The Real Housewives of New York City

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 04/Mar/2008 Meet the Wives
2 1x02 11/Mar/2008 The Hamptons
3 1x03 18/Mar/2008 Fashion Week
4 1x04 25/Mar/2008 Social Wife
5 1x05 01/Apr/2008 Careful, She Bites
6 1x06 08/Apr/2008 Girl's Night Out
7 1x07 15/Apr/2008 Second Chances
8 1x08 22/Apr/2008 Reunion: Watch What Happens
9 1x09 27/May/2008 The Lost Footage

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
10 2x01 17/Feb/2009 There's a New Girl in Town
11 2x02 24/Feb/2009 Hamptons Retreat… But No Surrender
12 2x03 03/Mar/2009 On Their High Horses
13 2x04 10/Mar/2009 If You Have Nothing Nice To Say...
14 2x05 17/Mar/2009 New York State of Mind
15 2x06 24/Mar/2009 Runaway Run-In
16 2x07 31/Mar/2009 Kelly vs. Bethenny
17 2x08 07/Apr/2009 Game, Set, Feud
18 2x09 14/Apr/2009 Wife in the Fast Lane
19 2x10 21/Apr/2009 Unfashionably Late
20 2x11 28/Apr/2009 Van Kempens House Party
21 2x12 05/May/2009 Charity Wives
22 2x13 12/May/2009 Reunion: Watch What Happens Pt. 1
22 2x14 14/May/2009 Reunion: Watch What Happens Pt. 2
23 2x15 28/May/2009 The Lost Footage

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
24 3x01 04/Mar/2010 New Alliances
25 3x02 11/Mar/2010 Dueling Labor Day Parties
26 3x03 18/Mar/2010 Fall in Manhattan
27 3x04 25/Mar/2010 Fashion and Fighting
28 3x05 01/Apr/2010 Hot Off the Press
29 3x06 08/Apr/2010 The Ambush
30 3x07 15/Apr/2010 New Girl, Old Money
31 3x08 22/Apr/2010 Let's See That Ring
32 3x09 29/Apr/2010 Stay on Message
33 3x10 06/May/2010 Leap Before You Look
34 3x11 13/May/2010 Housewives Overboard
35 3x12 20/May/2010 Sun, Sand and Psychosis
36 3x13 27/May/2010 Shunburn
37 3x14 03/Jun/2010 Rebuked, Reunited, Renewed
38 3x15 10/Jun/2010 Reunion, Part 1
39 3x16 14/Jun/2010 Reunion, Part 2
40 3x17 17/Jun/2010 Reunion, Part 3
41 3x18 24/Jun/2010 Lost Footage

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
42 4x01 07/Apr/2011 Grin and Bear It
43 4x02 14/Apr/2011 March Madness
44 4x03 21/Apr/2011 Hairy Mess
45 4x04 28/Apr/2011 Ramona'd
46 4x05 05/May/2011 Following Pecking Orders
47 4x06 12/May/2011 The Mask Has Two Faces
48 4x07 19/May/2011 Travel Reservations
49 4x08 26/May/2011 Misfortune Teller
50 4x09 02/Jun/2011 A Riad Divided
51 4x10 09/Jun/2011 Last Call, Morocco!
52 4x11 16/Jun/2011 Debt Becomes Her
53 4x12 23/Jun/2011 Sixteen and Skip the Sweet
54 4x13 30/Jun/2011 Your Tweeting Heart
55 4x14 07/Jul/2011 Burlesque Is More
56 4x15 14/Jul/2011 Video Killed the Countess
57 4x16 21/Jul/2011 L.O.V.E. Duel
58 4x17 25/Jul/2011 Reunion Part 1 of 2
59 4x18 01/Aug/2011 Reunion Part 2 of 2

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
60 5x01 04/Jun/2012 A New New York
61 5x02 11/Jun/2012 Say What You Mean, Just Don't Say It Mean
62 5x03 18/Jun/2012 Boozy Brunch
63 5x04 25/Jun/2012 Diss-Invite
64 5x05 02/Jul/2012 The Cool Girls
65 5x06 09/Jul/2012 I'm U.K., You're U.K.
66 5x07 16/Jul/2012 Good Trip, Bad Fall
67 5x08 23/Jul/2012 Blinded by the Wine
68 5x09 30/Jul/2012 Dirty Ol' Dad
69 5x10 06/Aug/2012 You Want to What Me in the Where?
70 5x11 13/Aug/2012 This Party Is Toast
71 5x12 20/Aug/2012 All How You Spin It
72 5x13 27/Aug/2012 Pirate Booty Call
73 5x14 03/Sep/2012 Slutty Island
74 5x15 10/Sep/2012 Vacation, All I Ever Wanted
75 5x16 17/Sep/2012 What Happens in St. Barths Doesn't Stay in St. Barths
76 5x17 24/Sep/2012 Don't Make Room For Daddy
77 5x18 01/Oct/2012 All's Well That Doesn't End Well
78 5x19 08/Oct/2012 Reunion, Part 1
79 5x20 15/Oct/2012 Reunion, Part 2
80 5x21 22/Oct/2012 Lost Footage

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
81 6x01 11/Mar/2014 If You Can Make It Here
82 6x02 18/Mar/2014 Give Up the Ghostwriter
83 6x03 25/Mar/2014 Model Behavior
84 6x04 01/Apr/2014 Holla In The Hamptons
85 6x05 08/Apr/2014 Everybody Thinks We're Drag Queens
86 6x06 15/Apr/2014 Unhappy Anniversary
87 6x07 22/Apr/2014 Fireworks
88 6x08 29/Apr/2014 Unforgivable Debt
89 6x09 06/May/2014 The Last Splash
90 6x10 13/May/2014 Bon Voyage Ramona
91 6x11 20/May/2014 The Ramona Trap
92 6x12 27/May/2014 Requiem for a Poodle
93 6x13 03/Jun/2014 Win, Place or Sonja
94 6x14 10/Jun/2014 Sex, Lies and Facials
95 6x15 17/Jun/2014 Ten Gallon Spats
96 6x16 24/Jun/2014 Go Yell It on the Mountain
97 6x17 01/Jul/2014 Bury the Hatchet
98 6x18 08/Jul/2014 Something to Sing About
99 6x19 15/Jul/2014 There's Something About Harry
100 6x20 22/Jul/2014 The Last Leg
101 6x21 29/Jul/2014 Reunion Part One
102 6x22 05/Aug/2014 Reunion Part Two
103 6x23 12/Aug/2014 Reunion Part Three

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
104 7x01 07/Apr/2015 The B Is Back
105 7x02 14/Apr/2015 New House, Old Grudges
106 7x03 21/Apr/2015 Battle of the Brunches
107 7x04 28/Apr/2015 The Art of Being a Cougar
108 7x05 05/May/2015 Mind Your Own Business
109 7x06 12/May/2015 Double Down on Delusion
110 7x07 19/May/2015 Family Matters
111 7x08 26/May/2015 The Cavi-Art of War
112 7x09 02/Jun/2015 Birthday in the Berks
113 7x10 09/Jun/2015 Pop of Crazy
114 7x11 16/Jun/2015 Fashionably Fired Up
115 7x12 23/Jun/2015 Lord Of The Manor
116 7x13 30/Jun/2015 Sonja Island
117 7x14 07/Jul/2015 Conch Blocked
118 7x15 14/Jul/2015 Don't Be All, Like, Uncool
119 7x16 21/Jul/2015 Awfully Charitable
120 7x17 28/Jul/2015 London Calling
121 7x18 04/Aug/2015 Rumble on the Runway
122 7x19 11/Aug/2015 New Beginnings, My Ass
123 7x20 18/Aug/2015 Reunion Part 1
124 7x21 25/Aug/2015 Reunion Part 2
125 7x22 27/Aug/2015 Reunion Part 3
126 7x23 03/Sep/2015 Secrets Revealed

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
127 8x01 06/Apr/2016 Start Spreading The News
128 8x02 13/Apr/2016 An Intimates Affair
129 8x03 20/Apr/2016 The Biggest Boob
130 8x04 27/Apr/2016 BBQ, Brunch or Bust
131 8x05 04/May/2016 Birthday Bashing
132 8x06 11/May/2016 Tipsying Point
133 8x07 18/May/2016 Airing Your Dirty Laundry
134 8x08 25/May/2016 All the Countess's Men
135 8x09 01/Jun/2016 December: Berkshires County

S05 - #121/Jun/2012First Look8
S06 - #212/Feb/2014Preview SpecialN/A
S06 - #301/Mar/2014First Look (1)N/A
S06 - #415/Mar/2014First Look (2)N/A
S06 - #520/Mar/2014First Look (3)N/A
S06 - #629/Mar/2014First Look (4)N/A
S06 - #719/Apr/2014First Look (5)N/A
S06 - #810/May/2014First Look (6)N/A
S06 - #920/May/2014First Look (7)N/A
S06 - #1005/Jun/2014First Look (8)N/A
S06 - #1112/Jun/2014First Look (9)N/A
S06 - #1219/Jun/2014First Look (10)N/A
S07 - #1303/Apr/2015First Look (1)N/A
S07 - #1410/Apr/2015First Look (2)N/A
S07 - #1517/Apr/2015First Look (3)N/A
S07 - #1624/Apr/2015New York City Social: Battle of the BrunchesN/A
S07 - #1730/Apr/2015First Look (4)N/A
S07 - #1805/May/2015New York City Social: The Art of Being a CougarN/A
S07 - #1909/May/2015First Look (5)N/A
S07 - #2012/May/2015New York City Social: Mind Your Own BusinessN/A
S07 - #2116/May/2015First Look (6)N/A
S07 - #2219/May/2015New York City Social: Double Down on DelusionN/A
S07 - #2323/May/2015First Look (7)N/A
S07 - #2426/May/2015New York City Social: Family MattersN/A
S07 - #2530/May/2015First Look (8)N/A
S07 - #2602/Jun/2015New York City Social: The Cavi-Art of WarN/A
S07 - #2705/Jun/2015First Look (9)N/A
S07 - #2809/Jun/2015New York City Social: Birthday in the BerksN/A
S07 - #2916/Jun/2015New York City Social: Pop of CrazyN/A
S07 - #3028/Jun/2015First Look (10)N/A
S07 - #3111/Jul/2015First Look (11)N/A
S07 - #3209/Aug/2015First Look (12)N/A
S07 - #3313/Aug/2015The Moment: Real Housewives AwardsN/A
S08 - #3401/Apr/2016Season 8, First Look (1)N/A
S08 - #3513/Apr/2016New York City Social: Start Spreading The NewsN/A
S08 - #3615/Apr/2016Season 8, First Look (2)N/A
S08 - #3704/May/2016New York City Social: BBQ, Brunch or BustN/A
S08 - #3811/May/2016New York City Social: Birthday BashingN/A
S08 - #3925/May/2016New York City Social: Airing Your Dirty LaundryN/A
S08 - #4001/Jun/2016Social Edition: All the Countess's MenN/A
S08 - #4108/Jun/2016Social Edition: December: Berkshires CountyN/A

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Drama | Fashion/Make-up | Lifestyle | Romance/Dating
Status: Returning Series
Network: Bravo ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 04, 2008
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