The Prisoner

The Prisoner

"I am not a number, I am a free man!"

After resigning his position as a top British secret agent, the protagonist, whose true name is never revealed, is abducted and brought to "The Village", a very unconventional prison filled with seemingly brainwashed residents. Not knowing who his captors are, nor who is a prisoner there, or who is a warder, Number Six (Patrick McGoohan), as he becomes known as, devises ways to escape, while at the same time resisting his mysterious captors attempts to extract one piece of information: why he resigned.

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Prev: 1x17 -- Fall Out (Feb/04/1968)

Having triumphed against the Village and those set to defeat him, Number Six is brought into the presence of the Assembly and its President. Before meeting Number One, the Prisoner must first watch as rebels Number Two and Number Forty Eight are put on trial for their acts of rebellion, then engineer one final escape.

Patrick McGoohanPatrick McGoohan
As Number Six



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One of the best things British TV ever producedRating: 4 likes, 0 dislikes

The Prisoner is simply brilliant largely due to its excellent star, creator and producer: Patrick McGoohan. McGoohan is a true visionary. The amount of thought he put into the series is just breathtaking. He must be an incredibly intelligent man to come up with this magnificent and unique series. Read more

Review posted on Sunday, October 15th 2006 at 4:41 pm


Reviews: 24
Rating: 2 likes, 0 dislikes

The Prisoner is simply one of the most, if not the most, thought provoking, frustrating and psycedelic TV programs ever made. Aided by an at times confusing narrative and piercing soundtrack, the tension between freedom and constraint is wonderfully played out over its 17 episodes. Read more

Review posted on Sunday, May 25th 2008 at 4:33 pm

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1x17: Fall Out recap: The events of the previous episode, "Once Upon A Time," are recapped. Number Six defeats Number Two in "Degree Absolute" and demands to be taken to Number One, while Number Two's corpse is sealed away... read more.

1x16: Once Upon A Time recap: At the Green Dome, the Butler brings breakfast in and Number Two's chair rises from below, to reveal a guardian sphere seating in it. The Butler ignores it and sets out the dishes. He then rings a bell and a prior Number Two (from "The Chime of Big Ben") rises from beneath. He checks the food and, dissatisfied, orders it removed. The Butler momentarily ignores him and Number Two repeats his demand. Number Two tells him to remove the guardian sphere as well, insisting he isn't an inmate. Picking up the red phone, he tells his superiors that he told them they used the wrong approach before to break Number Six. He tells them either he does it his way, or they find someone else. He monitors Number Six, who is eating breakfast in his flat. He wonders why Number Six cares, demanding an answer from the unheeding image. Number Two calls Number Six and asks why he cares. Number Six recognizes his voice and Number Two repeats his question. Number Six says he'll never know and hangs up, then goes outside. Walking through the Village, Number Six snaps at a man with an umbrella, engaging him in an enigmatic conversation about the man's number... read more.

1x15: The Girl Who Was Death recap: At a cricket match, agent Potter is acting as scorekeeper and removes a pair of binoculars from a bag and spots an attractive woman dressed in white. He also watches the bowler, Colonel Hawkes, who winks at him in acknowledgement. The bowler knocks his ball into the nearby bushes as the woman in white slips away and replaces the ball with one of her own. The next swing the bowler takes, the ball explodes. The woman in white watches from the treeline... read more.

1x14: Living in Harmony recap: A man, apparently Number Six, rides across the plains of the Old West. Arriving in a town, he gives his sheriff’s badge to the marshal and turns over his gun belt. Leaving on foot, Number Six confronts a thug with a gun and a fight breaks out. Several other men arrive and quickly overwhelm Number Six, knock him unconscious, and take him to the nearby town. They dump him in the town and ride off... read more.

1x13: Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling recap: Several British officials go over thirty-six tourist photos that apparently contain a clue they need. The man in charge, Sir Charles Portland, calls for photo number six, which is an overexposed image of an older man. One of the men suggests there is nothing to be found and they're not even sure if there's a problem. Sir Charles insists there is, and asks if they know where the man in the sixth photo, Seltzman, is located... read more.
Recurring Guests

Angelo Muscat as The Butler (15 eps)
Peter Swanwick as The Supervisor (8 eps)
Fenella Fielding as Loudspeaker Announcer (7 eps)
Michael Miller (1) as The Delegate (3 eps)
Christopher Benjamin as Labour Exchange Manager (3 eps)
Leo McKern as Number Two (3 eps)
Alexis Kanner as Photographer / Mystery booth (3 eps)
Patsy Smart as Waitress (2 eps)
Patrick McGoohan as Number Twelve/Charles Curtis (2 eps)
Max Faulkner as Scots Napoleon (2 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Spy/Espionage | Thriller
Status: Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Sundays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: October 01, 1967
Ended: February 04, 1968
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