Blood - Recap

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The scene opens with Gloria, Dave and her kids having a pleasant time at dinner with their grandmother (Gloria and Dave’s mom) serving a special treat to her little princes (Nick and Leo). The kids are a little disappointed that their grandma cannot stay any longer than end of school the next day. However, she reassures them that she would not miss Leo’s special presentation for the world – but then she has to leave for rehearsals. She is playing the lead role in Gypsy – the stripper – a burlesque dancer is what Gloria prefers calling the character. Dave chokes on water as he hears it, and Leo wants to know what a stripper is. Meanwhile at Don Cassas, Mama Cassa is serving an elaborate dinner to family and friends, when Alberto complains of some orders. Alberto should have checked earlier since the items are exceptionally expensive, but Ryan Laughlin at the table promises it doesn’t hurt. Not before long, when Ryan drives up to an ATM counter to deposit his pay around 3 am, he is killed with three shot in his chest.

When Gloria and Michelle arrive at the crime scene, they ID dead Ryan using a receipt lying in his car’s glove box. They are able to figure out that he worked at Don Cassas, but when Michelle suggests dropping by at the restaurant immediately, Gloria wants to have a word with Lt. Valdez first. Valdez tells her he practically grew up there, knew the kids, used Mama Cassas’ help to sneak into the kitchen and spent most of his time with the family. However, he feels reluctant to go there saying he met his second ex-wife at the same place, and would be happy to stay away from the memories. However, Gloria manages to get him along. When they arrive at the restaurant, they announce the bad news to Mama Cassas’ children – Alberto and his sister. Valdez and Gloria learn that Ryan was popular with the customers. They also reveal their new restaurant plan, which their brother Danny was going to run on the West Side. Moreover, the sister tells them that Ryan would deposit his money immediately after a big night because he was afraid of his ex-girlfriend pressing him for cash to buy meth. Her name is Dana Jackson.

Back at LAPD, Michelle and Gloria find out that Dana has been addicted to meth, and has also been charged with felony that included intent to sell the drug. She was busted with two dealers who have records of robbery as well. Soon after that, Gloria and Michelle also take a look at the surveillance tape that shows Ryan being shot. Although they cannot see the killer, they note that Ryan took an unusually long time to get to the ATM – he left the restaurant 5 minutes away at 2:30 am, but the murder took place at 3:15. While Gloria has to get to Leo’s school, Michelle
agrees to go with another detective (Romeo) to check out with Dana Jackson. When they arrive, no one answers the door, but Dana is tripping in her backyard. She is reluctant to cooperate, and gets violent when Michelle tries to snatch away her meth. Not before long, Romeo pins her down, and has her in handcuffs.

When Gloria comes back home with her mother and the kids, Gloria’s mom is getting ready to leave. However, she sprains her ankle and unknowingly locks everyone to her care. The next morning, Gloria is cranky, as she could hardly catch good sleep on the couch. At the interrogation cell, Michelle interviews Dana. She gorges on the food after recovering from the meth dosage, and at first, she is oblivious to the investigation and the questions Michelle has for her. However, she gets listening when Michelle tells her she knows Ryan stopped giving her money. Dana tells her that Ryan was no saint – he was the one to have introduced her to the dealers to whom she owed money – and Ryan used to work for them back in the day. She also reveals that Marisa Cassas and Ryan were lovers – Marisa cut her off from Ryan.

When Valdez calls Gloria to know her situation with her mother at home, she is ready – Dave can take care of the rest. Valdez asks her to meet at Don Cassas. At the restaurant, Marisa reveals that she would not let on that she was dating Ryan because of her mother – she does not like him – he is not Latino, neither does he have a college degree. She knew about Ryan’s past connections with drug dealers, but that was over a long time ago. A while later, Alberto wants the detectives to meet his ‘baby’ brother Danny. The new West End restaurant is his, and their mother has a 30% stake in it. He is the first one in the family to attend college, and is just back from Boston with an MBA. Just as the detectives are leaving, Alberto is worried about not hearing from his mother. She should have reached their cousin’s place a long time ago. Gloria promises to track her car and license plate. Meanwhile, as Michelle and Romeo reach Dana’s place to catch the dealers, one of them starts running away when he hears ‘LAPD – Show your hands!’, but he is captured in a matter of seconds.

Not before long, Valdez and Gloria arrive at the location where Mama Cassas’ car is stranded in a derelict state. Gloria hopes to identify from possible traces of blood on the vehicle. Back at the HQ, reports say that the blood traces belong to Mama Cassas. Valdez hates his job, and wants his secretary to report to the Cassas about the car. However, Gloria wants to find out a little more before he does that – she thinks someone in the family might be behind the crimes – does Valdez remember how Alberto did not say anything when they asked if business was good? She has checked the restaurant financials, and it turns out that they are defaulting heavily on their loans. Valdez wants Gloria to get Danny first – he does not like him. Gloria agrees. Before interviewing him, Gloria checks the surveillance tape once again, and notes that Ryan defenselessly walked up to the shooter, in a manner that suggested he knew the person.

At Danny’s West Side restaurant that is still being built, Michelle interviews Danny. However, he is alarmed when Gloria is sampling dust from his car. When Michelle asks him where he was last night, he says he was home by himself – he is out by six most mornings. Moreover, he tells the detectives that a patch of concrete was readied yesterday morning when Gloria questions pointing at it. Danny wants to know about his mother – have they heard about her? However, Gloria leaves with Michelle saying they will stay in touch. Gloria cannot prove anything yet, but it is starting to make sense. They reach the old restaurant and question Alberto and Marisa. Gloria notices a rug missing from the floor – Marisa says she believes Danny took it to make a copy for his restaurant. Not before long, they suspect Mama Cassas could have been buried in the new restaurant when Michelle calls with the dust match report. Cops arrive with sniffer dogs at the West End restaurant, and soon after that, the drillers find Mama (Rena) Cassas’ dead body under the concrete slab, which Gloria had pointed out earlier.

They suspect Danny, and when Gloria and Michelle arrive at the old restaurant, they scan the missing rug area for blood with special chemicals. And there it is! Large florescent blue patches in the dark. While Danny sits with his lawyer at the interrogation cell, he completely denies – he is probably being set up. Meanwhile, detective Romeo is interviewing the man who was tipped off to hide Rena Cassas body without knowing. He claims the tipper was a guy he knew from the neighborhood – Alberto Cassas. When Gloria and Michelle arrive at Don Cassas, Alberto has already shot himself. Next at the interrogation cell is Marisa and Danny. Gloria informs them that tests reveal that the same gun that Alberto shot himself with, was used to kill Ryan and their mother. Gloria then calmly leads them on to say the truth, and how they felt about Rena Cassas – Danny claims she was a monster – and she always played the siblings against each other. Marisa cannot but agree Rena Cassas was mostly unfair with her. Not before long, Marisa confesses she killed her mother over the business dispute, and Alberto helped her clean up the mess. Valdez leads her out of the interrogation cell, and later stands stone-faced at the city from his office. The episode ends.