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The Outer Limits: The Man With the Power

A Space Research Center cannot overcome the obstacles to mining asteroids until Professor Harold J. Finley comes to their aid. He has invented and implanted a device in his brain that lets him manipulate the surrounding electromagnetic forces. They plan to send an astronaut who will have the device implanted as well and can use the implant to mine asteroids. However, the device focuses Finley's subconscious as well as conscious thoughts, and the professor has many repressed emotions.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x4
Airdate: Monday October 07th, 1963

Director: László Benedek
Writer: Jerome Ross

Guest Stars
Donald PleasenceDonald Pleasence
As Harold J. Finley
Priscilla MorrillPriscilla Morrill
As Vera Finley
Fred BeirFred Beir
As Steve Crandon
Frank MaxwellFrank Maxwell
As Dr. Keenan
John MarleyJohn Marley
As Dr. Sigmund Hinderman

Co-Guest Stars
Edward PlattEdward Platt
As Dean Radcliffe (as Edward C. Platt)
Paul LambertPaul Lambert
As Dr. Henschell
James McCallionJames McCallion
As Dr. Tremaine
Harry EllerbeHarry Ellerbe
As Finley M.D.
Anne LoosAnne Loos
As Emily Radcliffe
Paul KentPaul Kent
As Detective

Saul GorssSaul Gorss
As First Tree Pruner
Fred CraneFred Crane
As Second Tree Pruner
Diane StromDiane Strom
As Secretary
Jane BarclayJane Barclay
As Nurse
Pat OPat O'Hara
As Surgeon
Main Cast
Vic PerrinVic Perrin
voiced The Control Voice


Professor Harold J. Finley is driving home from college and passes two workers blocking the road with their crane. They tell him to wait until they’re finished or go 12 miles around. When Harold persists, they start to approach him and ask if he’s trying to start trouble. Cowed, Harold turns around and drives. As he proceeds, he rubs at the surgical scar on his forehead. Behind him, a cloud of energy forms near the two workers. They try to run but it disintegrates them and their truck in a matter of seconds. ..

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Episode Quotes
Opening Narration: In the course of centuries, Man has devoured the Earth itself. The Machine Age has dried up the seas of oil. Industry has consumed the heartlands of coal. The Atomic Age has plundered the rare elements-uranium, cobalt, plutonium-leaving behind worthless deposits of lead and ashes. Starvation is at hand. Only here, in the void of space, is there a new source of atomic power. Above us, in the debris of the solar system, in the meteorites and asteroids, are the materials needed to drive the reactors. Yet in their distant, silent orbits, these chunks of matter are beyond the reach of Man, beyond the reach of human hands... but not beyond the reach of human minds. Driving along a country road in an ordinary car is a modest man: Harold J. Finley, quiet and profound...

Harold J. Finley: You want me to stay a worm, don't you? Unimportant, unproductive, classroom worm! Some women take their husband by the hands and say, "Together we'll climb to the stars." Not you... never you.

Dr. Keenan: It's like a cosmic reservoir, there's no limit to the amount that can be filled in to the link gate... Pure power, pure and perfect, controlled by the mind of man... You know... I don't wanna sound pathetic but a... we're close to becoming gods.

Harold J. Finley: The terrible thing is, there's a part of me, there is a piece of my brain, which hates. It's like a dark cloud in my subconscious

Vera Finley: You wouldn't hurt anyone even if you could. You're not a violent man. You've never hated anyone, never.
Harold J. Finley: Not to hurt them, no, Vera. But I have this power. It acts whether I want it to or not.
Vera Finley: No, Harold, you don't have any power. You've always been quiet. You told me yourself you're too mild, you're too weak.
Harold J. Finley: No more, Vera! I could split this ceiling open if I wanted to! I could crash down these walls. I could splinter this whole block into bricks and rubble.
Vera Finley: Harold, you're a little man, a nobody. You don't have any power.

Harold J. Finley: Heaven help me. If I have such power, then I don't want to live.

Closing Narration: Deep beyond the kindest, gentlest soul may lurk violent thoughts, deadly wishes. Someday Man will learn to cope with the monsters of the mind. Then, and only then, when the human mind is truly in control of itself, can we begin to utilize the great and hidden powers of the universe.

Episode Goofs
The wires used to "levitate" the meteorite when Howard demonstrates his power are painfully obvious.

Cultural References
Dr. Sigmund Hinderman: We all suffer the slings and arrows of an outraged subconscious.

The doctor paraphrases Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act III, Scene I, line 56, from the famous "To Be or "Not to Be" monologue. The full line is, "To be, or not to be? That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles,And, by opposing, end them?"

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoseph Stefano  |  Leslie Stevens
Executive ProducerLeslie Stevens
ProducerJoseph Stefano
Associate ProducerLeon Chooluck
MusicDominic Frontiere
Music SupervisorJohn Elizalde
Costume DesignerForrest T. Butler  |  Sabine Manela
Key GripHenry Maak
Set DecoratorChester L. Bayhi
Property MasterRichard M. Rubin
Script SupervisorHope McLachlin
Production CoordinatorElaine Michea
Director of PhotographyConrad L. Hall
Art DirectorJack Poplin
Production ManagerLindsley Parsons, Jr.
Sound MixerJay Ashworth
Special EffectsThol Simonson
Main Title ThemeDominic Frontiere
Film EditorFred Baratta
Assistant DirectorLee H. Katzin
Production ExecutiveDominic Frontiere
Music CoordinatorRoger A. Farris
Production AssociateJohn Erman
ElectricianLloyd L. Garnell
Story ConsultantLou Morheim
Sound Effects EditorArthur J. Cornall
Supervising EditorRichard K. Brockway
Make-up SupervisorFred B. Phillips
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