Anvil - Recap

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909, the Village tow truck driver, finds Six laying on the ground near the compound where the Village Dogs are amusing themselves by firing guns into the air. He offers Six a ride and warns that it's not safe to be too close to the Dogs. Six accepts the offer.

313 wakes up and starts drawing sketches of images from her dreams.

Lucy admits to Michael that she has a lot to explain. Michael goes to get the drink and she makes a break for the door, but Michael stops her before she can escape.

As he drives, 909 tries to start a conversation with Six and figures that he either has problems with booze or a lover.

Lucy admits that Michael makes her nervous, but he insists that she tell him who she is and what she wants.

909 delivers Six to a golf course where Two and 11-12 are playing golf. Two explains that 909 is his lieutenant and works for him as an Undercover. He offers Six a position as an Undercover so he can use the authorities' resources to locate the Dreamers. When Six wonders why Two would help him, Two admits that it's at rap and wants to see if the overconfident Six can use it to his advantage. Six accepts his challenges and takes the position.

909 drives Six back into town and explains that the two of them are a cell. Other Undercovers work in their own cells and no one knows who is in what cell, or who is an Undercover. He admits that it's possible that every Villager could be a spy. In the Village, 909 tells Six that their new assignment is 155, a history teacher at the Village School. He explains that Six has been assigned as a teacher and is supposed to get close to 1955. 909 warns that 1955 may also be a spy and Six should be careful of giving away too much.

Six meets with 1955, who explains that Six will be teaching surveillance courses to the children. He then takes Six into his history class and has the students recite facts about the famous Twos of Village history. Six interrupts and asks who Number One is, and the smartest student, 1,100, tells him that there is no Number One, and that Number Two exists to remind them that they are all ultimately public servants in service to the Village.

At Palais Two, Two finds 11-12 listening to music. 11-12 questions their relationship, saying it's not like other fathers and sons. Two agrees and assures him that is how it should be.

During recess, Six tells 1955 that he occasionally has thoughts of another place. 1955 explains that he has no families and no interests, and that everything he could ever want is in the Village. Afterward, Six meets with 313 at the Solar Café. She insists that everyone has their place in the Village and they all have normal lives. When Six challenges her, asking what happens to those who protest, 313 admits that the occasional rebel is sent for "treatment." She admits there are other rebels and Six says he will find them no matter what. 313 warns him that he's too dangerous to be around and leaves.

909 and Six watch 1955 swims in the Village pool. When Six wonders why they don't simply arrest and interrogate 1955, 909 explains that if he were interrogated, 1955 would simply lie. Better to watch and learn. When Six wonders why they suspect 1955, 909 explains that one of the students anonymously reported him. As joggers go by, with 313 in the lead, 909 notes that Dreamers are often found among Village newcomers and they often try to get ahead of others.

Six and 909 continue to watch 1955, but he does nothing suspicious. It doesn't matter to 909: anyone that is suspected is guilty. The next day, Six reviews the students' lesson plans and discovers that they have fully mapped out their parents' schedules and have sophisticated surveillance equipment, including roach cams. 1,100 proudly shows off her roach cam and explains it can be placed anywhere. Six tells them that their new lesson is to find out who is in charge and what secrets they have.

That night, Two takes a black pill from the medicine cabinet and gives it to M2. 11-12 leaves Palais Two and goes out into the town.

Six and 909 watch as 1955 hangs out a towel. Six wonders if he's simply drying a towel but 909 insists that it's a signal to 195's co-conspirators.

M2 wakes up due to the black pill and Two tells her that she's in the Village. She understands and Two admits that he woke her up to see if it's still possible. They eat and Two warns her that they don't have much time.

909 climbs up onto 1955's roof and takes Six with him. They insert a roach cam through the ceiling and watch 1955, and 909 sends Six back to the tow truck to get a flask of coffee. Six discovers a surveillance journal that reveals 909 has been watching him and 313.

M2 asks about 11-12 and Two tells her that their boy grew up and questions everything. He gives her a drink and she passes out.

As they watch 1955 through the roach cam, Six asks 909 if he has a family. When the man admits he doesn't, Six notes that it would be hard to get close to anyone. 1955 gets a phone call.

Two discovers that someone has drilled a hole and placed a roach cam in Palais Two. He peers into it and wonders who is at the other end.

1955 notices the roach cam in his ceiling and looks at it carefully. He then gets a razor, sits down, and deliberately cuts his throat. Six insists on taking him to the Clinic and 909 reluctantly drives him. They drop him off at the front door and leaves. As they stop at his flat, Six reluctantly has to admit that 1955 may have been guilty if he would try and kill himself. 909 tells him that he's catching on. Six wonders if this is how they capture Dreamers and 909 admits that's what his superiors taught him.

At her flat, 313 does more sketches of a church but discards them in frustration.

The next day, 147 is playing at home with his daughter when he finds a large hole in his garden. It appears to have opened by itself and there is nothing down as far as he can see.

Six waits until 313 leaves for work and then climbs onto the roof of her flat. He discovers that someone has placed a roach cam in her ceiling.

Two meets with 909 and tells him that someone planted a roach cam in Palais Two. He accuses 909 of planting it and his lieutenant denies the charge and admits that Six is different. He notes that Six has conviction, and Two insists that Six must be compromised by working as an Undercover. He then switches tacks and asks if Six has ever met with 11-12. 909 says he hasn't and Two admits that all youths seek to rebel. Later, 909 leaves, unaware that 909 is hiding in the back of the tow truck.

That night, 11-12 visits the Go Inside bar and meets with 909. As Six watches, the two share a kiss. 909 warns 11-12 that Two suspects something and assures his lover that no one will ever touch him.

Lucy accuses Michael of knowing she was a spy from the very beginning. He admits that everyone at Summakor has a monitor, and he figured that she was his. He tells her that she can go if they want, but he wants answers from her if she stays. Lucy admits that she likes him, but she found the courage to approach him because of his reports.

Six sneaks into the Clinic and goes to see 1955, who survived his suicide attempt. The teacher writes that he's a mistake, but Six pursues the matter, insisting he needs information to protect a fan. Unable to speak due to his throat injury, 1955 writes that he has nothing to do with the Dreamers and is simply a history teacher. When Six asks why he killed himself, 1955 writes one word: Despair. Six hears a drilling noise and sees a hole in the wall with a roach cam. He runs outside and tries to find the spy: 1,100. She hides in a tree and evades him.

The next day, Two summons Six again and congratulates him on his work. Six insists that he's doing what he is to work against. Unimpressed, Two gives him a new assignment: spy on 909. Two says that he's seen fear in 909's eyes, and fear means guilt. Six questions the assignment but Two says that he should do it to keep up and for revenge for 909 spying on him.

Six approaches 313 as she walks in the streets and warns her to be careful about what she says and does. She shows him photos that she's received that show him spying on her and dropping 1955 off at the Clinic. When he wonders how she got the photos, she tells him that someone sent them anonymously. She admits she was foolish to trust him and walks away.

909 meets with 11-12 as his trailer as Six follows them. The Undercover tells 11-12 that they have to stop meeting for now and be careful in the future so Two never knows that they are lovers. Six comes in and asks why 909 sent 313 the photos, but 909 denies his involvement. Six then tells 909 to leave 313 alone. When 909 insists that it isn't possible, Six tells 11-12 to do it or he'll reveal his knowledge of their affair to Two.

When Two sees 11-12 returning home, he approaches the boy and warns him that 909 now has secrets, and he plans to find out what his lieutenant is hiding. Later, 11-12 goes back to 909's trailer and warns him that Two knows all about them and is just toying with him. 909 realizes what he has to do and turns his back on 11-12. The teenager takes out a knife and stabs him in the neck, and 909 falls to the ground, choking in his own blood.

Six is going past 313's flat when he sees the medics taking her away. He goes to confront 909 and finds the Undercover dying. 909 wonders if his dreams are true. When Six assures him that they are, 909 tells him that there are Dreamers and they secretly meet. However, he dies before he can tell Six anything else.

Lucy asks Michael to tell him why he resigned, and then wonders why he's drinking. He tells her that he doesn't know who to trust, and he drinks because there's nothing else for him. Lucy realizes that he has changed just like the others that he saw and reported on.

Six goes to the Go Inside Bar and demands that 11-12 tell him where 313 has been taken. The teenager admits that 313 was sent into the tunnels for "treatment" and that Six doesn't want to know what happens next. Six insists that 11-12 prepare him for the same treatment so he can be taken to rescue 313. 11-12 reluctantly agrees, places a black bag over Six's head, shackles him, and gives him the key. He then summons the medics and claims that Six is 909.

Six finds himself in the tunnels and tries to locate 313. He finds 1,100, and together they find 313. As they head for the exit, a Rover guardian sphere appears, destroying everyone in its path, It approaches Six...

Later, medics take the unconscious Six back to his flat.

Two is secretly watching footage of 11-12 dancing at the bar. When his son comes in, Two suggests that they escape to the mountains for a week of vacation. 11-12 agrees but is tormented by an image of 909, his throat cut. 11-12 suggests to his father that they go to the Other Place, but Two insists that they have everything they need in the Village.

Lucy tells Michael that he needs to talk to Curtis. Michael tells her to leave but Lucy gives him her number in case he changes his mind.

Two has 1,100 brought to Palais Two and offers her an ice cream cone. He assures her that Six will be kept in the tunnels for a while and thanks her for her help. He wonders if she would ever betray her parents like 11-12 betrayed him. However, he then notes that the roach cam hole is at her height. She hastily tries to deny her involvement but Two informs her that she'll be receiving "Treatment"... but she can finish her ice cream cone first.

A few minutes later, a black van departs, crushing her ice cream cone in the dirt.