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The Outer Limits: Fun and Games

Two people are "electroported" to a distant planet to participate in a fight against two primitive beings, where the stakes are the survival of one world or another.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x27
Airdate: Monday March 30th, 1964

Guest Stars
Bill HartBill Hart
As Male Calco Galaxy Primitive
Bob Johnson (1)Bob Johnson (1)
As The Senator
Nick Adams (1)Nick Adams (1)
As Mike Benson
Nancy MaloneNancy Malone
As Laura Hanley
Ray KelloggRay Kellogg
As Detective

Read MorganRead Morgan
As Poker Dealer
Vic PerrinVic Perrin
voiced Sharpie
Charles HorvathCharles Horvath
As Poker Player
Charles MacquarryCharles Macquarry
As Female Primitive
Harvey GardnerHarvey Gardner
As Sharpie
Jack PerkinsJack Perkins
As Poker Player
Robert "Buzz" HenryRobert "Buzz" Henry
As Poker Player
Theodore MarcuseTheodore Marcuse
As Poker Player
Main Cast
Vic PerrinVic Perrin
voiced The Control Voice


On the planet Earth, boxer Mike Benson finishes a fight and then goes to an apartment for a high-stakes game of poker. As he prepares to knock at the door, schoolteacher Laura Hanley comes in with her groceries and goes upstairs to her apartment. Mike notices her briefly and then knocks. The dealer's bodyguard, Sharpie, lets him in and then the two of them watch the game. The bodyguard watches the dealer, and Mike watches him. When the dealer deals from the bottom, Sharpie shoots him and the players run for it...

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Episode Notes
Vic Perrin dubs Sharpie's one line of dialogue, "That ace came off the bottom."

The Primitive costume was designed by Janos Prohaska, who later recycled it for the pilot episode of Star Trek, "The Cage".

Episode Quotes
Opening Narration: There was a moment in time when those who were brilliant and powerful also were playful, and when they took recess from their exhausting and magnificent strides toward glory, they replenished their darker passions with fun and games. On the planet Earth, such pastimes have been civilized, and drained of all but their last few drops of blood.

The Senator: Never turn your back on the enemy, Mr. Benson. I thought you'd have learned that grisly fact by now.

The Senator: You are not dead. Strange. Yours is the only race whose members ask first if they are dead. Are all of you that preoccupied with death?
Mike Benson: It's the only game you can't win.

Laura Hanley: You said you'd explain.
The Senator: When civilized creatures have conquered all that they believe to be worth conquering, then one conquest remains. One elusive conquest. Pleasure. Here on Andera, we are finished with warring, and plundering is done. Our citizens enjoy self-respect, peace, and affluence. But a high order of civilization does not lift the low order of passion. And so such passions must be both appeased and controlled.

Mike Benson: You know, I may be wrong but I read you to be one of those "save your humanity" types.
Laura Hanley: Do you?

Mike Benson: Five years. Long enough to enjoy just about all there is in the world to enjoy.
Laura Hanley: Like raising a child.
Mike Benson: I don't think I'd enjoy that. My parents always said I was a whole lot of trouble.

Mike Benson: You want to face those monsters in the arena? You want to die on some unpleasant planet you never heard of? What for? What do you owe the human race?
Laura Hanley: Nothing. Except my own humanity.

Mike Benson: Well, you want to know what us fighters think about you cheerleaders? We think you scream from the sidelines because you're scared of getting into the arena and screaming from the kicks and the blows. We think you make us feel guilty so you can go on feeling innocent. Yeah, it really must be nice not to have to get in there and lose.
Laura Hanley: When the team loses, the cheerleader loses, too.
Mike Benson: Yeah. But it doesn't hurt the same way. You can always get another guy to cheer for. Hey, win or lose, I'm stuck with me.

Laura Hanley: I might--it might have to happen. it just might have to happen.
Mike Benson: What?
Laura Hanley: I might have to die up here.
Mike Benson: That never occur to you before?
Laura Hanley: Yes, yes, but... but very distantly. As if only my mind were thinking it. Now I'm thinking it all over me. My hands and my eyes. All through me.
Mike Benson: The cheerleader needs a cheerleader.

Mike Benson: Oh, so you're a psychiatrist, too, huh? As well as being a cheerleader and a missionary and a savior of humanity.
Laura Hanley: I'm a lot of things.
Mike Benson: That's why I like you. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a girl who's not a lot of things.

The Senator: Well, what's the difference who saves the human race? The dull fact is, it's been saved.
Laura Hanley: It does matter. When someone dies, it must matter.

Episode Goofs
In the last shots of the final scene, the white towel shifts between Laura Hanley's hands.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoseph Stefano  |  Leslie Stevens
Executive ProducerLeslie Stevens
ProducerJoseph Stefano
Associate ProducerLou Morheim
MusicDominic Frontiere
Music SupervisorJohn Elizalde
Costume DesignerSabine Manela  |  Forrest T. Butler
Key GripHenry Maak
Set DecoratorChester L. Bayhi
Property MasterRichard M. Rubin
Script SupervisorHope McLachlin
Production CoordinatorElaine Michea
Director of PhotographyKenneth Peach
Art DirectorJack Poplin
Production ManagerRobert H. Justman
Sound MixerJay Ashworth
Special EffectsThol Simonson
Film EditorAnthony DiMarco
Assistant DirectorPhil Rawlins
Production ExecutiveDominic Frontiere
Music CoordinatorRoger A. Farris
Assistant To The ProducerTom Selden
Story ConsultantLou Morheim
Sound Effects EditorArthur J. Cornall
Make-up SupervisorFred B. Phillips
Optical EffectsM.B. Paul
Special Photographic EffectsRalph Rodine  |  Paul Lebaron  |  Jim Danforth
Supervising Film EditorRichard K. Brockway
Casting ConsultantMeryl O'Loughlin
Chief ElectricianNorman McClay
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