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The Outer Limits: Birthright

A fast rising senator is hospitalized following a car accident, and slowly begins to discover that his entire life has been a carefully constructed lie.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x21
Airdate: Sunday August 13th, 1995

Guest Stars
Garvin CrossGarvin Cross
As Security Man
John NovakJohn Novak
As Dave Pettigrew
Mimi KuzykMimi Kuzyk
As Dr. Leslie McKenna
Perry KingPerry King
As Richard Adams
Ken RyanKen Ryan
As Agent Tennyson

Co-Guest Stars
David NealeDavid Neale
As Evan Branch
Jan DJan D'Arcy
As Martha Adams
Scott SwansonScott Swanson
As Kyle Haller
Main Cast
Kevin Conway (1)Kevin Conway (1)
voiced The Control Voice


Senator Richard Adams wraps up a short press conference extolling the virtues of Sendrax Corporation’s new fuel additive BE85. Despite oil lobby opposition the Senator supports the new additive and the cleaner air it will foster. He leaves Sendrax’ Dave Pettigrew to answer questions. On his way to the car reporter Kyle Haller tosses a final question: isn’t Sendrax as special interest group, too? Didn’t they contribute heavily to his campaign? Adams points out that dozens of environmental groups also contributed to his campaign before walking away. En route to the car Adams’ aide Evan Branch reads him a complex schedule of personal appearances before they drive off...

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Episode Quotes
Control Voice: (opening narration) The Roman philosopher Boethius said, “In other living creatures, the ignorance of themselves is nature. But in men, it is a vice.” Imagine treading into the deep recesses of one Senator and finding someone you never knew existed.

Peter Tennyson: Don’t you know how dangerous it is, letting them run all these tests? You want medical attention, you come to us!

Dave Pettigrew: You fool! Don’t you realize that your entire race is counting on you!!

Control Voice: (closing narration) People have long feared invasion by forces from other worlds. If that horror comes to pass, our leaders will stand as our first line of defense. Unless, of course, our leaders are the invaders.

Episode Goofs
Your skull is how large?
There is very little extra room inside a human skull. It would be impossible to fit two additional lobes of brain inside the skull in the manner depicted. In addition, the extra lobes cannot be human brain tissue as stated, for human neurons would not survive in a methane based metabolism without considerable genetic tampering.

You can’t terraform Earth!
Dave Pettigrew claims the aliens intend to terraform Earth. But that word literally means “Earth-shaping”. What he really meant was they intended to Torshaform Earth to make it like their own world.

Cultural References
Anicius Boethius was a Roman philosopher born approximately 480CE whose most important works were translations of Aristotle’s works on logic. He occupied high office in the Roman empire until his arrest on charges of treason and subsequent execution approximately 524CE.

The plot of this episode is somewhat hackneyed, to the point where most viewers will realize what must be going on fairly quickly. Decent performances somewhat compensate for this, and the episode is told from an interesting perspective – the protagonist was once part of the conspiracy!

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