A Matter of Simple Duplicity - Recap

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Carol-Lynne and Billy interview Bunny candidates so that one of them can fill up the burgeoning requirements at the club. Carol-Lynne chooses Doris Hall. Although Billy does not approve, Carol-Lynne is sure about taking her in.
Later, when Alice and Maureen moon over Nick – both agree he is a perfect guy. Maureen then tells her that she had made a big mistake of being in a relationship with a serious boyfriend. When she asks Alice about her husband Sean, she has to admit that their relation is just too complicated to talk about. Later, Max and Janie have a bout over the issue that she has not mentioned her marriage to Max. Janie claims hers is not the conventional marriage, and Max better get used to it.

Later, when the club is in full swing, Jimmy Wallace meets Carol-Lynne. Although he is an old friend to her, both he and Carol-Lynn’s boyfriend – Nick Dalton share ambitions of becoming State Attorney. When Jimmy asks her out, she refuses. Then he walks off after telling Nick that he hardly deserves her. Sean Basely and Nick get talking about his campaign. Nick complain of not being able to raise enough money – the reason why the bar association is not getting behind him. Sean offers to work as his campaign manager, and have him go out on dates with Frances Dunhill. She happens to be the daughter of Arthur Dunhill, who is a local bigwig.

Later, Nick and Frances meet through Sean. He
tells them they look great, and later, Nick needs to take off to attend to Maureen. She needs help as John Bianchi has been insisting to go on a date with her. He also wants to find out the real story about what happened on the night his father was killed. Carol-Lynne takes new Bunny Doris Hall to meet the other Bunnies. After she meets her new colleagues, she knows that she has a long way to go, and begins asking the questions pretending she wants to work finer. Later, Nick meets Carol-Lynne to announce what he and Sean have planned for his campaign. He adds that his relationship with Frances will be just for the press. He wants to know if she is okay with it. Carol-Lynne says she won’t stand in his way, especially if he is doing what it takes to reach his ambition. Then they exchange a kiss.

Doris has apparently been focusing on her new job, and wants to know if the bunnies need to do anything more than serving drinks. Brenda tells her no. Doris also wants to know if a mafia chief named Bruno Bianchi was last seen in the bar before his murder. While Brenda passes it off as a rumor, she keeps pestering about it until Brenda is rude enough to shut her up. Later, Doris sneaks out and reports through a call – she is in, and no one suspects anything. Later, when Nick meets John Bianchi while dating Frances, John wants to know if he has found something about Bruno Bianchi’s death. Nick replies he has no lead on John’s dead father, but he thinks that Maureen might know something. Nick insists she does not know anything, and later tells Maureen to stop talking with John. She replies she knows how to take care of herself. After Leslie Gore announces her party open at the club, Doris finds out from Alice that Nick’s date and them dancing on the center stage are all a part of a campaign that Sean has fixed. Doris calls up to report via phone that Nick Dalton is definitely headed to something interesting. Carol-Lynne, who has been trying to hide her jealousy looking at Nick and Frances, finds Doris, and asks her to get back to work.

Billy leaves his office to check out reports about a rich stinker having taken to the poker table. He will take 20 minutes to get there like he says, and Doris is agile enough to use the empty room for her real job. She manages to snip the records of Bunnies working at the club. Brenda and Janie get talking about why she should be ditching Max. Janie explains that Max finds it hard to accept her for what she is. Later, when Carol-Lynne gets to her dressing table, she finds a mysterious chit, with her name, Nick Dalton and Frances Dunhill written on it. Later, when Maureen gets talking with John Bianchi, she wants to know what he has to ask her. Then John replies that he would get talking on his own conditions, and they should meet the next night. Nick meets Frances’ father, Arthur Dunhill at a ritzy party he has thrown for a posh crowd. Arthur wants to know how Nick thinks he can beat Jimmy Wallace – after all, he has Mayor Daley’s backing. Nick responds saying he does not condone Daley’s style of patronage, and turns to the crowd to say that as a Mayor of Chicago, he will not depend on public funds like Daley does. Doris gets to hear from her boss that she has only two days to complete her story on the club. However, Carol-Lynne is able to find out how Doris has sneaked her way into the club. After going through her purse, Carol-Lynne discovers a press card, and just when Doris arrives there, they two get contentious. Carol-Lynne is livid, and is not letting Doris get away. She replies she has just done that, and leaves.

Later, Carol-Lynne learns from the Bunnies that most of them have fallen prey to Doris’ deception, and told her many things, which they should not have revealed. It turns out that most of them answered whatever question Doris asked them about the club, the visitors and more importantly Hef. After Carol-Lynne and Billy get talking about the issue, it is clear the Hef is unhappy. Frances reveals to Nick that her father likes him, and she has to pose like she is really dating. She is serious, although she knows Nick already has a girlfriend. Frances hands him a $50,000 check, and they continue speaking. Not before long, Carol-Lynne and Jimmy Wallace walk in as if they were partners. Frances announces that Nick will surely beat Jimmy Wallace in the battle for the State Attorney’s office.
Billy hastens to the editor who is Doris’ boss. He wants the story killed, but the editor tells him he should feel lucky that they are not exposing him and his high stake poker arrangements he would build for the Bianchis. Later, Doris butts in saying that her next story will be on a killer Bunny – one of the girls who is a murderer. The expose hits the streets – it is front page news, and the writing on life inside the club shocks Nick, Billy, Carol-Lynne and Brenda. The Bunnies start wondering who the killer could be.

Maureen and Nick talk it out – how did their secret leak out so easily. She wants to get to John Bianchi, but Nick wants to handle the matter himself. When he gets to John’s office, he is already loading his pistol on the way to the reporter who published the news. Nick presses him not to go, and tells him that the feds can easily catch him if he went like that. Nick wants to handle it himself. Nick gets to Doris to tell her that defaming the club is a serious attack she is pursuing. However, when Doris shows the evidence, it gets hard for Nick to talk further. He just nods. Later, when Maureen finds Janie uncomfortable and panicky, she wants to know what is happening. Janie reveals that she and her husband had killed an old man by accident when robbing stores. Although the cops had let her go, her husband got arrested. Janie is afraid about the story coming out in the press.

Later, it turns out that the press is not printing Janie’s story. It appears as though the press has sensationalized an accident, and it’s over. While Janie is relieved, Nick and Maureen are even more so. Later, Sean and Nick share a moment of triumph when Sean announces that the chexks have started coming in. When Doris gets to the club to return her Bunny costume, Carol-Lynne lays into her. Her story has brought a great deal of damage to the girls working there, but Doris insists she was not attacking anyone personally. Later, Sean introduces Frances Dunhill at a homosexual rights forum, and Maureen is about to meet John Bianchi.