Season 6

Preview Special

Catch a first look at what’s to come in season six of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are joined by new “Housewives” Amber Marchese, identical twin sisters Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano, and the return of fan-favorite Dina Manzo.

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First Look

The show takes a look ahead to the new season.

The Moment: Real Housewives Awards

The Moment: Real Housewives Awards - OMG Moments Segment (includes Real Housewives of New Jersey - Reunion Shocker Segment)

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96 :06x01 - What A Difference A Plea Makes

Teresa and her husband find it hard to keep their family together as they become involved a public legal battle. Teresa receive support from Melissa and Dina.

97 :06x02 - Oh, Christmas Tre

Dina is feeling alone. Melissa wants to try and keep Christmas as traditional as possible. Amber finds herself obsessing with home safety. Teresa Aprea wants her son to be part of the family restaurant. Teresa Giudice's legal trouble continues.

98 :06x03 - Trash-talking

Joe and Melissa are hoping to rake in the money with their new business - a state of the art trash truck. Meanwhile, Teresa focuses on her dessert line, Fabilicious, and invites friends and family over to try out her new recipes. When the twins hear that someone has started a rumor about Nicole, it becomes clear that things are about to get messy.

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99 :06x04 - A Hairy Situation

When she throws a costume party Nicole confronts Amber about rumors she's spreading.

100 :06x05 - One Flew Over The Chicken's Nest

A party comes to a dramatic end. Nicole wants her boyfriend to be loyal to her. Dina admits she still has feelings for her ex. Melissa and Amber discuss a rumor they have heard.

101 :06x06 - The Family Business

Melissa and Joe attempt to move their business on to the next level. Teresa and Rino want to expand their restaurant business.

102 :06x07 - Roses Are Red, Dina Is Blue

Dina contemplates getting a divorce. Teresa makes steps to save her business. Melissa wants to spend more time with her husband.

103 :06x08 - Guilt Trip

Dina and Melissa try to cheer their friend up with a surprise getaway.

104 :06x09 - There Will Be Bloodwork

As the Florida trip approaches, the women have to deal with some monumental life changes. Dina says goodbye to Luke. Teresa and her husband have to deal with a medical scare.

105 :06x10 - The Day of Jacqueline

Dina, Melissa, and the twins travel to the Sunshine State for a little bonding time. It’s all in good fun until a nasty secret Dina holds about the twins’ family threatens to derail the trip. Meanwhile, back in Jersey, Amber awaits news about whether her cancer has returned, and Teresa faces the new realities of her financial situation. Plus, Jacqueline returns and attempts to confront Teresa about her past.

106 :06x11 - Gators and Haters

The tension between Jim, Bobby and Dina reaches a climax during the Florida trip. Teresa finds it hard to work out how to respond to Jacqueline's text messages.

107 :06x12 - Pack Your Bags and Get Out!

The stunning rumor regarding the twins' family is revealed. Teresa and Joe make plans for a getaway to New York.

108 :06x13 - Sorry, Not Sorry

Teresa and Rino make plans a for tasting party to launch their new restaurant, but not everybody is included on the guest list.

109 :06x14 - Judgment Day

Tensions threaten to throw off the festivities at Dina's event. Melissa and Joe head into the next stage of planning their dream home. Teresa and Joe learn their fate after pleading guilty.

110 :06x15 - Secrets Revealed Part 1

Secrets from the past season are revealed.

111 :06x16 - Reunion Part 1

The houseswives reunite as they take a look back at the current season.

112 :06x17 - Reunion Part 2

Joe Giudice joins his wife to talk about his father's death, his prison sentence and money problems. Joe Gorga defends his relationship with his sister.

113 :06x18 - Reunion Part 3

The three-part reunion comes to a shocking and emotional conclusion, as the Victoria Gotti rumor pits Jim against everyone, and Teresa A. is not ready to let Teresa G. off the hook. And finally, after six seasons, is this Teresa's final goodbye?

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114 :06x19 - Secrets Revealed Part 2

Dina gather everyone in order to seek some spiritual guidance however Teresa gets more than she expected when her legal issues are brought up, Amber's asked to pig-sit by Jimmy's ex-wife, Milania misbehaves.