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Schizoid - Recap

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Lucy leaves a recording for Michael, saying that she's staying away from him for his own good. She warns him that nobody resigns from Summakor, and they're going to send him where they sent the others.

After seeing the explosion, Michael runs to his apartment but the fireman warns him that there were no survivors.

After 4-15's suicide, Six goes to Palais Two and shouts his defiance at Two, saying that he'll make him pay. He finally leaves, unaware that a man who looks just like him is watching from across the street.

Number Two and his Dogs go to the Go Inside Bar and he confronts his son, wondering if he goes there to hurt him. 11-12 accuses his father of raising him on lies and starts to go, and Two admits that he has doubts as well. When 11-12 challenges him, Two explains that the Village is "inside," and that M2 volunteered for the sake of 11-12. He gives his son the key to the pill cabinet and tells him that he can use the pills inside to revive M2 and meet her for the first time to find the truth.

313 is dreaming of a girl with a box on her head. Six comes into her flat and asks why she kissed him at his wedding. 313 says that she couldn't help it and Six kisses her. However, she has another flash of the girl and draws back, and then says that they can't be together like this.

Later, 313 is at the Clinic and Six comes in to see if she knows what happened to 4-15 after she fell into the hole. 313 wonders why Six didn't ask her about 4-15 in her bedroom and Six doesn't know what she's talking about. He goes outside and finds 147, who says he doesn't want another argument. Again, Six doesn't know what he's talking about and goes home. He discovers that someone has already been there, torn up the place, left a Village Shop receipt on the floor, and written "Be seeing you" on the mirror.

Michael goes to Summakor for answers but discovers that his access card has been deactivated since his resignation. As a security guard arrives, Michael bends the card and then claims he sat on it.

Six goes to the Village Shop and demands answers from the shopkeeper. The man complains that Six verbally assaulted him before and wonders if Six's ignorance now is some kind of trick. He finally tells Six that the receipt was for a knife. Six leaves and the shopkeeper calls the Clinic.

Six tries to explain to 147 that there is an imposter at large, and sees his duplicate across the street. The imposter, 2x6, runs up into the clock tower and doubles back, knocking Six down. 2x6 tells Six that he's going to kill Two in revenge for what the man did to 4-15 and then flees before Six can stop him.

Six goes to Palais Two and shoves past the Dogs, and tries to tell Two that there's an imposter at large. Two acts as if Six is making the entire thing up to justify his personal hatred of Two, and Six admits it's true that he hates Two. However, he doesn't want to kill him. Two informs him that he'll be going out without his Dogs and strides away. He goes down the street and removes his formal clothing, and then sits down on a bench. A pre-recorded announcement from Two plays, telling the Villagers that he has an imposter and the man is at large in the Village.

At Palais Two, 11-12 gives his mother the black revival pill.

M2 seemingly dreams that she's in New York City, in a penthouse apartment. She wakes up and finds herself lying in bed with 11-12 at her side.

Two goes to the Village Shop and asks the shopkeeper for cigarettes. The man finally admits he has the contraband and they share a smoke together. Two rambles about how he wants to go to the Other Place, with no memory of his life in the Village. The shopkeeper nervously warns him that such talk will get him reported. Two leaves and the shopkeeper calls the Clinic.

M2 and 11-12 have lunch and she wonders if Two will be joining them so they can eat as a family. 11-12 explains that Two has left for the time being and gave him the pills so he could understand. M2 says that she saw everything he's ever done and 11-12 remembers killing 909. His mother either doesn't know of the murder or chooses to ignore it, and admits that dreaming is hard work. M2 assures her son that the Village that he could ever need, but he insists it doesn't have her.

Six finds Two and tries to warn him, but Two claims he is now "un-Two." He warns Six against 2x6, who he describes as an animal and hints that he had the imposter created. Two suggests that 2x6 might go after 313. As Six goes to protect her, 147 arrives and notices Two. In his current informal condition, he mistakes Two for another Villager and offers to help by getting him off the streets.

Six finds 313 and tries to explain about 2x6, but 313 doesn't believe him.

The security guard takes Michael to the Access Guy to get a new access card. Michael is surprised to see that the man looks like the shopkeeper, and they have the same conversation they had when Six asked about the knife. He tells the man he needs an access card to get to the Purpose Floor.

147 takes Two into his house where his wife 23-56 serves cake. Two tries to convince him that he is who he says, but they insist that he's too nice. When a black van pulls up, Two is initially sure that they'll believe him, but 147 warns that they'll kill him and Two flees out the back.

M2 walks outside in the sunlight, unaware that a hole is opening in the ground nearby.

Two finds 313, who is swinging outside. He tells her that none of them are who they appear to be and she has a vision-memory of the girl with the box on her head. He asks her if she wants to visit the Other Place and she tells him she isn't sure. He offers to grant her wish and walks away, humming The Animals Went in Two by Two. 313 recognizes the tune and starts humming it.

11-12 tells his mother that he wants to go to the Other Place. She tells him that they should all stay in the Village and insists there's no reason to go anywhere else. He persists and M2 admits that the only people who can leave the Village and go to the Other Place are those who came from the Other Place originally. 11-12, who has never been out of the Village, refuses to accept her claim. He goes to the desert and throws the key far out into the sands.

313 has gone back to her flat and continues to hum the song as Six arrives. He tells her that she can trust him and that he isn't the imposter. As they kiss, 313 sees Six outside and realizes that the Six with her is 2x6. She runs out into the desert toward the twin towers.

2x6 finds 11-12 and asks where he can find Two. 11-12, realizing who he is and what he plans to do, tells 2x6 that he can find Two at the Village Church. When 2x6 wonders why he's helping him, 11-12 says that his father told him to make a decision, and he has. Once 2x6 has left, a despondent 11-12 goes out into the desert.

2x6 enters the Village Church and finds Two waiting for him. Two knows who he is and invites him to sit, and then explains that he created 2x6 to kill him to end the guilt he feels for the world he helped create. Six arrives as 2x6 grabs Two and prepares to kill him. He tells his doppelganger not to give Two what he wants, and that they need to become One. If 2x6 kills Two, Two will have won by causing Six to lose his conscience. 2x6 considers his words and then merges with his self.

The wind seemingly of its own volition blows away the sand and reveals the key to 11-12. He takes it and goes to get the pills that will render M2 comatose again. She realizes that she has to take them and explains that the holes contain nothing. She asks him to stay with her until she's asleep again, and 11-12 watches over her until she is unconscious.

Two returns to Palais Two and the Dogs grab him, assuming that he's the imposter. 11-12 tells them it's the real Two, and Two, his status and identity restored, tells them that hey knows where the Two imposter can be found.

The medics capture the shopkeeper and take him to the Clinic, as he protests his innocence without success.

313 runs into the desert and finds a pair of doors standing in the sand. They have the Summakor log on them. She goes through them and finds a long dark corridor beyond.

Michael gains access to the Purpose Floor and takes the Access Guy with him. They stare at a room filled with monitors but no occupants. The monitors reveal the Villagers, including the Access Guy himself. Michael realizes that all of the Villagers are the people that he monitored and reported when they changed. The Access Guy runs out and a pre-recorded message from Lucy plays, telling him that he needs to stay away from Summakor.

In the corridors, 313 finds the girl with the box and runs away from her in terror.

Michael goes to the window and looks out to see... the Village. He sees Six standing on the street below and pounds on the window to get his attention. Six looks up and sees the glass towers in the distance, but doesn't notice Michael. He turns and walks away.