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Season 2

33 :02x01 - Soldier

In a devastated future, two footsoldiers fight each other in a twilight landscape. Suddenly, beams of light send them in the present time: 1964. One of them, Qarlo, appears in broad daylight, in the street of a big city and frightens the population. He's arrested by the police and locked up in an official asylum where one philologist watches, studies, establishes a communication and tames him. Later on, Qarlo is released and taken to the scientist's family home. Meanwhile, the other soldier is stalked between two times. Qarlo escapes from the home and is caught up while robbing a rifle store. Back home, alerted by the pet (Macbeth, the cat), he faces again his mortal enemy. By accident, the two warriors are desintegrated by a laser beam machine gun.
Starring Roles: Lloyd Nolan as Tom Kagan | Michael Ansara as Qarlo Clobregnny | Tim O'Connor as Paul Tanner |
Guest Stars: Allen Jaffe as Enemy | Catherine McLeod as Abby Kagan | Ralph Hart as Loren | Jill Hill (1) as Toni | Marlowe Jensen as Sgt. Berry
Director: Gerd Oswald

34 :02x02 - Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Returning home from a journey to Venus, astronaut Jeff Barton is welcomed and acclaimed as a national hero and must prepare the next stage of the space program: the colonization of Mars. But before obtaining any funds to launch the project, General Barton must meet the Senate Committee with a complete report. Unfortunately, his mental and physical health—his fingers are webbed—deteriorate gradually owing to his past assignment on Venus that his subconscious has hidden and repressed. A team of scientists and the support of his loving wife succeeds in healing him.
Guest Stars: William Shatner as Brig. Gen. Jefferson Barton | Geraldine Brooks as Ann Barton | Lloyd Gough as General Matthew Claiborne | Malachi Throne as Dr. Mike | James Sikking as Botany | Dean Harens as Medecine | Lawrence Montaigne as Construction
Director: Charles Haas

35 :02x03 - Behold, Eck!

By accident, an alien being, named Eck from a two dimension world, breaks in ours and creates rifts and tensions and, only the people who wear spectacles fashioned by eye specialist doctor James Stone can see it but Eck takes them off to protect its privacy. Nevertheless, the doctor establishes a link with the being which asks a special lens to see the doorway to return home safe and avoid the destruction of the Earth.
Guest Stars: Parley Baer as Dr. Bernard Stone | Peter Lind Hayes as Dr. James Stone | Joan Freeman as Elizabeth Dunn | Douglas Henderson as Detective Lt. Runyon | Jack Wilson (3) as Sgt. Jackson
Director: Byron Haskin
Story: William R. Cox | Teleplay: John Mantley

36 :02x04 - Expanding Human

In a University, Professor Roy Clinton experiments a prototype drug named CE on him to increase Mankind's brain capacity but it modifies permantly his complete genetic structure and splits his personality. Dr. Clinton turns out to be a superman criminal and compels his brother-in-law to absorb a dose to join in his master plan.
Guest Stars: Shirley O'Hara as Receptionist | Jason Wingreen as Coroner Leland | Skip Homeier as Dr. Roy Clinton | Keith Andes as Dr. Peter Wayne | Barbara Wilkin as Susan Wayne | James Doohan as Detective Lt. Branch | Peter Duryea as Lee Morrow | Aki Aleong as Dr. Henry Akada | Robert Doyle as Mark Lake | Troy Melton as Detective Sgt. Alger |
Uncredited: Bill Cort as Elevator Man
Director: Gerd Oswald

37 :02x05 - Demon With A Glass Hand

Trent, a man without any memory of his past, is desperately looking for the three missing fingers of his glass hand, a talking computer. The fingers are held by the fanatical Kyben: alien invaders from the future. He follows them to an office building, only to discover that the Kyben have lured him there so they can recover the glass hand. Trent is trapped with a cleaning lady, Consuelo, and is forced to play cat-and-mouse with his pursuers to recover the remaining glass fingers and learn the truth about his identity and his mission.
Guest Stars: Robert Culp as Trent |
Co-Guest Stars: Arlene Martel as Consuelo Biros | Abraham Sofaer as Arch | Rex Holman as Battle | Steve Harris (3) as Breech | Robert Fortier as Budge |
Uncredited: Wally Rose as Kyben #1 | Bill Hart as Durn | Fred Krone as Kyben #2
Director: Byron Haskin

38 :02x06 - Cry of Silence

The Thorn's, a couple on holiday looking for a farm to purchase, travels by car and stops at a gas station and witnesses the rushed escape of a car from a lonely country road. The couple follows this path and is suddenly stopped by rocks. The couple faces strange occurrences and is saved at the last minute by a farmer, Lamont, that leads them to his home in the dead of the night. The farmer confesses that he used to remain by sheer curiosity and now is scared by these unexplained phenomena that keeps him from running away. On their way to leave the place, the couple watches Lamont being crashed and killed by a rock. They go back to the farm to take refuge. Later, Lamont, now just a walking brainless body, steps into the farm; Andy Thorn, the husband, guesses that an alien intelligence is "inside" all these manifestations and makes contact with it. Unable to communicate, the alien force quits Earth and release the couple.
Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as Andy Thorne | June Havoc as Karen Thorne | Arthur Hunnicutt as Lamont
Director: Charles Haas

39 :02x07 - The Invisible Enemy

A first space expedition of two astronauts is launched to probe planet Mars and suddenly vanishes. Three years later, a new expedition of four men arrives on the Martian ground to discover that the original crew was killed by a gigantic blood-thirsty sand shark.
Guest Stars: Ted Knight as Mr. Jerome | Adam West as Major Charles Merritt | Rudy Solari as Captain Jack Buckley | Robert DoQui as Captain Frank Johnson | Joe Maross as General Winston | Chris Alcaide as Colonel Hal Danvers | Peter Marko as Captain Paul Lazzari
Director: Byron Haskin
Writer: Jerry Sohl

40 :02x08 - Wolf 359

Professor Jonathan Meridith has built a miniature replica of a planet, from the distant solar system of Wolf 359, to study its evolution and calls it Dundee—the name of the financier. When the planet arrives at the present time, an evil entity comes out of the lab to punish the scientist. The wife of the professor is forced to destroy the planet to stop the being.
Guest Stars: Sara Shane as Ethel Meridith | Patrick O'Neil as Jonathan Meredith | Ben Wright as Philip Exeter Dundee | Peter Haskell as Peter Jellicoe | Dabney Coleman as James Custer

41 :02x09 - I, Robot

Adam Link, a robot, is arrested and accused for the murder of its creator. After a trial, the robot is found guilty and, on its way to be dismantled, it runs to save the life of a little girl and is crashed and torn up by the State truck.
Guest Stars: Howard da Silva as Thurman Cutler | Leonard Nimoy as Judson Ellis | Marianna Hill as Nina Link | Ford Rainey as D.A. Thomas Coyle | John Hoyt as Professor Hebbel | Hugh Sanders as Sheriff Barclay | Peter Brocco as Professor Charles Link | Read Morgan as Adam Link
Director: Leon Benson
Story: Eando Binder | Teleplay: Robert C. Dennis

42 :02x10 - The Inheritors (1)

On the Vietnam front, four soldiers are wounded and the hospital discovers unusual alien DNA-laden bullets in their brain that provide them with new intellectual ressources. The now civilian "soldiers" come together and each in his own field, is told to organize and build one element for an unknown project conceived as a holy mission. At Washington, Secretary of Science Randolph Branch and his assistant Adam Ballard, with the help of the Federal Bureau Security, investigate on these four men with strange behavior patterns to find out their true purpose.
Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Adam Ballard | Ted de Corsia as Randolph Branch | Donald Harron as Federal Agent Ray Harris | Steve Ihnat as Lt Philip J. Minns | Ivan Dixon as Sgt. James Conover | Dee Pollock as Private First Class Francis Hadley | James Frawley as Private Robert Renaldo | James Shigeta as AIO Captain Ngo Nwa | William Wintersole as Professor Andrew Whitsett (as William Winterside) | Dabbs Greer as E.F. Larkin | Kim Hector as Johnny Subiron
Director: James Goldstone

43 :02x11 - The Inheritors (2)

Returning to his hotel room, the "lieutenant" Minns—the holy leader—faces the Feds and runs. Adam Ballard goes straight to a Wichita County's warehouse where he discovers the goal of the chosen ones: a starship has been built to send a group of six crippled children to an alien planet where the atmosphere heals them in order to repopulate a dying civilisation.
Guest Stars: Kim Hector as Johnny Subiron | Suzanne Cupito as Minerva Gordon | David Brady as Daniel Newton Masters | Jon Cedar as Agent Drainer | Jan Shutan as Mrs. Subiron | Joanne Stewart as Miss Steen | Paulle Clark as Nurse at Children's Hospital
Director: James Goldstone

44 :02x12 - Keeper of the Purple Twilight

Living on the edge physicist Eric Plummer is unable to solve the two equations of his problem and decides to commit suicide by car when an alien scientist, in the backseat, suggests him not to do it. Back at his lab, Dr. Plummer meets Ikar, the alien, that offers him the following pact: to obtain the equations, the alien will give him parts of its intellect in exchange of a share of his human psyche—a skillful way to endoctrinate him. Ikar discovers a brand new realm thanks to Janet Lane, Plummer's girlfriend, that confuses and humanizes him whereas the doctor achieves a powerful weapon device. Soldiers from Ikar's planet come to take it back because it has betrayed its mission of conquest. Ikar runs, returns to the lab and give Dr. Plummer back his emotions. Finally, all aliens invaders as well as the device are destroyed.
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Professor Eric Plummer | Robert Webber (1) as Ikar | Gail Kobe as Janet Lane | Curt Conway as Franklin Karlin | Edward Platt as David Hunt
Director: Charles Haas
Story: Stephen Lord | Teleplay: Milton Krims

45 :02x13 - The Duplicate Man

In the first quarter of the XXIth Century, wealthy and corrupted space anthropologist Henderson James owns a forbidden and dangerous species: the Megasoid. The beast runs from its cage and hides in a zoo. Henderson James decides to make an illegal duplicate of himself to chase the monster. The look-like meets the wife of Henderson and understand each other very well because the clone displays the lost affection of the original man. Unfortunately, the real husband is killed by the creature and the human copy will die at midnight owing to a control poison in its bloodstream.
Guest Stars: Steve Geary (1) as Professor Basil Jerichau | Alan Glifford as Space Zoo Guide | Jeffrey Stone as Policeman | Ron Randell as Henderson James I & II | Constance Towers as Laura James | Sean McClory as Captain Karl Emmet | Ivy Bethune as Miss Thorson | Konstantin Shayne as Murdock
Director: Gerd Oswald
Story: Clifford Simak | Teleplay: Robert C. Dennis

46 :02x14 - Counterweight

A group of six key persons are chosen to undergo an ordeal in a simulated space journey to the planet Antheon and to test their ability to cope with it. The unusual happens and the passengers meet a real alien being from outer space who obliges the greedy one of the group, Joe Dix, to push a special button to alert the authorities and put an end to the experiment.
Guest Stars: Stephen Joyce as Harvey Branson | Michael Lint as Charles Radilac | Shary Marshall as Margaret O'Hara | Michael Constantine as Joe Dix | Jacqueline Scott as Alicia Hendrix | Larry Ward as Keith Ellis | Crahan Denton as Dr. Matthew James | Sandy Kenyon as Professor Henry Craif
Story: Jerry Sohl

47 :02x15 - The Brain of Colonel Barham

Colonel Barham is a bitter disabled man with a terminal illness and that moves on a wheelchair which is selected to go on Mars but only his brain under the envelop of a robot will be aboard the ship. More frustrated than ever, the bodyless brain turns out to be megalomaniac and rebels against the Officials to rule. Armed with a rifle, the General in charge of the project shoots down and makes the brain's room explode.
Guest Stars: Peter Hansen (1) as Major Locke | Paul Lukather as Ed Nichols | Anthony Eisley as Colonel Alex Barham | Wesley Addy as Dr. Rahm | Grant Williams as Major Douglas McKinnon | Elizabeth Perry as Jennifer Barham | Douglas Kennedy as General Daniel Pettit | Martin Kosleck as Dr. Leo Hausner
Director: Charles Haas
Story: Sidney Ellis | Teleplay: Robert C. Dennis

48 :02x16 - The Premonition

Test pilot Jim Darcy flies a NASA's experimental supersonic jet that crosses a time portal at Mach 6 and crashlands near his base. Out of his cockpit, he realizes the whole world is frozen into time and only his wife and he are desynchronized. The couple goes to the base to alert and find a solution. They witness the possible death of their little daughter because of a future truck accident. After observing immobile officials and technicians in their functions, they encounter a strange man stuck into this no man's land for so long that his physical appearance has changed radically and prevents them from the danger they risk if they remain in this in-between realm. Fortunately, they not only save their child with their car's safety belts but return to the present.
Guest Stars: Dewey Martin as Jim Darcy | Mary Murphy (1) as Linda Darcy | William Bramley (1) as General Baldwin | Dorothy Green as Matron | Kay E. Kuter as Limbo Being | Emma Tyson as Janie Darcy | Coby Denton as Sentry
Director: Gerd Oswald
Story: Ib Melchior | Teleplay: Ib Melchior, Sam Roeca

49 :02x17 - The Probe

En route to Tokyo during a violent storm, a cargo plane crash lands in the ocean and four passengers miraculously escape from death. They drift on a safety raft and enter a spaceship that is used to analyze and study alien civilizations. The four people avoid a mutated and growing microbe, except one, and finally try to communicate with the distant alien race owing to a computer. After being disinfected and studied, they're released. By chance, a plane rescue them. On board, they see the spaceship which goes back to its home place and self-destroys in the atmosphere.
Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Jefferson Rome | Ron Hayes as Coberly | Peggy Ann Garner as Amanda Frank | William Stevens as Dexter | William Boyett as Beeman | Richard Tretter as Radio Engineer
Director: Felix Feist
Story: Sam Neuman | Teleplay: Seeleg Lester
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1963
Ended: January 16, 1965
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