Affairs - Recap

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Detective Shepard is at home, enjoying music on her headphones, while she is happy to discover one of the old favorite t-shirts from her children’s closet. Her brother is surprised that t-shirt is still her favorite, and he pushed off to a movie. Shepard stays home, and continues enjoying what she was doing. Meanwhile, Stacy Brown, whom many consider to be a cop bunny, enters the bar and greets a number of cops. A few tables away Detective Dulcet is joshing up with her new boyfriend. Before long, Stacy has to leave when she gets a message on her phone. The next morning, when a garbage truck arrives emptying the trash cans with a robotic arm, the driver has to get off his seat because one of the cans is tilted over. However, he is aghast when he finds the bleeding body of a dead women in it.

When detective Shepard and her crime team arrive at the scene, they identify her as Stacy Brown – white female of 30, cause of death – blunt injury to her head. They begin to see the possible links when her cop bunny identity comes to the forefront. However, Shepard has already started doubting why the trash can was tilted. Considering Stacy was only a 120 pounds roughly, she starts checking the kind of force that would hurl the trash can to the ground. But everyone wonders what she is doing. Later, “Romeo” and another detective get around the neighborhood wondering what might have been in the interest of any cop, and how much does it have to do with she being a cop bunny. Although they talk to the bartender of the joint where Stacy visited last night, they cannot get enough, as the bar does not have any surveillance cameras. Meanwhile, Shepard interviews Stacy’s business partner.

They were diamond dealers, and the partner has her suspicions on a young boy named Callahan – someone who used to work for the two ladies until they had their finger on him for stealing 5,000 dollars worth of diamond from their store. When Stacy fired her, he left with a huff saying that she will regret it. This was three weeks ago. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Valdez is chatting up with Vance Stone – who is one of the senior detective cops at LAPD. He says he knew about Stacy, and says that he knew her vaguely. She used to come around at the bar, but he never had anything more he could say. Valdez does not have enough to get a lead on the crime. Later, when a detective arrives at the office, he rushes to Valdez, and they are able to get something on Stone. From the surveillance camera at the parking lot, it turns out that Stone and Stacy had been into a major argument before she was killed. While suspicion falls on him, the detectives gather at Valdez’s office.

He tells them that he doesn’t want Internal Affairs pouncing on the matter, especially because he wants to carry out the investigation his way. However, he tells Shepard and the others not to let the cat out of the bag too soon. Later, Valdez has a quiet work with word with Stone. He gives him grief for hiding the fact that he knew Stacy well enough to have had an animated argument with her. Moreover, Valdez is upset because he also had an affair with Stacy some time back. Stone is angry that Shepard is lead on the case, but Valdez wants him to know he would always have his back. But when Stone is still upset, Valdez snubs him and tells him to get the hell out. Later, when Shepard interviews Stone, it turns out that his wife Gina new about the affair, and his argument with Stacy was simply about him being upset with her seeing another cop.

When Shepard interviews Stacy’s police boyfriend with an anger record, he is nonchalant, and is not giving up anything. Without much evidence, Shepard has to let him go. Later, she and Dulcet get to the bar, where the barman tells them that her affair with both the cops was hot a heavy, but things cooled off quite a while ago. Suddenly, they hear a victory cry from a woman at the bar’s game table. When they interview her, she says she was close to Stacy, and it turns out she doesn’t have a clue to what happened with her. However, she does know Stacy had a spectacular fight with Vance Stone’s wife Gina. Back at LAPD, when Valdez and Shepard try to solve the mystery, Gina is brought into interrogation. She sounds like a very determined woman, and says she would do anything to protect her family. She was checking Stone’s phone bills every month, and found that she was calling him a bit too often. As a result, she had a fight. Later, Shepard gets to Vance Stone in the office café, but he is still not giving up on what Shepard thinks he might still be hiding.

As a result, Shepard gets back to Valdez, and later, in order to shoo off the Internal Affairs people, she interviews Callahan to show Internal Affairs that their suspect is not a cop. However, Callahan claims not have stolen diamonds and does not even know that his ex-boss is dead. With all avenues blocked, Shepard and Valdez figure out that whoever killed Stacy, put her body into the bin, so that her body was found. Whoever killed her wanted the body to be found, and probably because he wanted Stone to get the blame for it. So they start digging up stories of criminals who were sent away by Stone. One of them is a butcher, but he looks clean. Later, Romeo and his partner get to a car wash studio, where they interview another one of the people Stone had sent away for ten years.

It was on a robbery charge, and he claims to have been asleep on the night when Stacy was murdered. Besides, he comes to the car wash every morning at 6.30, so the doesn’t leave much time for late nights. After Shepard arrives at Valdez’s office with the murder weapon, she announces it was found in the back space of the Stones’ family car. This seems to get them where they wanted, and Vance and Gina are interrogated separately. While Gina waits in a separate interrogation room, neverously pacing up and down the encolusre, Shepard wants Vance to give the up little piece of the puzzle he is holding on to. When Shepard says she is about to put either one of them into prison, Vance finally lets on – he had sent away a robber with a little evidence tampering in a robbery case.

He knew it was the man in car wash studio, especially with all his signature on it, but he just couldn’t prove it. So he had lied in court. Then the detectives get to the car wash again, and this time, the man starts running. However, it doesn’t take the detectives long to get him captured. At interrogation, he reveals how he tried to get even with Vance Stone, and reveals his criminality. Later, when Dulcet sips her drink at the bar, she reveals to Romeo that she has a boyfriend, and at the same time, Shepard is preparing to set up her kids’ closet before they come back. She steals a lemon bar and runs off. The episode ends.