Season 7

133 :07x01 - Family Values

An overworked father buys his family a robot to help out around the house, but finds that the machine soon usurps him as the household authority figure.
Guest Stars: Kimberley Warnat as Candace Miller | Tom Arnold as Jerry Miller | Catherine Mary Stewart as Brooke | Gerard Plunkett as Gideon | Giacomo Baessato as Russ Miller
Director: Michael Rohl

134 :07x02 - Patient Zero

A soldier is sent back in time to kill the original carrier of a doomsday virus, but finds himself having a hard time actually carrying out his mission.
Guest Stars: Michael Rooker as Beckett | Patrick McManus (1) as Dr. Mendel | David Cubitt as Faber | Tanya Allen as Amy Barrett |
Co-Guest Stars: Aaron Joseph as Basketball Kid
Director: Mario Azzopardi

135 :07x03 - A New Life

Three young people tire of the daily grind, and join a remote commune headed by a charismatic preacher, whose intentions turn out to be anything but holy.
Guest Stars: Nick Mancuso as Father | Jeremy Sisto as Thomas | Michelle Beaudoin as Beth | Brad Rowe as Daniel
Director: Mario Azzopardi
Writer: Mark Stern

136 :07x04 - The Surrogate

A struggling artist volunteers to be a surrogate mother in order to make some cash, but soon finds out that the child she is carrying may not be human.
Guest Stars: Ocean Hellman as Fern | G. Patrick Currie as Ben | William MacDonald as Special Agent Grant | Ian Robison as Craig Ellach | Elizabeth McLaughlin as Donna Ellach | Erich Anderson as Dr. Deanston | Heather Donahue as Claire
Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: A.L. Katz

137 :07x05 - The Vessel

The sole survivor of a botched space expedition returns to Earth, only to learn that an alien has hitched a ride inside his body, and rendered him invulnerable.
Guest Stars: Bruce Gray (1) as Harding | Marie Stillin as Allison | Anthony De Longis as Commander McCarthy | Jay Brazeau as Dr. Bader | Jere Burns as Jake |
Co-Guest Stars: Thomas Potter as Tattoed Thug
Director: Jim Kaufman
Writer: Sam Egan

138 :07x06 - Mona Lisa

A cybernetic assassin malfunctions, meets a woman looking for her daughter, and begins to develop emotions and learn the true value of human life.
Guest Stars: Timothy Webber as Dr. Haley | Rachel Ticotin as Theodora 'Teddi' Madden | Biski Gugushe as Chief Technician | Laura Harris as Mona
Director: Brad Turner

139 :07x07 - Replica

A biogeneticist illegally clones his comatose wife, but things get complicated when she unexpectedly wakes up, and learns that she's been replaced.
Guest Stars: Garwin Sanford as Peter Chandler | Kwesi Ameyaw as Adam | Peter Outerbridge as Zach Griffiths | Sherilyn Fenn as Nora Griffiths
Director: Brad Turner
Writer: Sam Egan

140 :07x08 - Think Like a Dinosaur

A dinosaur-like race teaches their human allies the secrets of teleportation, but a botched jump creates a high-stakes ethical dilemma for all involved.
Guest Stars: David Lewis (1) as Steve | Linnea Sharples as Kamala Shastri | Enrico Colantoni as Michael Burr
Director: Jorge Montesi
Writer: Mark Stern

141 :07x09 - Alien Shop

A petty thief is given a wallet by the owner of a peculiar curio shop, one that has the ability to steal a person's money just by touching them.
Guest Stars: Alex Diakun as The Shopkeeper | Michelle Harrison as Gabrielle Pace | P. Lynn Johnson as Lucy | Arnie Walters as Father Pat | Johnathon Schaech as Andy Pace | Jeffrey Ballard as Young Boy
Director: Peter DeLuise

142 :07x10 - Worlds Within

A scientist tries to save a mutant child from government manipulation, after it is revealed that the child can connect to another dimension.
Guest Stars: William B. Davis as Dr. Biemler | Shawn Reis as Jensen | Haig Sutherland as Roy | Khaira Ledeyo as Jane | Geraint Wyn Davies as David | Johannah Newmarch as Nancy | Samantha Sewell as Mother | Joanna Going as Anya
Director: Steve Anker

143 :07x11 - In the Blood

A small flight crew on an exploratory space mission finds themselves lost, after their craft gets sucked into a hole in the fabric of time and the universe itself.
Guest Stars: Cameron Daddo as Alec | Helene Joy as Dr. Kennedy | Greg Evigan as James Dreeden | Monique Mojica as The Grandmother | Irene Bedard as Callie Whitehorse Landau
Director: Jorge Montesi

144 :07x12 - Flower Child

A young man finds himself charmed by a beautiful woman, only to learn that she is a part-plant alien creature bent on helping her kind invade the Earth.
Guest Stars: James Crescenzo as Sylvano | Jud Tylor as Violet | Kavan Smith as Allan | Ken Tremblett as Tom | Jeremy London as Tom | Rebecca Reichert as Mia | Christina Jastrzembska as Mary
Director: Brad Turner

145 :07x13 - Free Spirit

A sanitarium for severely schizophrenic patients is terrorized by a series of murders, that turn out to be the work of an vengeful body-hopping spirit.
Guest Stars: Ronald Selmour as Carl | Ty Olsson as Mike | Barbara Tyson as Kate | John R. Taylor as Leon | Aaron Douglas as Test Subject | Colin Ferguson as David | Noah Beggs as Guard | Xantha Radley as Sarah | Dina Meyer as Dr. Rachel Harris | Ben Gehrke as Test Subject | Darren Birch as Test Subject | Robert Wolfgang Weiss as Blue Tech
Director: Brad Turner

146 :07x14 - Mindreacher

A psychiatrist develops a tool to enter her sick patients' minds, but will be lucky to escape their chaotic inner worlds with her own sanity intact.
Guest Stars: Patrick McKenna as Dr. Seigel | Brittney Irvin as Judith | John Pyper-Ferguson as Kenneth | Terry David Mulligan as Chancellor Wilder | Rekha Sharma as Reese | Barbara E. Pollard as Alice | Jamie Luner as Dr. Candice Theaker
Director: Brad Turner
Writer: Naomi Janzen

147 :07x15 - Time to Time

A woman is recruited by a secretive organization of time travelers, and her first mission is to right a wrong that happened on the day her father died.
Guest Stars: Alex Diakun as Prentice | Jessica Amlee as Young Lorelle | Grace Park as Satchko | Ryan Robbins as Richard | Ingrid Kavelaars as Angie | Paul Popowich as Thomas | Chris William Martin as Gavin | Kristin Lehman as Lorelle
Director: James Head
Writer: Sam Egan

148 :07x16 - Abduction

An alien abducts five high school students, tells them one must die before they can go free, and forces the kids themselves to pick who won't return home.
Guest Stars: Zachery Ty Bryan as Ray Kruger | Meghan Ory as Danielle Hobson | Kandyse McClure as Brianna Lake | Jesse Moss as Jason Stewart | Eric Schneider as The Alien | Jesse Cadotte as Cody Phillips
Director: Mario Azzopardi

149 :07x17 - Rule of Law

A circuit court judge travels to a lawless frontier planet, and attempts to single-handedly establish a judicial system to bring wanted criminals to justice.
Guest Stars: Michael Ironside as Quince | Dennis Haysbert as Judge Joshua Finch
Director: Michael Rohl

150 :07x18 - Lion's Den

A struggling high school football coach turns to a untested performance enhancing drug to win games, but it has a horrible side effect on his players.
Guest Stars: Noel Fisher as Brae | Roger R. Cross as John | Sarah Deakins as Amanda | P.J. Prinsloo as Eric | Duncan Fraser as Coach | Robbie Holloway as Robb | Larry Musser as Larry Leonard | Jeremy Guilbaut as Brent | John Wesley Shipp as Peter Shotwell | Shawn Ashmore as Morris | Crystal Bublé as Linda | Alejandro Rae as Warren | Chris Allen (1) as Blonde Wrestler

151 :07x19 - The Tipping Point

A hacker must stop the connection of a worldwide network of all electronic devices, before a self-aware compute program uses it to take over the world.
Guest Stars: Allan Gray as Prometheus | Gabrielle Miller as Megan | David Lovgren as Evan | Jonathan Cherry as Andy | Kerr Smith as Zach Burnham

152 :07x20 - Dark Child

A mother's recurring nightmares about an alien abduction cause problems for her teenage daughter, who finds help in the form of a charming math teacher.
Guest Stars: Andrew Airlie as Marcus | Katharine Isabelle as Tammy | Nora Dunn as Laura Sinclair |
Featuring: Kathleen Duborg as Karen | Jane Sowerby as Susan | Brandy Heidrick as Marilyn | Christine Kennedy (1) as Candace | Rhonda Dent as Younger Laura | Danny Danado as Harry | Dallas Thompson as Allyson | Chris Gibson (1) as Pharmacist | Neil Schell as Dr. Campbell | David Thomson (1) as Mr. Garvey
Director: Steve Anker

153 :07x21 - The Human Factor

Earth is becoming uninhabitable due to constant war, leaving a spaceship commander to try and convince a android that humans aren't a lost cause.
Guest Stars: Robert Duncan McNeill as Cmdr. Ellis Grover | Talia Ranger as Kaila | Zack Ward as Link | Kevan Ohtsji as Cho
Director: Robert Habros

154 :07x22 - Human Trials

Four decorated recruits compete in intense combat simulations to win the privilege of a special solo mission, but the scenarios become all too real.
Guest Stars: Kim Coates as Colonel Sage | Leanne Adachi as Captain Alice Wheeler | Lochlyn Munro as Captain Eric Woodward | Dean Marshall as Mason | Glynis Davies as Dr. Baker | Jason Gedrick as Captain Kelvin Parkhurst | Brent-Karl Clackson as Sergeant Streeter
Director: Brad Turner
Writer: Mark Stern