Series 2

7 :02x01 - Merger

David lays down a chilled out, 'let's get to know each other' type of vibe at the Swindon staff welcoming party, two weeks after the end of the previous episode. The office dynamics start to change completely as the new members join the crew, not to mention the new boss, Neil, hanging around David the whole time.

8 :02x02 - Appraisals

It's time for David to give the annual staff appraisals. Meanwhile, the office is still unsettled emotionally: David is jealous about Neil's grip on the Swindon employees and his inability to motivate them; also, Tim and Rachel get a bit closer, much to the chagrin of Gareth and Dawn.

9 :02x03 - Party

David is reaching new heights in his jealousy of Neil, including imitating his style. David is also putting more irons in the fire as he agrees to do a series of of professional motivational speeches for quite a lot of lolly. Lastly, it's Trudy's birthday, and things get a little wild around the office.
Guest Stars: David Schaal as Glyn | Tom Goodman-Hill as Ray | Jennifer Hennessy as Jude
Songs: The Corrs -- Dreams, Spiller -- Groovejet, UB40 -- Red Red Wine

10 :02x04 - Motivation

It's the first management training seminar for David, and he is cool and relaxed about the venture. Neil, on the other hand, is not so sure about it, since this new side job might start taking up too much of his time. Tim and Rachel seem to be an item, striking jealousy in Dawn and disappointment in Gareth.
Guest Stars: Matthew Holness as Simon | Tom Goodman-Hill as Ray | Jennifer Hennessy as Jude | Che Given as Speaker #1 | Richard Wills-Cotton as Speaker #2
Songs: Tina Turner -- The Best

11 :02x05 - Charity

Red Nose Day in the office, as everyone helps 'raise money for people who are starving to death.' On this day of joy, however, Neil comes down hard on David for his consistent negligence, but David doesn't respond too well to that accusation.
Guest Stars: Stephen Merchant as The Oggmonster | Bruce MacKinnon as Jimmy The Perv | Hugh Parker as Photographer
Songs: Bee Gees -- More Than a Woman, Bee Gees -- You Should be Dancing

12 :02x06 - Interview

David's final days at the office are not quite what he expected; instead, the growing sentiment is one of apathy. Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated incident, Dawn has handed in her resignation, causing waves in Tim's world.
Guest Stars: Stephen Merchant as The Oggmonster | Ron Merchant as Cleaner | Olivia Colman as Helena | Tom Goodman-Hill as Ray

Christmas Special (1)

The first of a two part Christmas special, in which we catch up with those from The Office documentary from two years or so prior: the office, as it is now, seems devoid of fun; David Brendt is a mobile salesman; and Dawn is enjoying life with Lee in America.
Guest Stars: Martha Howe-Douglas as Office Employee #2 | Howard Brown as Himself | Elizabeth Berrington as Anne | Steve Brody as Peter | Emma Louise Manton as Office Employee #3 | Paul Ferguson as Himself
Songs: Buster Poindexter -- Hot Hot Hot, Phats and Small -- Turn Around

Christmas Special (2)

The final half of the Christmas special and the end of the series sees David and Gareth trying their best to get David hooked up with a woman for the Christmas party. Also – surprise, surprise – Dawn stops by the office and catches up with the gang.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Berrington as Anne | Steve Brody as Peter | Sandy Hendrickse as Carol | Martha Howe-Douglas as Office Employee #2 | Emma Louise Manton as Office Employee #3 | David Schaal as Glyn |
Uncredited: Ron Merchant as Gordon
Songs: Spice Girls -- 2 Become 1, Take That -- Back for Good, Atomic Kitten -- Be With You, Wham -- Last Christmas, Boney M -- Mary's Boy Child, Slade -- Merry Christmas Everyone, Yazoo -- Only You, Moloko -- Sing it Back, ABC -- The Look of Love, Phats and Small -- Turn Around, Love Inc. -- You're a Superstar