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The Office: Fun Run (Part 1)

When Michael accidentally hits an employee with his car, he distracts everyone by organizing a charity "fun run" to benefit rabies victims. Meanwhile, though Pam and Jim's relationship appears to have moved to a new level, Angela is afraid that Dwight has betrayed her trust.

Episode Info
Episode number: 4x1
Production Number: 401
Airdate: Thursday September 27th, 2007

Director: Greg Daniels
Writer: Greg Daniels

Guest Stars
Jackie DebatinJackie Debatin
As Elizabeth
Marcus A. YorkMarcus A. York
As Billy Merchant
Rashida JonesRashida Jones
As Karen Filippelli
Robert R. ShaferRobert R. Shafer
As Bob Vance

Co-Guest Stars
Justin SpitzerJustin Spitzer
As Hospital Intern
Omi VaidyaOmi Vaidya
As Sadiq
Silvia McClureSilvia McClure
As Nurse
Takayo FischerTakayo Fischer
As Nurse
Main Cast
Steve CarellSteve Carell
As Michael Scott
Rainn WilsonRainn Wilson
As Dwight Schrute
John KrasinskiJohn Krasinski
As Jim Halpert
Jenna FischerJenna Fischer
As Pam Beesly
B.J. NovakB.J. Novak
As Ryan Howard
Episode Notes
Kate Flannery, who plays Meredith, performed her own stunts in this episode.

It is revealed that Stanley is a Roman Catholic, Pam and Darryl are both Presbyterians, Phyllis is a Lutheran, Bob Vance is a Unitarian and Creed has been a member of various cults.

Beginning with this episode, Creed Bratton is credited as main cast, as is Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl.

This is the first time in which the characters actually view the footage from the camera crew. Continuing the theme that the show is a documentary on life at the office.

The footage of Jim and Karen fighting was one of the last scenes shot at the end of Season 3 and kept secret until about a month before Season 4 began.

The day the episode premiered, NBC actually sold the T-Shirts and wristbands that were seen on the show on their website.

Episode Quotes
Andy: I'm petrified of nipple chafing. Once it starts it is a vicious circle! You have sensitive nipples, they chafe, so they become more sensitive, so they chafe more.

Dwight: As a farmer, I know that when an animal is sick, sometimes the right thing to do is to put it out of its misery. With the electricity we’re using to keep Meredith alive, we could power a small fan for two days. You tell me what’s unethical.

Creed: I’ve been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower. But you make more money as a leader.

Jan: Okay, name please.
Creed: Creed Braton, 75-plus division.
Jan: You're over 75 years old?
Creed: Eighty-two, November first. How much is the prize money?
Jan: There's no prize money.
Creed: What is any of this real?

Michael: Kelly, you are Hindu, so you believe in Buddha.
Kelly: That’s Buddhists.
Michael: Are you sure?
Kelly: No.

Pam: They say if you’re nervous around someone, you should picture them naked. I do not recommend this strategy. Try picturing them with more clothes on... or a funny coat.

Episode Goofs
Meredith's head keeps shifting position in the short amount of time they're talking, showing that it was done over several takes.

When Michael was changing, he didn't he close the blinds to his outside window. He should have been perfectly aware that people could peer in and see him.

Cultural References
Dwight: You've got nothing to worry about, I put Imodium in Toby's coffee before the race.
Michael: (laughing) Excellent! Simpsons... Wait, Imodium or Ex-Lax?

Michael uses Mr. Burns' catchphrase, "Excellent," in this episode. Greg Daniels was a writer for The Simpsons from 1993 to 1996.

Michael: I’m fast. I’m very fast. I’m like Forrest Gump. Except, I am not an idiot.

Forrest Gump was a mentally challenged character from the book of the same name, which was written by Winston Groom and published in 1986. It was made into a film in 1994, and won an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Ryan: I don't think you understand how jeopardy works.
Michael: Oh, right, I'm sorry. What is, 'We are fine?'

Michael is confusing the legal concept of "double jeopardy" with the television game show, Jeopardy!

Episode References
Kevin: You didn't run for me...
Michael: Shhh...
Kevin: ...when I thought I had skin cancer.

Kevin mentions Michael not running for Kevin when he was suspected of having skin cancer, referencing events in the Season Two episode, "Michael's Birthday."

Elizabeth: Hello Michael.
Michael: Oh hey, I know you... Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: Yeah.

The "nurse" that Jim suggested for check presentation is Elizabeth the stripper, from the Season Three episode, "Ben Franklin."

Intern: Um, Ms. Palmer, your last tetanus shot was when you were bitten by a bat a few months ago?
Meredith: Yes. Dwight here, trapped it in a bag against my head.

The bat incident which leads to Meredith's rabies treatment occurred in the Season Three episode, "Business School."

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