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The Office: Dunder Mifflin Infinity (Part 1)

Ryan returns to the Scranton branch and encounters resistance when he tries to introduce new technology to the crew. Michael wants to prove that a personal touch will win back his ex-clients and succeed where technology fails. Angela makes a decision about her relationship with Dwight.

Episode Info
Episode number: 4x3
Production Number: 403
Airdate: Thursday October 04th, 2007

Director: Craig Zisk
Writer: Michael Schur

Guest Stars
John IngleJohn Ingle
As Robert Dunder

Co-Guest Stars
Edward James GageEdward James Gage
As Larry Meyers
Kevin DorffKevin Dorff
As Aaron Grandy
Main Cast
Steve CarellSteve Carell
As Michael Scott
Rainn WilsonRainn Wilson
As Dwight Schrute
John KrasinskiJohn Krasinski
As Jim Halpert
Jenna FischerJenna Fischer
As Pam Beesly
B.J. NovakB.J. Novak
As Ryan Howard
Episode Notes
Once again, the show is trying to show they were "in Scranton" this season. In Michael's gift baskets are the signature boxes from Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, which has several stores in the Dunmore area. Johnson's Towing is a real company located in Scranton. Pennsylvania Route 307, the highway Michael and Dwight are trying to follow, funs through the Scranton area.

Dunder Mifflin was founded in 1949, making it 58 years old as of the date of the episode. Robert Dunder is 87 years old in this episode, which means he founded the company with Robert Mifflin at the age of 29.

Episode Quotes
Jim: Ok, I just have to ask... Now that we're "public," um... is the magic gone?
Pam: It's funny you bring that up, because... yes, it is.
Jim: I knew it. Oh, man. Just like that, huh?
Pam: I think... I don't know what it is, but...
Jim: Be honest.
Pam: I now find you... repulsive.
Jim: That's honest. Whew. All right, fair enough. It was really fun while it lasted though, wasn't it?
(Pam's expression shows she doesn't agree.)
Pam: Eh...
Jim: For me it was.
Pam: Okay.

Michael: Yeah, Ryan snapped at me. But there was this twinkle in his eye, that I picked up on, which said, 'Dude, we're friends. I'm doing this for appearances. I am the big boss now. And I have to seem like an ogre. But you know me, and you trust me and we like each other. And we'll always be friends. And I would never take you for granted in a million years. And I miss you, man, and I love you...' His words.

Ryan: Any other questions? Kelly Kapoor.
Kelly: Can we speak privately about our relationship.
Ryan: Thank you everyone.

Creed: You're over forty, that's the cut off. Are you listening to what he's saying? Retraining, new system, youth. I'm telling you, this kid is the grim reaper. You deal with this, or you, me, Sammy, Phyllis, the chick you hit with a car... we're goners.

Angela: I heard a joke today.
Dwight: Oh! That's funny.
Angela: Yes. It was.

Kelly: I don't understand what the big deal is?
Ryan: You don't.
Kelly: No.
Ryan: You lied about being pregnant.
Kelly: Right. So?
Ryan: You really don't understand why that might make me kinda angry?
Kelly: No.
Ryan: We're never getting back together.
Kelly: Why not?

Navigation System: Make the next right turn.
Michael: How do they know? How does this know when to turn? That is very impressive.

Episode Goofs
When Dwight is holding Garbage on camera, the position of the cat changes when it switches to the security camera view.

When Dwight is speaking with Angela in the second half of the show before they go to the elevator, on the calendar behind Angela it says on the 10th of the month "Ryan Covers Reception" but Ryan's been with corporate for months.

Cultural References
Andy: Dude, you are so money, but you don't even know it, but you do.

After hearing Ryan's tale of running into Vince Vaughn, Andy recites at Ryan part of a monologue delivered by Vince to Jon Favreau in Swingers.

Michael: Hello, Mr. Sonny Crockett, I'm Tubbs.

Greeting Ryan when he arrives, Michael uses the names of the head detectives from the TV series Miami Vice.

Dwight: Nice leather, oh my shoes are so muddy! (rubs shoes on the couch)

This is a reference to the Rick James episode of Chapelle's Show.

Michael: In fact, many cultures revere old people because of their storytelling ability. Like the old lady from Titanic. (points to her photo on the wall) Or the funny things that they can do, like 'Where's the Beef?' (points to poster)
(Jim raises his hand)
Michael: Yeah?
Jim: why do you have the Big picture up again? You used that already, when you burned your foot.
Pam: Reusing the Ben Kingsley, too.

Michael draws inspiration from Gloria Stuart's character from the 1997 film, Titanic, and Clara Peller, the old lady from Wendy's restaurant's "Where's the Beef" ad campaign. He has his Big poster (a 1989 film starring Tom Hanks) up, as well as an image of British actor Ben Kingsley.

Ryan: Next night, I'm out, at a bar, two a.m., I figure I'll get a sandwich because you can get a sandwich any time of the night... I run into Vince Vaughn.

Vince Vaughn is an American actor known for his roles in films such as Old School, and Wedding Crashers.

Episode References
Michael: Fire Guy - don’t start any fires, Ryan.

This is a reference to the Season Two episode, "The Fire," in which Ryan accidentally started a fire in the office.

Dwight: My grandpa Manheim is 103, and still puttering around in Argentina. I tried to go visit him once, but my travel visa was protested by the Shoah Foundation.

Dwight is implying once again that there were Nazis in his family. In the Season Two episode "The Fight," Dwight mentions that his grandfather was held in an Allied prison camp.

Jim: (to Toby) Hey. So now that we are dating, uh, we just wanted to know if we had to sign one of those 'we're dating' things for the company.

The "dating thing" Jim is referring to is a relationship disclosure form like the one Jan and Michael submitted in the Season Three episode, "Cocktails."

Pam: (to Jim) No, they have been dating for like two years. (Jim looks shocked) Since before your barbecue.

Jim hosted his barbecue back in the Season Two episode, "E-Mail Surveillance."

Jim: (to Michael) You used that already, when you burned your foot.

Jim is referring to the time Michael burned his foot on his George Foreman grill, which happened in the Season Two episode, "The Injury."

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