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The Outer Limits: Demon With A Glass Hand

Trent, a man without any memory of his past, is desperately looking for the three missing fingers of his glass hand, a talking computer. The fingers are held by the fanatical Kyben: alien invaders from the future. He follows them to an office building, only to discover that the Kyben have lured him there so they can recover the glass hand. Trent is trapped with a cleaning lady, Consuelo, and is forced to play cat-and-mouse with his pursuers to recover the remaining glass fingers and learn the truth about his identity and his mission.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x5
Airdate: Saturday October 17th, 1964

Director: Byron Haskin
Writer: Harlan Ellison

Guest Stars
Robert CulpRobert Culp
As Trent

Co-Guest Stars
Robert FortierRobert Fortier
As Budge
Arlene MartelArlene Martel
As Consuelo Biros
Rex HolmanRex Holman
As Battle

Bill HartBill Hart
As Durn
Fred KroneFred Krone
As Kyben #2
Wally RoseWally Rose
As Kyben #1
Main Cast
Vic PerrinVic Perrin
voiced The Control Voice


A man, Trent, runs through the night in the city of Los Angeles. He has no memory of who he is or where he is, and believes that the people that wiped his memory are pursuing him. Trent escapes them once and takes refuge in an alleyway, and removes the glove on his left hand. Beneath it is a glass hand containing a computer. The computer can’t tell him who is following him, but explains that each pursuer wears a medallion. They have traveled to the present from the future using a Time Mirror, and can send more of them. It tells Trent that it can serve him better if it’s complete, and is missing three finger nodes...

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Episode Notes
Harlan Ellison received a Writers Guild of America award for Best Writing for a TV Anthology, Any Length.

Robert Culp also provides the "voice" of the glass hand.

Episode Quotes
Opening Narration: Through all the legends of ancient peoples—Assyrian, Babylonian, Sumerian, Semetic—runs the saga of the Eternal Man, the one who never dies, called by various names in various times, but historically known as Gilgamesh, the one who has never tasted death... the hero who strides through the centuries...

Trent: I was born ten days ago. A full-grown man, born ten days ago. I woke on a street of this city. I don't know who I am, or where I've been, or where I'm going. Someone wiped my memories clean. And they tracked me down and tried to kill me. Why? Who are you? I ran. I managed to escape them the first time. And the hand, my hand, told me what to do.

Consuelo Biros: I'm sorry, it's just that I can't stand violence.
Trent: When it's gone this far, it's more than just violence.

Battle: I'm prepared to die.
Trent: How prepared? Why not give yourself a couple of minutes?
Battle: We all knew we would die when we came on this mission. It was worth it.
Trent: You can stay alive in this time.
Battle: I don't care about that. Helping my race is more important.
Trent: Bargain week on patriots.
Battle: Call it what you like. I'm not afraid to die.
Trent: Really? Then why are you whispering? You Kyben were always super patriots, especially when you bombed Earth from ten miles out. How does your patriotism sit with burning women and children alive?
Battle: That's war.
Trent: So's this

(brought back to life)
Trent: I was in a dark place. Someone was calling my name, over and over, down a long corridor.

Trent: To save all of Man, I have to become a killer.

Closing Narration: Like the Eternal Man of Babylonian legend, like Gilgamesh, one thousand plus two hundred years stretches before Trent. Without love. Without friendship. Alone; neither man nor machine, Waiting. Waiting for the day he will be called to free the humans who gave him mobility. Movement, but not life.

Episode Goofs
Usually, Trent's glove is a darker color. But in a closeup during his first shootout in the Dixon Building, it becomes a much lighter shade (top picture).

When Trent's glass hand has only one or two fingers, he is seen using all his fingers when gloved.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoseph Stefano  |  Leslie Stevens
Executive ProducerLeslie Stevens
ProducerBen Brady
Associate ProducerSam White
CastingMeryl O'Loughlin
MusicHarry Lubin
Music SupervisorJohn Caper, Jr.
Costume DesignerSabine Manela  |  Forrest T. Butler
Key GripHenry Maak
Set DecoratorChester L. Bayhi
Property MasterRichard M. Rubin
Script SupervisorHope McLachlin
Production CoordinatorElaine Michea
Director of PhotographyKenneth Peach
Art DirectorJack Poplin
Production ManagerClaude Binyon, Jr.
Sound MixerJay Ashworth
CoordinationCalvin Ward
Assistant DirectorRobert H. Justman
Assistant To The ProducerB. Ritchie Payne
Story ConsultantSeeleg Lester
Sound Effects EditorArthur J. Cornall
Supervising EditorRichard K. Brockway
AssociateSeeleg Lester
Make-up SupervisorFred B. Phillips
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