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The scene opens with fashion designer, Ari Rose, talking to a model. He says that she has the job and puts his hand in her pocket. She is disgusted and walks away. Later, Ari walks outside and is accosted by someone. He tells them not to do it and Ari is shot and killed. Meanwhile, Gloria and Davey are playing at the house and Nick and Leo are helping. They are trying to destroy each other’s towers by throwing things at them. Gloria tells Nick to go to Leo’s bedroom to find Davey Leo’s tower. Leo says that he is hurt and Gloria runs to his aid, but it is a joke and he is not really hurt. Davey comes around and knocks down their tower. Nora, the babysitter comes over for her paycheck. Gloria gets a call from work and she tells that it is her day off, but they tell her that it is important.

She gets to the scene of the crime and Michelle is there to fill her in. Michelle tells that it is Ari Rose, a famous fashion designer. Lt. Valdez comes up and tells that he doesn’t like that he is working on Sunday and Gloria tells that it looks like a personal murder. Michelle tells that Lt. Valdez is always in a bad mood. Michelle says that she had her “good mood” last night and this morning. Gloria admits that they live different lives. They talk to Ari’s assistant, Karl, and he says that Ari was working hard and says that he was polite. He says that he had an interview with Marcy Heller and Gloria gets Karl to tell that Ari was a pig and that he tried to give Marcy the job through other methods, but she was not interested. Michelle says that Ari had an appointment with Jia. They asks if Ari had a girlfriend and Karl tells them that he was dating last year’s model Laurel Martin, but they broke it off and it didn’t go that well.

They go visit Laurel and she is working at a department store now. She says that Ari was sweet at first and she tells that she broke up with him and that is why she sued him because Ari groped her. She tells that Ari barred him with all modeling agencies. Lt. Valdez tells that the Ari murder story was leaked and it is a “feeding frenzy”. Gloria wants to know why the killer shot Ari in the mouth. Van Stone tells Gloria that she has a visitor. Detective Jasper Cummings comes up to Gloria and tells that he wants to work with her on the Ari murder case and Gloria says that she has a partner already. He says that he has information and they tell him to tell it first. He reveals that there have been other murders with the same method. Gloria says that they may have a serial killer. Michelle brings the other Detectives up to speed and tells that they need to proceed as it is one case. She says that the three victims were shot with different guns. Gloria tries to call Davey to pick up the kids and to have them clean their rooms, but he is busy putting honey on the Nora’s body as they “get busy” on the kitchen floor.

Gloria and Michelle talk about Detective Cummings and Michelle tells that he doesn’t like her, but he likes Gloria. However, Gloria asks how she can tell. Cummings comes over with coffee with the sugar put into Gloria’s coffee and not Michelle’s. She tells that is how she knows. Gloria says that she knows where Jia works because he is an acupuncture therapist. Cummings asks to come along and Gloria agrees. However, when they get there, they get no answers. However, Gloria comes from across the street and finds that the killer went to the café to spy on Ari and that is why she has receipts to go through. They get and address and find Jaime Sosa in the apartment with the gun that killed Ari. At the station, Lt. Valdez looks over Sosa’s file and this would be his third strike. Sosa’s lawyer comes in and it is Allen Brodsky, a high profile lawyer. He asks to talk to his client without cameras. He sits down with Sosa and he tells that he killed Ari just like Brodsky told him to. Brodsky gets nervous. Michelle and Gloria get into the office and Leo calls her. He tells that he played Halo with Nora and now they are making Hot Fudge Sundays now. He hangs up the phone before Gloria can talk to Davey. Brodsky walks out and tells that he is not representing Sosa anymore. Gloria and Michelle are confused.

Gloria sits down with Sosa and he tells that Allen Brodsky told him to kill Ari. She asks why he shot Ari in the mouth and he says that he got an email from Brodsky to meet him at a café. That is when the waiter walks up with an envelope that had a typed note that said that “some people can’t keep their mouths shut, shoot them in theirs.” At the same moment, another paid killer gets an envelope with a new target. He goes to her home and kills her. Gloria, Michelle and Cummings arrive on the scene with the team and Cummings says that they need to bring in Brodsky, but Gloria says that they need to wait still. Suddenly, Dr. Robert Madero drives up and Gloria tells him the bad news. They hold him back and Gloria apologizes. Later, they talk to him and he says that Lourdes, the woman shot, saw a woman getting mugged and that is how they met. Gloria and Michelle get to Lt. Valdez and tell him that the victims are connected because they all testified against Jack Markham, the guy who assaulted Beth Fowler. There is one person who testified left, her husband Thomas Fowler.

Cummings and Gloria go to the prison and meet Markham. Meanwhile, Michelle talks to Thomas and he says that he can’t leave his wife and refuses protection. Gloria tries the nice approach and Markham apologizes and says that he is sorry for the assault. Cummings gets upset that Markham has “found God” so close to parole. Markham gets up and leaves and Gloria gets upset with Cummings. He says that Jacob Fishman is the killer who killed Lourdes. The lawyer he asked for was Brodsky. At the station, Gloria tells that she will do the talking and Cummings agrees. She asks Lt. Valdez if they can use the conference room to talk to Brodsky. They get him comfortable and show him the murder board. He tells that he is not dumb and asks if he needs his lawyer. Gloria looks at the board and has a “Beautiful Mind” moment and realized Fowler is the killer for the reasons that they didn’t do something. She gets to Fowler and he is with his wife. He realizes that she knows and confesses to planting the email to the criminal’s accounts and setting up Brodsky. Gloria says that Cummings can arrest him, but he says that it is their case. Cummings asks Gloria out to drinks and she says that she is not ready, but will hold on to his card.

Later at a bar, Brodsky comes up to Lt. Valdez and tells that he won. However, Lt. Valdez tells that he didn’t lose because he has a serial killer behind bars. Brodsky says that he is not behind bars to which Valdez comments that he is not yet behind bars. Brodsky asks why Gloria doesn’t like him and Valdez tells him that she doesn’t like him and the way he makes a living. Gloria goes home to find Davey in the kitchen folding laundry and Gloria tells that she knows about him and Nora. He says that he can date and have a good time and Gloria says that he can sleep with anyone besides her smart, reliable babysitter. The episode ends with Cummings calling Gloria and asking her if she is thirsty. She says that she isn’t and the episode ends.