The Prisoner

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"Be seeing you":
Ironic greeting and departing comment, used traditionally in the Village. Accompanied by a one-handed salute made by placing the thumb and forefinger together in a circle with the other three fingers extended out. The salute is traditionally the "sign of the fish," used as a secret membership gesture by early Christians in Rome. Its significance is not known, although accompanied by the greeting, may represent someone peering through a surveillance lens or keyhole.
Polite name for the Village's public law enforcers. Uniforms can vary: some wear military uniforms, others wear more casual garb (often striped shirts, white pants, and sailor hats). In keeping with the tradition of British law enforcement, Guardians typically only carry batons and are skilled but not extraordinary hand-to-hand fighting skills.
Number Two:
The number and title is assigned to the leading authority figure present in the Village. They are apparently responsible for all administrative functions in the Village, although they delegate many of those duties to subordinates. They are responsible for the interrogation of important prisoners, and failure to fulfill their duties can result in their removal. Otherwise, a Number Two answers only to his superiors. Like all Number assignments in the Village, this number can be transferred from person to person and often is when a previous Number Two fails in his assigned duties.

It is unclear what happens to a Number Two who fails: at least one Number Two was brought back at a later point ("Chimes," "Once Upon a Time"). However, others seem to have feared for their lives ("A, B, and C", "Hammer Into Anvil"). In one instance the assassination of a Number Two was planned but that was due to their retirement in general, not because of any documented specific failure.

The handing over of the Village seal is used when the position is transferred to a new individual. Either the ceremony is rare (as it's only seen once in 17 episodes), or it is only used when the previous Number Two meets the new one. Sometimes the transfer of power is delayed and an interim Number Two serves before the new one can be empowered.
Nickname for the white guardian sphere(s) that prevent escape from the Village. Only used once (in "The Schizoid Man"). Typically they are not referred to by any name.
Term generally used to describe any authority figure in the Village. Typically it is applied to undercover operatives who pretend to be prisoners in the Village. They are typically recognizable by their air of arrogance. Presumably they received better training in concealing this attitude after the events of "Checkmate."

Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Spy/Espionage, Thriller
Status: Ended
Airs: Sundays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: October 01, 1967
Ended: February 04, 1968
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