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Season 1

1 :01x01 - For Members Only

Ross is hired to go undercover in an exclusive club to ferret out a cardsharp who has been fleecing some of its members.
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Anne Dubois | Arthur Space as John Mason | Timothy Carey as Max | John Zaremba as Charles Beggs | Francis DeSales as John | Francine York as Ellie | G.D. Spradlin as Kenneth Conrad | Frank Marth as Karl Stanton | Warren Stevens as Richard Chase

2 :01x02 - What Flowers Daisies Are

Ross is hired to find a missing model. At first the case seems routine but then he stumbles into a million dollar con game and murder.
Guest Stars: Clay Tanner as Sgt. Miller | Robert Millar as Detective | Allen Joseph as Fred | Yvonne White as Edith | Booth Colman as Benjamin Seaton | Steve Franken as Roger Edgway | Melodie Johnson as Daisy | Farley Granger as Curtis Anderson

3 :01x03 - Along Came a Spider

Ross is hired by a woman who lent her fiancee $6,000. Then the poor fellow got himself killed and now his erstwhile intended wants her money back.
Guest Stars: Lily Shalet as Mrs. Sandusky | Floyd Mutrux as Ralph | Whit Bissell as Dr. Kingsland | Leonard Stone as Buddy Vasta | Than Wyenn as Danny Moreno | Marsha Hunt as Dorothy Kingsland | Claude Akins as Detective Keller

4 :01x04 - A Wide Place in the Road

Ross travels to a small town in search of a car thief and bail jumper who was once an athletic hero in the town.
Guest Stars: Michael Cartel as George McBride, Jr. | Chet Stratton as Fred Decker | Forrest Lewis as George McBride | Lillian Bronson as Mrs. Buchanan | Lou Krugman as Leo Glass | Sarah Marshall (1) as Pearl Rapp | Anne Whitfield as Betty Dustin | Joe Don Baker as Billy Joe Corey | Louise Latham as Frances Dustin

5 :01x05 - As Cold As Ashes

Ross is hired to carry the ashes of a recently deceased man from Los Angeles to San Francisco but soon discovers that others are following him with mayhem in their hearts. He then tries to figure out why.
Guest Stars: Larry Duran as Max | Gerald York as Cizak | Vince Howard as Detective Allan | Noah Keen as Lt. Kering | Katherine Woodville as Lita Dowell | Don Knight as Matthew Garson | Keye Luke as Won Ah-Kam

6 :01x06 - A Time to Run

A defense attorney hires Ross to find a missing witness in a murder case. Ross finds him but then things go from bad to worse.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Joyce as John Drake | Tom Palmer (1) as Dr. Wells | James Dobson as Murphy | Laurence Haddon as Frank Ebb | Ross Elliott as Starnes | Byron Mabe as Jerry | Jack Hogan as Ed | Brenda Scott as Della | Don Stroud as Stan

7 :01x07 - Love Is Under "L"

A millionaire hires Ross to find his missing galpal. Ross finds her and soon discovers that she is in hiding for good reason.
Guest Stars: Karen Martin as Girl | Louis Guss as Ernie | Ron Russell as Cyclist | Robert H. Harris as Albrt Kopke | Jack Grinnage as Clifford | Pat Morita as Toshi | Brad Weston as Thorpe | Willi Koopman as Mindy Taylor | Jeanne Cooper as Connie | Simon Oakland as Lyman Barr

8 :01x08 - The Twenty-Thousand Dollar Carrot

Ross must try to return a man who supposedly died from his hiding place in Mexico back to the United States along with the insurance money he got after faking his death.
Guest Stars: John S. Ragin as Todd Elkins | Delton Cook as John Morrison | Stuart Nisbet as Floyd | Bonnie Hughes as Airline Clerk | Julia McCarthy (1) as Helene Elkins | Bonnie Beecher as Gloria Gronowski | Conlan Carter as Warren Vail | Sandra Smith as Joanne Jackson | Pat Harrington, Jr. as Borden | Robert Donner as Sheriff Wade | Dana Elcar as Fred Oliver
Director: Michael Ritchie

9 :01x09 - One Long Stemmed American Beauty

Ross begins to wonder if the suicide of a renowned stage and dancing legend was murder.
Guest Stars: Ben Wright as Agent | Lloyd King as Karate Instructor | Betty Field as Landlady | Marie Windsor as Leslie Jamison | Julie Adams as Laura Carlvic | Peggy Pope as Florist | Richard Van Vleet as Stuntman | Walter Mathews as Vincent Carlvic | Judith McConnell as Dorothy Johnson

10 :01x10 - I Can't Hear You Scream

Ross is running down leads to save a convict from the gas chamber but he doesn't have much time remaining.
Guest Stars: Howard Dayton as Eddie | James Nusser as Thin Man | Joe Haworth as George | John J. Fox as Tom Mullins | David Bond (1) as Jed Mills | Jodean Lawrence (1) as Mary | Gwendolyn Ormes as Mona Gentry | Ena Hartman as Eleanor Springer | Myron Healey as Frank Murphy | Marc Cavell as Solly Thayer | James Edwards (1) as Lt. Wagner | Bobo Lewis as Besse

11 :01x11 - Tell It Like It Was--and You're Dead

A former burlesque queen hires Ross to find out who's been making death threats against her personage.
Guest Stars: Gordon Jump as Carl | Dallas Mitchell as Sergeant | Fabian Dean as Burly Man | Eve McVeagh as Mrs. Forrester | James Edwards (1) as Lt. Wagner | Whitney Blake as Judy Elliott | Marilyn Maxwell as Winnie Blake | Ted Knight as Nick Ames | Jackie Coogan as Rusty | Ben Murphy (1) as Patrick Forrester | Read Morgan as Lacey

12 :01x12 - The Land of the Fox

On a case, Ross falls for a woman involved in the case and with some rough characters.
Guest Stars: Al Checco as Bartender | Charles Brewer as Surfer | Phillip Chapin as Peter McKee | Russell Thorson as George Lund | Susan Oliver (1) as Diane Clay | Kent McCord as Bill Ellison | Roy Roberts as Ben Adams | Ben Hammer as Tom Campbell

13 :01x13 - There Was a Little Girl

Ross is hired when a woman shows up on a millionaire's doorstep claiming that the girl she has raised is his. It all has to do with a twelve year old kidnapping case for which a ransom was paid yet the victim never seen again.
Guest Stars: Paul Lambert as Larry Rogers | George N. Neise as Brad Elston | Harry Harvey as Neighbor | Dave Diamond as Policeman | Mary Jo Kennedy as Marcie | Noah Keen as Lt. Kering | Simon Scott as George Harrington | Dorothy Green as Margaret Harrington | Joan Blondell as Sadie Burch | Jean Carson as Mary Potter | Ralph Manza as Charley
Director: John Peyser

14 :01x14 - The Girl from Missouri

A naive midwestern gal hires Ross to locate her missing brother. He soon learns that the sibling is involved with some very unsavory types.
Guest Stars: Frank Schuller as Larry | Leonard Bremen as Bartender | Will J. White as Jackie | Victor Bozeman as Policeman | Robert Millar as Sergeant | Mickey Manners as Rudy Jacobs | Stanley Adams as Bo Peep | Phillip Pine as Coppolino | Jaye P. Morgan as Ginny | Rick Jason as Matt Smith | Mariette Hartley as Mary Smith

15 :01x15 - The Secret of Mareno Bay

Ross searches for a missing novelist in a town where most of the residents are glad that the man is gone.
Guest Stars: Charles Lampkin as Richard | Henry Beckman as Sheriff Damon | Larry Linville as Floyd Hendricks | Estelle Winwood as Mrs. Perry | Grace Lee Whitney as Claire | Walter Brooke as Colonel Grey | Pippa Scott as Virginia Kirk

16 :01x16 - The Old School Tie

Ross's old prison buddy, who once saved his life, insists that the gumshoe join him in an extortion plot and he won't take no for an answer.
Guest Stars: James McEachin as John Arnold | Elvia Allman as Mrs. Vaughn | Len Lesser as Max Davenport | Anthony Russell as Vincent | Gail Kobe as Gloria Johnson | Aldo Ray as Eddie Wolfe | George Murdock as Vern Fletcher

17 :01x17 - A Bowl of Cherries

When Ross offers to help out the son of an old friend he soon finds himself tangled up in a homicide.
Guest Stars: Robert Karnes as Man | Michael Masters as Swamper | Frank Farmer as Sergeant | Warren J. Kemmerling as Lieutenant | Philip Kenneally as Joe Brock | Penny Santon as Mrs. Andrade | Lynne Marta as Kerry Palmer | Alan Oppenheimer as Pete | Tom Skerritt as Arnie Cambor | Scott Marlowe as Joe Andrade | John Marley as Jason Cambor

18 :01x18 - Behind God's Back

Ross goes to Acapulco to find a millionaire's runaway daughter. He locates her among the jet set there then tries to convince her that some of her playmates are up to no good.
Guest Stars: Victor Rogers as Eddie | Paul Micale as Desk Clerk | Stella Garcia as Juanita Martinez | Richard Jury as Dr. Wrigley | Larry Chance as Mike | Stacy Harris as Henry Stratton | Ben Cooper as Fred Rhodes | Virginia Mayo as Jean Daniels Ortega | Thomas Gomez as Miguel | Ahna Capri as Tracy Stratton

19 :01x19 - Take the Key and Lock Him Up

Investigating a shooting in a rural town, Ross is arrested on charges of selling marijuana.
Guest Stars: Don Hanmer as Padre | Kurt Grayson as Roberts | Anne Bellamy as Ella | Renny Roker as Barrows | Joseph Mell as Myron | Quinn Redeker as Harve | Don 'Red' Barry as Sheriff Watson | Bert Freed as Elkins | Roger Perry as Briggs | Paul Newlan as Reeves | Shannon Farnon as Laura

20 :01x20 - The Flip Side

A homely looking woman hires Ross to find her missing glamorous model twin sister. He finds her and discovers that she's mixed up in extortion and a narcotics trafficking ring.
Guest Stars: Joseph Lacavan as Croupier | Al Dunlap as Billboard Man | Judd Laurance as Pablo Renoir | Fred Williamson as Randall | Alice Backes as Telephone Operator | Michael Strong (1) as Dr. Sam Gaynor | Carrie Snodgress as Janet/Diane

21 :01x21 - Handle with Care

Hired by an insurance company to investigate a series of truck hijackings, Ross poses as a drifter named Leo Martin and joins the hijacking ring.
Guest Stars: Anthony Redondo as Dispatcher | Duke Cigrang as Truck Driver | Michael Masters as Marty | John Wheeler as Montana | Judith M. Brown as Colleen | Bruce Glover as Sparky | Pepe Callahan as Frank Guerra | Herb Voland as Hollis | Joan Huntington as Josie | Paul Stewart (1) as Julius Ainsworth | Edmund Hashim as Phil Campos | Berkeley Harris as Smiley | Vic Tayback as Faber

22 :01x22 - All the Social Graces

A crude and rough hewn millionaire hires Ross but he's killed before our protagonist can discover why he's been hired. Ross's investigation leads to an elegant tennis club which considered the deceased too uncouth for membership.
Guest Stars: Ellen Clark as Mary Jenkins | Charles Shull as Carlin | Lorraine Davies as Millie | Gene Tyburn as Todd | Del Russel as Tom | Helen Baron as Diane Fuller | Michael Evans as Giles | Lloyd Bochner as George Jenkins | Geraldine Brooks as Emily Kester | Warren J. Kemmerling as Masters | Regis Cordic as Stambler | Kenneth Tobey as Joe Kester

23 :01x23 - A Lot of Muscle

Ross is hired by a hard as nails, unbending cop who's facing an indictment on a bribery charge. Suspecting a possible frame-up, he begins checking out the cop's enemies and the man has a whole bunch.
Guest Stars: Vivian Rhodes as Librarian | Lloyd Kino as Houseboy | Patricia Walker as Landlady | Joseph V. Perry as Eddie Clark | Len Wayland as Matthews | Lawrence Hauben as James Reardon | Frank Maxwell as Thatcher | Kenneth O'Brien as Richard Twining | Greg Mullavy as Ted Baxter | Susan O'Connell as Patricia Cameron | James Gregory as Michael Cameron

24 :01x24 - Periwinkle Blue

A woman has already buried two previous husbands and her third hires Ross to make sure she's not planning on being a widow for the third time.
Guest Stars: Lois Nettleton as April Endby |
Co-Guest Stars: Ellen Corby as Aunt Myrtle | Douglas Dick as Arthur Endby | Bill Quinn (1) as Lt. Kanter | Richard Benedict as Case | Paul Hahn as Jones | Shelby Livingston as Model | Paula Victor as 1st Woman | Zee Wilson as 2nd Woman | Pat Harrington, Jr. as Mr. Wainwright (as Pat Harrington)
Story: Gene Levitt | Teleplay: Edward J. Lakso

25 :01x25 - Service for One

Ross is hired to tail a recently paroled convict who is supposedly the only person who knows the exact location of missing money in the amount of $250,000. But, as could be expected, he's not the only one searching for the missing loot.
Guest Stars: John Archer (1) as Businessman | Jack Spratt as Chef | Sandy Balson as Sally | Johnny Silver as Kel | Shelly Novack as Edward Potolski | Henry Jones (1) as Decker | John Doucette as Stan Potolski | Jayne Meadows as Lil | Kathie Browne as Amy Godwin

26 :01x26 - Through a Stained Glass Window

Ross is hired to serve a subpoena on a Howard Hughes like millionaire who has never been photographed and uncovers a curious love affair along with a murder plot.
Guest Stars: E.J. Andre as Mike | Carol Booth as Billie | Eldon Quick as Eddie Johnson | Harry Swoger as Frank Stobles | Mickey Shaughnessy as Chauncy James | Marilyn Lovell as Nancy Davis | Ruth McDevitt as Alice Donner | Arch Johnson as Bob | Walter Burke as L. J. Fox | William Windom as Bernard Christie | Bill Quinn (1) as Lt. Kanter | Charles Seel as Engineer
Warning: The Outsider (US) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 1968
Ended: September 10, 1969
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