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The Office: The Convict

Michael lectures everyone on racism when he learns that one of the new employees is a former convict. The staff makes comparisons between the office and a prison, prompting Michael to form a new alter-ego, "Prison Mike." Meanwhile, Andy has his eye on all the pretty ladies in the office, and Jim gives him a little advice on how to score.

Episode Info
Episode number: 3x9
Production Number: 309
Airdate: Thursday November 30th, 2006

Guest Stars
Creed BrattonCreed Bratton
As Creed Bratton
Ed HelmsEd Helms
As Andy Bernard
Rashida JonesRashida Jones
As Karen Filippelli
Wayne WildersonWayne Wilderson
As Martin Nash

Co-Guest Stars
Ursula BurtonUrsula Burton
As Hannah Smoterich-Barr
Josh HodellJosh Hodell
As Himself
Main Cast
Steve CarellSteve Carell
As Michael Scott
Rainn WilsonRainn Wilson
As Dwight Schrute
John KrasinskiJohn Krasinski
As Jim Halpert
Jenna FischerJenna Fischer
As Pam Beesly
B.J. NovakB.J. Novak
As Ryan Howard
Episode Notes
Like the pilot episode, this episode was originally written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant for the UK version, and re-made on the US version.

Josh Hodell (who is credited as a co-guest star) is the weatherman seen on the television in the break room. He is actually the weatherman for WBRE, a local NBC affiliate broadcasting over Scranton. The show used the clip to make it feel more authentic.

Jim confirms to the documentary cameras that he is now dating Karen.

Episode Quotes
Michael: You show me a white man you trust and I will show you a black man that I trust even more. Pam, tell me a white person you trust.
Pam: My dad.
Michael: Danny Glover.
(Jim raises his hand)
Michael: Yep?
Jim: Jonas Salk.
Michael: Who?
Jim: Justin Timberlake.
Michael: Oh, please. Colin Powell.
Karen: Hey, I got one.
Michael: Yup.
Karen: Jesus.
Michael: Apollo Creed.

Michael: Close your eyes. Picture a convict. What's he wearing? Nothing special. Baseball cap on backward, baggy pants. He says something ordinary like, 'yo that's shizzle.' Okay, now slowly open your eyes again. Who you picturing? A black man? Wrong. That was a white woman. Surprised? Well shame on you.

Pam: What was the food like in prison?
Michael: Gruel sandwiches, gruel omelettes, nothing but gruel. Plus you can eat your own hair.

Michael: Martin went from being a new guy from Stamford, to the convict, to my friend, back to a convict, then to kind of a nuisance actually, if we can be completely honest. And finally to a quitter. And I will not miss him. And that is not because he is black.

Andy: I am so horny.
Jim: Okay, I can’t help you with that.
Andy: Oh, I think you can, Big Tuna. Tell me about that Indian chick, Kelly. She seems pretty slutty. Good for a romp in the sack.
Jim: She is dating Ryan, I think.
Andy: Oh, and I care why?
Jim: She’s high-maintenance.

Episode Goofs
At the end of the episode you see Jim crack up hearing Andy sing. This was actually John cracking up during a take, but it was left in because it was the best take.

Hannah didn't appear in the staff meeting, and since she's staff, she probably should have been there.

Cultural References
Michael: Hey, look at me, I’m a baby! I’m one of those babies from Look Who’s Talking.

Michael makes reference to the 1989 film Look Who's Talking, starring John Travolta.

Michael: The worst thing about prison was the... was the dementors.

This is a reference to some of the villains in the "Harry Potter" book series.

Andy: (singing) Cause one day we'll find it. The ainbow-ray onnection-cay. The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

The song Andy sings at the end of the episode is "The Rainbow Connection," from The Muppet Movie.

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