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The Office: Christmas Special (2)

The final half of the Christmas special and the end of the series sees David and Gareth trying their best to get David hooked up with a woman for the Christmas party. Also – surprise, surprise – Dawn stops by the office and catches up with the gang.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x8
Airdate: Saturday December 27th, 2003

Guest Stars
David SchaalDavid Schaal
As Glyn
Elizabeth BerringtonElizabeth Berrington
As Anne
Emma Louise MantonEmma Louise Manton
As Office Employee #3
Martha Howe-DouglasMartha Howe-Douglas
As Office Employee #2
Steve BrodySteve Brody
As Peter

Ron MerchantRon Merchant
As Gordon
ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
ABCThe Look of Love 
Atomic KittenBe With You 
Boney MMary's Boy Child 
Love Inc.You're a Superstar 
MolokoSing it Back 
Phats and SmallTurn Around 
SladeMerry Christmas Everyone 
Spice Girls2 Become 1 
Take ThatBack for Good 
WhamLast Christmas 
YazooOnly You 

Episode Quotes
David: Funny enough, the reason why women wear necklaces is to draw attention to the breasts.
Date #1: I don't.
David: No, I mean, subconsciously.
Date #1: No, I don't. I wear this because my mother gave it to me before she died.
David: Yeah, well, I mean, she probably wanted to draw attention to hers, but I mean...
Date #1: Sorry, can we not talk about my dead mother's breasts?

David: Do you know the reason why men are attacked to cleavage? It's because it reminds us of a woman's buttocks. Because I suppose presumably when we were cavemen we used to do you from behind, so we like the--. And then we evolved and probably turned you over when language came in to either chat, or just to look at the breasts that reminded us of the buttock in the first place.
Date #1: Can we not talk about breasts, full stop?

Tim: Gareth, are you still in the TAs?
Gareth: Yeah.
Tim: What rank are you?
Gareth: Lieutenant.
Tim: Are you? Because I was thinking, if you ever take an enemy soldier prisoner, right, would you have to search him?
Gareth: Yeah, it's possible. Yeah.
Tim: Right, so let's just say you've taken him prisoner, you're doing a full body search, you find something hard, you can feel it, you know what it is. Do you just say to him, "I know you've got a big weapon, give it to me now"? Or...?
Gareth: I'm not gonna ask him, I would just get it out myself.
Tim: Right. And what happens – you're going into battle situation – are up in front with your men, or are you coming up the rear?
Gareth: Well, depends.
Dawn: It's possible you'd come up the rear?
Gareth: It's possible, yeah.
Tim: That's all we wanted to know.

Tim: Life isn't about endings, is it? Is a series of moments. And um, it's like, you know, if you turn your camera off, it's not an ending, is it? I'm still here. My life's not over. Come back- come back here in ten years, see how I'm doing then. 'Cause I could be married with kids, you don't know. Life just goes on.

Neil: No dog with you today, David?
Chris Finch: Didn't you see her? She just left.
(Neil and Chris laugh at David)
David: Chris, why don't you fuck off?

Cultural References
Susan: I love Grieg.

Edvard Hagerup Grieg (1843 - 1907) was a Norwegian composer, who is well recognized by his Piano Concerto in A minor, the Holberg Suite (for string orchestra), and ten volumes of Lyric Pieces.

David: Not as good as Beethoven, though.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer largely regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time – and the greatest music composer between the Classical and Romantic eras. This most famous pieces are the Third, Fifth, and Ninth symphonies.

David: Not after Horatio Nelson, after Nelson Mandela, the great leader.

Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson (1758 - 1805) was a British admiral and became Britain's greatest national heroes. In 1794 he lost the sight in his right eye after being shot in the face during a joint operation at Calvi, Corsica. His left eye was also injured and Nelson wore a patch over it eye to protect it.

Rolihlahla "Nelson" Mandela is the former President of South Africa, and one of its greatest anti-apartheid activists.

David: (singing) I'm comin' up so you better you better get this party started.

David is singing Pink's (nee Alecia Moore) 2001 hit "Get The Party Started." This song is featured on her second album, Missundaztood.

David: I did a beautiful version of no woman by the late great genius Bob Marley.

Bob Marley (nee Robert Nesta Marley) (1945 - 1981) was a guitarist and songwriter from the ghettos of Jamaica and greatly responsible for spreading reggae music worldwide. One of his most memorable songs is "No Woman No Cry" featured on Natty Dread.

David: Oh, I'm having a bit of trouble myself!

David was impersonating Frank Spencer, a character played by Michael Crawford in the highly successful BBC sitcom, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. Frank was well recognized for his trademark beret and raincoat. He had a wife - Betty, played by Michele Dotrice - and a baby daughter - Jessica. The humour of the show revolved around Frank getting into silly situation.

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