The Scarlet Bunny - Recap

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The scene opens with the two men who found the key in line waiting to get into the Playboy Club. The Bunnies are getting ready and Maureen reads that Hef wants a Chicago Bunny to be on the cover of Playboy Magazine. Brenda comes over and asks what is going on and they let her know. She says that she is going to be the first negro on the cover of Playboy. Nick sees Carol-Lynne on stage. Backstage, Janie says that she doesn’t want to be photographed and says that she has her reasons. Benny comes over to Nick and says that he is a crazy guy for going after Maureen and then trying to get back with Carol-Lynn. Nick tells Billy that he didn’t sleep with Maureen, but something happened, just not what he thinks. Billy says that he heard that Bruno is gone, but Nick points out that Johnny is still around. Benny tells him not to worry about him. The men with the key enter and Maureen sees the name Clyde Hill be moved in the slots and gets scared.

Nick meets with Bruno’s son, Johnny, and he says that he needs to find out what Nick is going to do to about Bruno missing. Maureen goes up to Nick and tells that she needs to talk to him. She tells him that they have two men who must have found Bruno’s key. Nick tells her to get the key and he will get the name off the wall. Maureen walks up to the two men from the river and asks for the key. She says that he is not the person who owns the key and tells them to get out. They agree. Meanwhile, Nick goes up to the board, but runs into Carol-Lynne instead first. He tells her that he enjoyed her number and tells her that nothing happened between him and Maureen. She doesn’t believe him, buy says that he would like to. Maureen goes up to see that Clyde Hill hasn’t been removed from the wall and walks over to do it herself. She pulls off the name when Johnny comes up behind. He asks her about his father and she tells that she has no clue. He warns Maureen about the danger that she is in when she is around Nick. She brushes it off and ignores it.

Alice gets home to Sean doing the books and he tells her that they have dinner with his parents. She says that she forgot about it and says that she really doesn’t want to have to deal with that. He says that they could go to her parents instead and Alice laughs. Maureen looks at the key that belonged to Bruno and Brenda sees that she has it. She says that she found it is going to wear it for the photo shoot. Brenda says that they need to let the best Bunny win. Carol-Lynne comes in and gives the Bunnies their “training manuals”. She tells them that if they are going to be Bunnies, they need to get to know the rules. She gives Maureen the manual and says that she can’t enter the competition unless she starts training. Carol-Lynne sees Maureen’s bloody bunny outfit and says that she will take care of it despite the protests. Meanwhile, Nick goes to the Mayor’s office and tries to impress the secretary. She allows him to go in and he says that he is going all the way with the bid for District Attorney. The Mayor asks if Nick talked to Bruno about this and says that he has his blessing to run, but he is going to have to bribe him better then Milk Chocolate.

Back at the Playboy Club, Carol-Lynne asks the Bunnies about the basics and Maureen answers all of her questions as if she memorized the manual. She tells the Bunnies to get her pictures in and Hef will chose five finalists to be in the running. Max goes up to Janie and tells her to enter. She tells that she isn’t going to. The tailor comes in and tells that she can’t save Maureen’s outfit. They realize that the stain is blood and she wonders why there is blood. She talks to Maureen about it and she lies and says that she was mugged outside the building and that it is her blood. Nick came to her rescue and that was it. Carol-Lynne believes her and says that she is to not take any costumes home with her and never to date key holders. Meanwhile, Nick visits Johnny that he will help him find Bruno for Johnny and not for Bruno. Nick asks for a car and Johnny gives it with no problem. Back at the club, the tailor tells Carol-Lynne that Nick loves her and Carol-Lynne says that she is wrong. Nick goes into Mr. Daley’s office and gives him keys to the car.

Carol-Lynne goes up to Maureen and says that she has red shoes to match the blood. She tells that she doesn’t have a red Bunny suit. She reveals that she does now. Maureen goes down to Alice and asks if she can take her pictures and Alice agrees. Billy goes up to Nick and says that Maureen looks nice in the red outfit and Nick says that he doesn’t have any comment. Meanwhile, Alice takes Maureen’s pictures and she starts to get turned on by Maureen. In another room, Carol-Lynne finds flowers. Nick is there and tells that he needs her back. They kiss and start to “get busy”. Downstairs, it is clear that Alice is getting hot and bothered too. The next day, Carol-Lynne says that she has the Top 5 girls and Maureen, Brenda, Kate, Mildred and Janie. However, she tells that she didn’t even enter. Carol-Lynne says that apparently she did and she needs to get there.

The girls get in the spotlight and tell that they are great and that they feel empowered, beautiful and smart. Janie sees the photos of her on the beach on the table and runs out. Brenda comes up to Maureen after and says that she is perfect. However, Maureen says that she is not perfect. Brenda says that it is not about the fame, but for the money. Brenda opens u and says that she wants to own something. Maureen says that is a great idea and says that she can respect that. Nick gets into the dressing room and asks for Carol-Lynne. Maureen is there and asks him what they are going to do to make sure that they are not caught. Nick tells her not to fret about it and he says that he is not going to get caught because he is a Fixer. She tells that she is a Fixer too and Carol-Lynne hears some of the conversation. She tells Maureen that she better watch her back because bad things can happen to her in Chicago if she doesn’t back off. Alice and Sean have his parents over for dinner and the dad tells Sean that he needs to move up in the world like Nick Dalton is doing. Alice steers the conversation away from politics and Sean’s father asks them all to go to the Playboy Club with him. Alice shows that she is nervous and tries to get out of it. They insist.

At the Playboy Club, the girls get ready and Janie says that she tried to get out of it and says that Carol-Lynne won’t let her quit. Carol-Lynne compliments Maureen and calls her the Scarlet Bunny. She announces the winner and it is Bunny Janie. However, she runs out and says that she can’t do this. She runs to Max and tells that she can’t do this because she is married to a man who is very angry. If he finds her, then it would be bad for her. Max is shocked at the new discovery. Alice gets in the Playboy Club with her husband and his family and tells the other girls to keep it secret. Nick talks to Johnny and says that he gave the car to Daley’s wife to help his campaign. He shakes hand and his picture is taken. Sean gets up and takes the picture to give to Nick. He says that he can represent Nick. Carol-Lynne tells Maureen that Hef choose Maureen to do the cover and give her the money. Maureen takes half the money out and puts it in Brenda’s secret stash. Johnny tells his “associate” to get all he can on Bunny Maureen and at the same moment, Maureen hides the key in a tube of vanishing cream. The episode ends.