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Season 6

The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!

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Dance Pantsed

When the girls thwart Mojo Jojo's attempt to steal Chemical X, he invents an evil video game to control their minds and bodies.
Guest Stars: Kevin Michael Richardson as Various

63 :06x01 - Curses / Bang For Your Buck

Curses: The Powerpuff Girls start saying bad words after they hear the Professor say a couple of them.
Bang For You Buck: When the Powerpuff Girls and the Gangreen Gang find a destructo ray in Mojo Jojo's garage sale, they try to earn the most money so they can buy the ray first.
Guest Stars: James Arnold Taylor as Thug, Tattoo Man, Prisoner

64 :06x02 - Silent Treatment / Sweet ā€˜nā€™ Sour

Silent Treatment: The Professor takes the Powerpuff Girls to a silent movie to teach them that silent movies are better than movies today, but the Powerpuff Girls get bored quickly and are forced to go inside the movie to save the Professor.
Sweet N' Sour: A group of cute little animals, who are criminals, are robbing Townsville blind. These criminals have an advantage because of their cute looks. It's up the Powerpuff Girls to stop them, but how?
Guest Stars: Tara Strong as Puppy | Catherine Cavadini as Kitten | Elizabeth Daily as Bunny

65 :06x03 - Prime Apes / Coup D'Ete

Prime Apes: Back when Mojo tried use primates to try to take over the world, there was Mopey Popo, who didn't didn't get his due. But now he's back and wants to be evil!
Coup D'Ete: The Professor is trying out his new car, but the car is taking him away from the Powerpuff Girls.
Guest Stars: Tom Kane as Parts Clerk, P.R.O.F. | Tom Kenny as K.A.R.R. | Kevin Michael Richardson as Rocko | Dee Bradley Baker as Mopo Popo

66 :06x04 - Makes Zen To Me / Say Uncle

Make Zen To Me: After reading a fortune cookie, Buttercup goes on a journey to find inner peace.
Say Uncle: The Professor at first tells the Powerpuff Girls all about Eugene, his younger brother and how he was so wild back in the day and when Eugene is coming to Townsville, the Powerpuff Girls mistake him for a monkey.
Guest Stars: Catherine Cavadini as Woman #2 | Tara Strong as Julie Bean, Mother, Baby | Dee Bradley Baker as Chap #1, Messenger, Scrawny Guard, Beastman, Eugene | Jennifer Hale as Mary | Jim Cummings as Doctor, Fuzzy Lumpkins | Tom Kane as Snooty Man | Tom Kenny as Chap #2, Chubby Guard, Man, Dude #1 | Elizabeth Daily as Woman #1, Dude #2 | Keone Young as Monk, Server

67 :06x05 - Reeking Havoc / Live And Let Dynamo

Reeking Havoc: The Professor wants to win the 2nd Townsville Annual Cook-Off and the Powerpuff Girls help by putting chemical X in the chili to make it special. The Professor wins but the chili has a surprise on the people of Townsville.
Live and Let Dynamo: In this episode, Dynamo returns but is now destroying Townsville. Who is controlling Dynamo?
Guest Stars: Catherine Cavadini as Woman | Kevin Michael Richardson as Gas Monster, Man #1, Washer, Dog, Man #3 | Jeff Bennett as Homie #1 | Jennifer Martin as Ms. Bellum | Rob Paulsen as Homie #2 | Roger L. Jackson as Butch, Crowd Member #7 | Tom Kane as Construction Guy, Crowd Member #5 | Tom Kenny as Peace Man, Guy, Man #2, Snake, Lil' Arturo

68 :06x06 - Mo' Linguish / Oops, I Did It Again

Oops, I Did It Again: The Professor tries to do something on purpose because his experiments that were successful were just accidents.
Mo' Linguish: As part of his community service, Mojo Jojo begins teaching English at the Learning Annex. Soon, everyone starts to talk like Mojo!
Guest Stars: Tara Strong as Beatrice | Elizabeth Daily as Betty | Jennifer Martin as Ms. Bellum | Jeff Bennett as Ace, Grubber, Harouk | Jennifer Hale as Lady, Nadia | Roger L. Jackson as Ernst, Robber, Ming | James Arnold Taylor as Fella, Man, Phillipe, Cop | Tom Kane as Judge, Vendor | Tom Kenny as Jimmy, Arturo, Enrique

69 :06x07 - A Made Up Story

There's a new villain named Mask Scara who is defacing all of the posters of Townsville. Mask Scara gives people horrible makeovers that are almost impossible to take off. Now the Professor must find the cure for these makeovers and also Blossom must stop Mask Scara.
Guest Stars: Tara Strong as Woman | Tom Kane as Man #1 | Tom Kenny as Moose | Jennifer Martin as Ms. Bellum | Phyllis Diller as Mask Scara

70 :06x08 - Little Miss Interprets / Night Mayor

Little Miss Interprets: The Powerpuff Girls think that the Professor is making new little girls when they hear the Professor trying to make something out of sugar, spice and everything nice.
Night Mayor: The Powerpuff Girls go into the Mayor's dreams when he keeps having the same dream over and over again but never sees the end.
Guest Stars: Catherine Cavadini as Worker #1 | Tara Strong as Girl #1 | Elizabeth Daily as Guy | Tom Kenny as Clown, Educated Mayor | Tom Kane as Robber #2 | Jennifer Hale as Secretary, Girl #2, Mom | Dee Bradley Baker as File Clerk, Robber #1, Pickle Monster | Jennifer Martin as Ms. Bellum

71 :06x09 - Custody Battle / The City Of Nutsvillle

Custody Battle: The Rowdyruff Boys are back on Father's Day and Mojo Jojo discovers that Him is their father and made them much better than Mojo did. So, Him and Mojo go in a competition to see who is the better dad.
The City Of Nutsville: Bubbles is not allowed to talk for a week when she gets stung in the mouth by a bee.
Guest Stars: Tom Kenny as The Beaver Mayor | James Arnold Taylor as Dad #2, Dad #3, Boy #3 | Dee Bradley Baker as Dad #1, Boy #1, Boy #2 | Roger L. Jackson as Butch | Jennifer Martin as Ms. Bellum | Rob Paulsen as Brick, Boomer | Tom Kane as Him | Frank Welker as Bullet, Man, Squirrel
Writer: Mark O'Hare

72 :06x10 - Aspirations

The Gangreen Gang is committing crimes that are brilliant. They have to steal magical items for Sedusa so she can get revenge on the Powerpuff Girls for cutting her hair.
Guest Stars: Tom Kenny as Snake/'Lil Arturo | Jennifer Hale as Sedusa | Jeff Bennett as Ace, Big Bully

73 :06x11 - That's Not My Baby! / Simian Says

That's Not My Baby! : The Powerpuff Girls try to look for a baby's mother, but they couldn't find her. They decide to care for the baby themselves and prove to the Professor that they can own a hamster.
Simian Says: Mojo Jojo kidnaps the Narrator and decides to take over as narrator and control the Powerpuff Girls' actions.

74 :06x12 - Sun Scream / The City Of Frownsville

Sun Scream: The Powerpuff Girls' super powers are weakened because they got sun-burned.
The City Of Frownsville: Everyone is happy when a carnival arrives in Townsville, but Lou Gubrious, a man who keeps shedding tears, sets out a crying ray on Townsville. Now the town will be flooded, unless someone saves the day.

75 :06x13 - West In Pieces

Professor Utomium sends little girls with super powers called the Steamypuff Girls (who look a lot like the Powerpuff Girls) to save the western version of Townsville from Mojo the Kid.

76 :06x14 - Crazy Mixed Up Puffs / Mizzen In Action

Crazy Mixed Up Puffs: The Powerpuff Girls literally as one must stop Mojo Jojo from destroying Townsville.
Mizzen In Action: Captain Crack McGraigen and his crew go forward in time to the present. They find chemical X and now they have super powers.
Guest Stars: John DiMaggio as Captain Crack McCraigen

77 :06x15 - What's The Big Idea / Roughing It Up

What's The Big Idea: The Powerpuff Girls try to stop Mojo from taking over Townville.
Roughing It Up: The Professor and the Powerpuff Girls go on an old-fashioned vacation to the Townsville Swamp, but the trouble is that Fuzzy Lumpkins and his nephews are at the Townsville Swamp too.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Fuzzy Lumpkins

78 :06x16 - See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey

In exchange for the Powerpuff Girls' powers, a gnome will offer world peace.
Guest Stars: Jack Black as Gnome (Jess Harnell)
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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Children | Crime
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 18, 1998
Ended: January 20, 2009
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