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Beef - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman named Bridgett bringing supplies to her father, Roger’s, food truck. He asks if she brought the strawberry preserves. She tells that she forgot and can go over to another truck and get some. He tells her to go back home and get it. Meanwhile, Gloria makes breakfast for the kids and Leo asks why they have to have breakfast food for breakfast. Davey volunteers Gloria to make a Quesadilla for Leo and she reluctantly agrees. Katie comes over and she tells Gloria that the T-Shirts and hats that she donated for their school auction were nice. Davey comes up and asks if Katie wants a latte and tells that Gloria makes a good one. Back at the food trucks, one of the owners sees Rod’s truck on fire. They open it up to find the inside completely engulfed in flames.

Gloria and Michelle arrive on scene and the coroner says that the victim was Roger Wilson and suffered from a blunt force to the head. Gloria says that someone hit him with a skillet and then set the fire. Det. Buerge says that two witnesses, a Surf Shop employee and Angus Ginner, an employee of a restaurant saw the fire. Bridgett comes up and starts to freak out. Later, Gloria talks to Angus and he tells that he doesn’t care that the truck was on fire and that he doesn’t like the fact that the food trucks are stealing his customers. Michelle talks to the Surf Shop employee and she asks what the man looked like leaving the truck before it caught fire, but he doesn’t remember too well. Gloria talks more about the food trucks with Angus and he says that they don’t have any overhead costs besides the meter. Buerge tells Gloria and Lt. Valdez that there was no smoke in Roger’s lungs and that proves that it was murder.

Gloria talks to Bridgett and tells that it was murder. She asks her about her meaning behind what she said at the time of the murder about wondering why “all” the trucks left. She tells that she didn’t mean anything about it and that she was only saying that because no one stayed to help. She leaves and says that whoever did this to her father is going to have to pay. Gloria tells Michelle that she wishes she could do more for Bridgett. Michelle shows a police report that was filed against Angus that he and Roger got into a fight and that Angus beat his truck with a baseball bat. At the house, Davey and Katie are watching the auction and Davey is bummed that no one is bidding a lot on the T-shirts and hats. He gets the idea that a ride-along is what everyone wants and that it will raise a lot of money for the school. He says that Gloria won’t mind at all. Back at the station, Gloria and Michelle talk to Angus again and he says that the police report that Roger filed was bogus because he didn’t do it. He says that Roger was in a fight with half the other trucks.

Buerge comes into Lt. Valdez’s office and says that he needs to discuss something personal with him. He tells Valdez that his girlfriend took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Buerge asks what it is like to be a father. Valdez says that it is the best thing in the world. Buerge thanks him and leaves. Meanwhile, Gloria and Michelle go up to the food trucks and start talking and snacking with the owners. Gloria talks to one owner, Tyler, and he tells that it is rough and they get the impression that the truck owners are nervous or scared of something. Gloria says that one truck is missing though, Hotlinks Heaven. Gloria goes up to Tyler and asks him about the food truck and he says that the owner Joey Hotlinks owns the truck and that he is trying to Unionize the truck owners and says that he gets 20% of the profits. Tyler says that Joey is a thug and that Roger and Joey fought a while ago. Gloria says that Joey offers protection to Unionize and says that they have to talk to him again. Back at the station, Gloria and Valdez laugh that Joey sounds like a mobster name. Gloria says that Joey’s rap sheet is horrible from assault to arson. Davey calls and tells that he added a ride-along with her. She is not happy about it at all.

Valdez shows that a medallion was found inside the truck. Gloria and Michelle talk with Joey and he says that he is just trying to get a little percentage to protect the other union member’s trucks. He says that he and Roger had a falling out because he came over one time and Roger hit him. Bridgett was sent over to him and told him that if he ever talked to Roger again, then Roger would kill him. He says that he has always avoided him and asks if he needs a lawyer. Gloria says that she wants to talk to Bridgett about Joey. Michelle says that the bid for the ride-along is at $150. Gloria bid $250 for the ride-along and says that no one is going to outbid her now. They go to a bar and find Bridgett there. They ask about Joey and Roger and she tells that they didn’t get along at all. Gloria shows the medallion and she tells them that the medallion belonged to her father. She gives Bridgett her card if she thinks of anymore information.

Gloria gets home and brought back dinner from the food trucks. Davey tells that the bidding went to $400. She asks what kind of idiot would want that. Davey tells that Katie did and she is standing right behind her. Gloria tells that she was thinking it was someone else and that she will reimburse her. However, Katie says that it will be fun and didn’t mind paying the money for the school. That night, Gloria calls Michelle and says that another food truck was set on fire. It was Tyler’s truck. He was inside sleeping when the fire was set. He managed to get out, but was burned pretty bad. They get to the hospital and Michelle asks if Gloria is going to be alright seeing a burn victim. She says that she is fine. They talk to Tyler and he says that he only parked the truck to sleep. He says that Joey knew where he parked his truck. They talk to Joey and tell him that they have something and Joey says that Tyler told him that he has the angels on his side. Gloria realizes that the medallion didn’t belong to Roger, but to Tyler. Meanwhile, Bridgett gets to the hospital with flowers.

Gloria tells that she feels that Bridgett and Tyler were together until Roger didn’t want the couple to be together. She tells that they need to clarify if Tyler is alright in the hospital and if Bridgett is there. Back at the hospital, Tyler says that he did it for them and Bridgett is upset with him. She picks up a pillow and suffocates Tyler and kills him. Afterward, Gloria and Michelle get to the hospital and Bridgett says that Tyler and Roger were the only people she loved and now they are gone. She says that she doesn’t love anyone now. Gloria arrests her. Later, Buerge comes into Lt. Valdez’s office and tells that it was a false alarm. Valdez tells that he is lucky because he would have only gotten 3 hours of sleep a night and that it is constantly a struggle. He says that they are the greatest thing to happen, but be glad it didn’t happen. That evening, Gloria asks if Davey is upset with her and Davey tells that he was doing things to be nice and to get Gloria socializing. The episode ends with Gloria giving her ride-along with Katie and the two stakeouts the streets and look at the people walking by. Gloria points out their secrets and Katie is impressed. The episode ends.