Jim: Well he's not though! So you just gotta suck it up. Just gotta move on, try to have some fun. Come to my poker game tonight.
Kelly: Okay, cool. Is it okay if I invite Ryan?
(Jim sighs and walks away)

Michael: What it's like to walk a mile in Oscar's shoes, or try on Phyllis' pants...

Kelly: I mean I just said it to him. Can you believe that?
Jim: Wow.
Kelly: Oh my God, Jim, is that embarrassing? I’m embarrassed.
Jim: No don’t be.
Kelly: Oh thank God. Because I was nervous Jim, you will not believe. I was so nervous.
Jim: I bet.
Kelly: But now... now I have a boyfriend.

Dwight: Hey Angela, did you hear? Somebody totally rocked the house and got me the best present I’ve ever gotten.
Angela: Really? I wouldn’t know anything about that. But I’m glad you enjoyed it.
Dwight: I did. Oh I did.
Angela: I didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day.
Dwight: Oh I bet you will by the time the day’s over.
Angela: Really? Well I hope I do.

Episode Goofs
When Dwight is talking to Angela about getting the best Valentines Day present ever, the scene was cut when the camera angles changes. At one point Dwight was looking at a paper from a folder, holding it just outside of the folder with his right hand. The shot cuts to another angle and Dwight’s hand is to his side and the paper is in the folder.

When Ryan comes in to get a soda, you can hear him put the change in the machine, but he gets no soda.

Cultural References
Michael: Here it is. Heart of New York City. Times Square. Named for the good times you have when you’re in it.

Actually, Times Square was named for the building that formerly belonged to the New York Times, which was located in the center of the square.

Visual: "A Michael Scott Joint"

There's a credit note at the end of Michael's film that says, "A Michael Scott Joint." Michael is copying director Spike Lee, and his "A Spike Lee Joint" labels. Michael's end credit of "Great Scott Films International," which is what he's named his imaginary production company, shows images of comedians Robin Williams and Steve Martin on it.

Michael: Dude, I’m going to nail it. Me in New York? Oh, I own that city. Fuggetaboutit!

Michael is using a common phrase used by the characters on the HBO show The Sopranos. Michael says this because he's in New York, but the show takes place mostly in New Jersey.

Michael: Great places to eat, we have Bubba Gump Shrimp...

This is a quick reference to the shrimp company, Bubba Gump, from the film Forrest Gump.

Michael: ...and don't call me Shirley. Airplane.

This is a line from the 1980s film, Airplane.

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