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The Office (US)

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1 Medium Anonymous• 1
• 1
• 1
• 1
1 Medium Anonymous• 1
• 1
• 1
• 1
How many episodes were in the ninth season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the eighth season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the seventh season Medium msd85• 25
• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the sixth season Medium msd85• 25
• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the fifth season Medium msd85• 25
• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the fourth season Medium msd85• 17
• 18
• 19
• 20
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 25
• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 5
• 6
• 7
• 8
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 197
• 198
• 199
• 200
How many seasons did the show run Medium msd85• 7
• 8
• 9
• 10
In what year did the show air its final episode Medium msd85• 2011
• 2012
• 2013
• 2014
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2005
• 2006
• 2007
• 2008
On what broadcast network did the show air Easy msd85• ABC
what is the name of Jans baby Medium Anonymous• Astred
• Astird
• Ass Terd
• Astren
What is the name of the radio station Michael listens to Hard tvlover2008• 98.7
• 99.2
• 99.7
• 98.2
Name the accountant that shot himself Medium tvlover2008• Jim
• Bob
• Tom
• Creed
What is the name of the song that everybody dances down the aisle to during Pam and Jim's wedding Medium tvlover2008• Together
• One
• Forever
• Wedding March
Who came up with the golden ticket idea Medium tvlover2008• Michael
• Dwight
• Jim
• Oscar
What was Charles Miner's job Medium tvlover2008• Vice President of Southeast Sales
• President of Southeast Sales
• Vice President of Northeast Sales
• President of Northeast Sales
Who is Pam's ex-fiancĂ©e Medium tvlover2008• Troy
• Jim
• Andy
• Roy
What does Karen's husband do for a living Hard tvlover2008• Gynecologist
• Surgeon
• Dermatologist
• Ophthalmologist
Angela replaces Phyllis as head of the party planning committee Medium tvlover2008• False
• True
What was Ryan's nickname at the bowling alley Hard tvlover2008• Shoe Guy
• Shoe Bitch
• Shoe Dude
• Shoe Guru
What was David Wallace's job Medium tvlover2008• CEO
What is the name of the club that Pam, Oscar, and Toby are members of Medium tvlover2008• The Better Things Club
• The Nicer Things Club
• The Newer Things Club
• The Finer Things Club
Dwight was a Lackawana County Volunteer _ Hard tvlover2008• Sheriff
• Paramedic
• Deputy Sheriff
• Fireman
What is Bob Vance's business Medium tvlover2008• Air Conditioning
• Heating
• Refrigeration
• Plumbing
Who started a fire Medium tvlover2008• Kevin
• Ryan
• Dwight
• Oscar
Michael and Phyllis graduated from the same high school Medium tvlover2008• True
• False
What is the name of the radio station Dwight listens to Hard tvlover2008• Rock 107
• Rock 101
• Rock 99
• Rock 105
What is the name of the office park where Dunder Mifflin is located Easy tvlover2008• Scranton Business Park
• Scranton Business Center
• Scranton Office Center
• Scranton Office Park
What game does the Stamford branch play as a team building exercise Medium tvlover2008• Call of Duty Modern Warfare
• Halo 3
• Call of Duty
• Halo
What is Pam's favorite flavor of yogurt Medium tvlover2008• Strawberry
• Mixed Berries
• Blueberry
• Raspberry
What is Andy's nickname for Jim Easy tvlover2008• Big Turkey
• Big Tuna
• Big Chicken
• Big Cheese
What is the name of Kevin's band Medium tvlover2008• Scrantonicity 2
• Syncronicity 2
• Scrantonicity
• Syncronicity 2
What is Dwight's middle name Hard tvlover2008• Curtis
• Kurt
• Kevin
• Kyle
What is the name of the game Phyllis wins during the office Olympics Hard tvlover2008• Flunkerton
• Flonk
• Flonkerton
• Flunk
In what city do Jim and Pam get married Easy tvlover2008• Las Vegas
• Scranton
• Atlantic City
• Niagara Falls
What does Michael name his paper company Medium tvlover2008• MS Paper Company
• Scott Paper Company
• The Michael Scott Paper Company
• Michael's Paper Company
Michael is planning his _ anniversary party in the episode New Boss Medium tvlover2008• 15th
• 10th
• 5th
• 20th
What is the name of the doll Dwight sold to desperate parents in the episode Moroccan Christmas Hard tvlover2008• Princess Barbie
• Princess Unicorn
• Princess Doll
• Princess Pea
What two items do the staff argue over buying in the episode The Surplus Medium tvlover2008• Refrigerator and Microwave
• Desks and Chairs
• Refrigerator and Ice Maker
• Copier and Chairs
What branch is Holly transferred to after David discovers she and Michael are dating Medium tvlover2008• Utica
• Nashua
• Buffalo
• New York
What is the name of the art school Pam attends Medium tvlover2008• The Met Institute
• The Whitley Institute
• The Pratt Institute
• The Art Institute
What did Michael want to name Jan's baby if it was a boy Medium tvlover2008• Chevy
• Malibu
• Ford
• Nova
What is the name of the website Ryan created Medium tvlover2008• Dunder Mifflin Infinity
• DM
• Dunder Infinity
Who does Michael run over with his car in the episode Fun Run Easy tvlover2008• Kelly
• Phyllis
• Angela
• Meredith
How does Michael burn his foot in the episode The Injury Medium tvlover2008• Taking a bath
• Walking over hot coals
• Steps on his Foreman grill
• Lighter
What song do Michael and Jim perform at his barbeque in the episode E-mail Surveillance Medium tvlover2008• I Will Survive
• Islands in the Stream
• Here I Go Again
• Love Will Keep Us Together
What is the name of the game Oscar and Kevin play when they are bored Medium tvlover2008• Love Ball
• Hate Ball
• Dunder Ball
• Glory Ball
What is the name of the annual awards ceremony Medium tvlover2008• The Dundies
• The Miffs
• The Dunders
• The Mifflins
What was the name of the cat Angel tossed through the ceiling in the episode Stress Relief Medium tvlover2008• Princess Lady
• Ash
• Sprinkles
• Bandit
How many employees transferred to the Scranton branch when the Stamford branch closed Medium tvlover2008• 2
• 4
• 6
• 3
What kind of vegetable does Dwight grown on his farm Easy tvlover2008• Beets
• Turnips
• Tomatoes
• Corn
Charles Miner worked at Sadequoy Steel before joining Dunder Mifflin Easy tvlover2008• False
• True
Who is the CEO of Sabre Medium tvlover2008• Jennifer Bennet
• Jan Bennet
• Joan Bennet
• Jo Bennet
What do Todd Packer's personalized license plates say Medium tvlover2008• PACKER
What is Michael's favorite saying Easy tvlover2008• That's what who said
• That's what she said
• That's what you said
• That's what he said
What is the name of Hunter's CD Medium tvlover2008• The Hunted
• Hunter
• The Hunter
• Hunted
Who was the Regional Manager of the Stamford branch Easy tvlover2008• David
• Karen
• Josh
• Michael
Who is the Regional Manager of the Utica branch Easy tvlover2008• Michael
• David
• Karen
• Josh
Who is the head of security for the office park Medium tvlover2008• Jake
• Hank
• Billy
• Alex
What did Pam and Jim name the baby Medium tvlover2008• Catherine
• Cecelia
• Amelia
• Mary
Who is the Senior Accountant Easy tvlover2008• Angela
• Kevin
• Oscar
• Meredith
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 24, 2005
Ended: May 16, 2013
Episode Order: 24
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