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The Real World

  All Seasons (Episode Guide) (With Recaps) Season 30 »
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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 21/May/1992 This is the True Story... N/A
2 1x02 28/May/1992 Julie and Eric... Could it be Love? N/A
3 1x03 04/Jun/1992 Leather Chaps and Sequins? What Is Eric Getting Himself Into? N/A
4 1x04 11/Jun/1992 Trouble Throughout the House N/A
5 1x05 18/Jun/1992 Kevin and Eric Mend Their Relationship N/A
6 1x06 25/Jun/1992 Kevin... Come Back! N/A
7 1x07 02/Jul/1992 Heather Wants to Grab His Booty! N/A
8 1x08 09/Jul/1992 Becky Falls into Troubled Love N/A
9 1x09 16/Jul/1992 Julie in a Homeless Shelter? N/A
10 1x10 23/Jul/1992 He's So Ugly He's Cute! N/A
11 1x11 30/Jul/1992 Julie Thinks Kevin is Psycho! N/A
12 1x12 06/Aug/1992 WWF is in the House! N/A
13 1x13 13/Aug/1992 Goodbye to the Big Apple! N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
14 2x01 26/Jun/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 1 N/A
15 2x02 26/Jun/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 2 N/A
16 2x03 01/Jul/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 3 N/A
17 2x04 08/Jul/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 4 N/A
18 2x05 15/Jul/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 5 N/A
19 2x06 22/Jul/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 6 N/A
20 2x07 29/Jul/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 7 N/A
21 2x08 05/Aug/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 8 N/A
22 2x09 12/Aug/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 9 N/A
23 2x10 19/Aug/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 10 N/A
24 2x11 26/Aug/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 11 N/A
25 2x12 02/Sep/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 12 N/A
26 2x13 09/Sep/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 13 N/A
27 2x14 16/Sep/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 14 N/A
28 2x15 23/Sep/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 15 N/A
29 2x16 30/Sep/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 16 N/A
30 2x17 07/Oct/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 17 N/A
31 2x18 14/Oct/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 18 N/A
32 2x19 21/Oct/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 19 N/A
33 2x20 28/Oct/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 20 N/A
34 2x21 04/Nov/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 21 N/A
35 2x22 11/Nov/1993 Los Angeles: Episode 22 N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
36 3x01 23/Jun/1994 Planes, Trains and Paddywagons N/A
37 3x02 30/Jun/1994 Love Stinks N/A
38 3x03 07/Jul/1994 White Like Me N/A
39 3x04 14/Jul/1994 From a Six to a Nine and Back Again N/A
40 3x05 21/Jul/1994 You Gotta Have Art N/A
41 3x06 28/Jul/1994 Trouble in Paradise N/A
42 3x07 05/Aug/1994 Coffee and Sympathy N/A
43 3x08 12/Aug/1994 Together and Apart N/A
44 3x09 19/Aug/1994 Collision Course N/A
45 3x10 26/Aug/1994 Kiss and Tell N/A
46 3x11 02/Sep/1994 Getting Dropped N/A
47 3x12 09/Sep/1994 Rebel, Rebel N/A
48 3x13 16/Sep/1994 Homecoming N/A
49 3x14 23/Sep/1994 Old Fish, New Fish N/A
50 3x15 30/Sep/1994 Why is Love Like an Elevator N/A
51 3x16 07/Oct/1994 Love and Death N/A
52 3x17 14/Oct/1994 Hawaii N/A
53 3x18 21/Oct/1994 Just Friends N/A
54 3x19 28/Oct/1994 Love Rules N/A
55 3x20 04/Nov/1994 Last Call N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
56 4x01 28/Jun/1995 Moving In: London (part 1) N/A
57 4x02 28/Jun/1995 Moving In: London (part 2) N/A
58 4x03 05/Jul/1995 A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Swine and Thou N/A
59 4x04 12/Jul/1995 Shush, Shush, Sweet Sharon N/A
60 4x05 19/Jul/1995 Brand New Swords and Formula Fords N/A
61 4x06 26/Jul/1995 Model Employees N/A
62 4x07 02/Aug/1995 Speaking Parts N/A
63 4x08 09/Aug/1995 Hounds of Love N/A
64 4x09 16/Aug/1995 Innocents Abroad N/A
65 4x10 23/Aug/1995 Dysfunction Junction N/A
66 4x11 30/Aug/1995 Outward Bonding N/A
67 4x12 06/Sep/1995 Fast Company N/A
68 4x13 13/Sep/1995 The Play's the Thing N/A
69 4x14 20/Sep/1995 Unexpected Developments N/A
70 4x15 27/Sep/1995 Oral Examinations N/A
71 4x16 04/Oct/1995 Homebodies and Free Spirits N/A
72 4x17 11/Oct/1995 Tales from The Confessional N/A
73 4x18 18/Oct/1995 Words of Love N/A
74 4x19 25/Oct/1995 Clubs, Pubs, and Dubs N/A
75 4x20 01/Nov/1995 There is no place like home...is there? N/A
76 4x21 08/Nov/1995 Into Africa N/A
77 4x23 15/Nov/1995 Out of Africa...and Outta Here! N/A
78 4x24 Unknown/Unaired The Real World Reunion 1995 N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
78 5x01 10/Jul/1996 Welcome to the Picture Show N/A
79 5x02 17/Jul/1996 Beauty is Only Skin Deep N/A
80 5x03 24/Jul/1996 The Temptation of Joe N/A
81 5x04 31/Jul/1996 The Silence of the Dan N/A
82 5x05 07/Aug/1996 Torn Between Two Lovers N/A
83 5x06 14/Aug/1996 Fear of Commitment Poster Children N/A
84 5x07 21/Aug/1996 America needs Underwear N/A
85 5x08 28/Aug/1996 Stand by Me? N/A
86 5x09 04/Sep/1996 Say It Ain't so Joe N/A
87 5x10 11/Sep/1996 Act Up! N/A
88 5x11 18/Sep/1996 Dependence Day N/A
89 5x12 25/Sep/1996 Act Out N/A
90 5x13 02/Oct/1996 Meet The Renzis! N/A
91 5x14 09/Oct/1996 Resignation N/A
92 5x15 16/Oct/1996 A Class Act N/A
93 5x16 23/Oct/1996 Why Do Fools Fall in Love? N/A
94 5x17 30/Oct/1996 ...Lies, and Videotape N/A
95 5x18 06/Nov/1996 Liars and Lovers N/A
96 5x19 13/Nov/1996 Nature Calls N/A
97 5x20 20/Nov/1996 Everyone Gets the Jackson N/A
98 5x21 27/Nov/1996 None of Your Business N/A
99 5x22 04/Dec/1996 Ba-Bye N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
99 6x01 Unknown/Unaired The Real World Boston Casting Special N/A
100 6x02 15/Jul/1997 Moving In: Boston N/A
101 6x03 16/Jul/1997 Religion N/A
102 6x04 23/Jul/1997 Black & White N/A
103 6x05 30/Jul/1997 Blast From the Past N/A
104 6x06 06/Aug/1997 Elka's Shell N/A
105 6x07 13/Aug/1997 200 Things List a Guy Has To Be To Date Kameelah N/A
106 6x08 20/Aug/1997 If A Tree Falls In The Firehouse, Will Anyone Not Hear It? N/A
107 6x09 27/Aug/1997 He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not N/A
108 6x10 03/Sep/1997 Dating Policy (aka Syrus Plays by the Rules, part 1) N/A
109 6x11 09/Oct/1997 9/10/1997 N/A
110 6x12 17/Sep/1997 Don't Look Under This Sequined Tee, With Anyone Else But Me N/A
111 6x13 24/Sep/1997 9/24/1997 N/A
112 6x14 10/Oct/1997 10/1/1997 N/A
113 6x15 08/Oct/1997 10/8/1997 N/A
114 6x16 15/Oct/1997 Noises & Rumors N/A
115 6x17 21/Oct/1997 10/22/1997 N/A
116 6x18 29/Oct/1997 10/29/1997 N/A
117 6x19 05/Nov/1997 11/5/1997 N/A
118 6x20 12/Nov/1997 11/12/1997 N/A
119 6x21 19/Nov/1997 11/19/1997 N/A
120 6x22 26/Nov/1997 11/26/1997 N/A
121 6x23 03/Dec/1997 12/3/1997 N/A
122 6x25 Unknown/Unaired The Real World vs. The Road Rules N/A
122 6x26 10/Dec/1997 Moving Out N/A
113 6x111 10/Sep/1997 The Girls in the House, The Girl out of the Closet <i>(a.k.a. Syrus Plays by His Own Rules, part 2)</i> N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
122 7x01 10/Jun/1998 The Real World Seattle Casting Special N/A
123 7x02 16/Jun/1998 Seattle's Best N/A
124 7x03 23/Jun/1998 Feeling Each Other Out N/A
125 7x04 30/Jun/1998 Tough To Be A Rockstar N/A
126 7x05 07/Jul/1998 I Love You, Don't Touch Me N/A
127 7x06 14/Jul/1998 7/14/1998 N/A
128 7x07 21/Jul/1998 Older Man, Well To Do - Younger Man, Not Doin' Too Well N/A
129 7x08 28/Jul/1998 Birthday Bashes And Romantic Crashes N/A
130 7x09 04/Aug/1998 Rollercoaster of Love N/A
131 7x10 11/Aug/1998 A Mountain of Emotion N/A
132 7x11 18/Aug/1998 Time for a Change N/A
133 7x12 25/Aug/1998 All's Fair in Love and the Deejay War N/A
134 7x13 01/Sep/1998 Love is in the Dead Air N/A
135 7x14 08/Sep/1998 The Past Isn't Past N/A
136 7x15 15/Sep/1998 The Truth About Irene N/A
137 7x16 22/Sep/1998 Irene Calls it Quits N/A
138 7x17 29/Sep/1998 The Aftermatch of the Slap N/A
139 7x18 06/Oct/1998 Facing the Pain N/A
140 7x19 13/Oct/1998 The End of the Innocence N/A
141 7x20 20/Oct/1998 The Real World / Road Rules Aqua Games 1998 N/A
142 7x21 27/Oct/1998 Closing Time N/A
143 7x22 03/Nov/1998 A Little Bit of Everything - part 1 (clipshow) N/A
144 7x24 03/Nov/1998 A Little Bit of Everything - part 2 (clipshow) N/A

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
144 8x01 08/Jun/1999 The Real World Hawaii Casting Special N/A
145 8x02 15/Jun/1999 Teck and New Talent N/A
146 8x03 15/Jun/1999 The Kiss Off Begins N/A
147 8x04 22/Jun/1999 The Trouble with Ruthie N/A
148 8x05 29/Jun/1999 Pairing Off in Paradise N/A
149 8x06 06/Jul/1999 Sex, Cries and Videotape N/A
150 8x07 13/Jul/1999 Nudity and 911 N/A
151 8x08 20/Jul/1999 Relationship Rumblings N/A
152 8x09 27/Jul/1999 Gender Benders N/A
153 8x10 03/Aug/1999 Ruthie Risks Her Life N/A
154 8x11 10/Aug/1999 Hawaiian Havoc N/A
155 8x12 17/Aug/1999 Kaia Comes Clean N/A
156 8x13 24/Aug/1999 Glass Houses N/A
157 8x14 31/Aug/1999 Hasta Pasta, Hawaii N/A
158 8x15 07/Sep/1999 Twin Trouble N/A
159 8x16 14/Sep/1999 Passage through India N/A
160 8x17 28/Sep/1999 Justin Fouls Out N/A
161 8x18 05/Oct/1999 Teck's Love Triangle N/A
162 8x19 12/Oct/1999 Ruthie Returns N/A
163 8x20 19/Oct/1999 My Oh Amaya N/A
164 8x21 26/Oct/1999 Lovesickness N/A
165 8x22 02/Nov/1999 Strange Bedfellows N/A
166 8x23 09/Nov/1999 The Final Clash N/A
167 8x24 09/Nov/1999 Ep. 23 | Mahalo N/A

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
167 9x01 08/Jun/2000 The Real World New Orleans / Road Rules Casting Special N/A
167 9x02 24/May/2000 The Real World Reunion 2000 N/A
167 9x03 10/May/2000 The Real World Reunion N/A
168 9x04 13/Jun/2000 New Orleans Newbies N/A
169 9x05 13/Jun/2000 To a New Beginning N/A
170 9x06 20/Jun/2000 Bourbon Street Burlesque N/A
171 9x07 27/Jun/2000 All Access Action N/A
172 9x08 04/Jul/2000 Hookups and Linkups N/A
173 9x09 11/Jul/2000 Birthday Boo Hoo N/A
174 9x10 18/Jul/2000 Cupid Strikes N/A
175 9x11 25/Jul/2000 Two Days and Too Little Help N/A
176 9x12 01/Aug/2000 Race Matters N/A
177 9x13 08/Aug/2000 David's Power Struggles N/A
178 9x14 15/Aug/2000 Matt Explores His Options N/A
179 9x15 22/Aug/2000 Mardi Gras Mayhem N/A
180 9x16 29/Aug/2000 South African Sojourn N/A
181 9x17 05/Sep/2000 David Takes the Plunge N/A
182 9x18 12/Sep/2000 Meet the Parents N/A
183 9x19 19/Sep/2000 Julie's Heart Trouble N/A
184 9x20 03/Oct/2000 Stormin' Mormons N/A
185 9x21 10/Oct/2000 For Peter's Sake N/A
186 9x22 17/Oct/2000 Mud-Wrestling and Tongue Tussling N/A
187 9x23 24/Oct/2000 David Strips Down N/A
188 9x24 31/Oct/2000 David's D-Day N/A
189 9x25 07/Nov/2000 The Never Ending Story N/A
190 9x26 07/Nov/2000 Leavin' Louisiana N/A
190 9x27 16/Nov/2000 The Real World New Orleans Reunion Special N/A

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
190 10x01 25/Jun/2001 The Real World 10th Anniversary Special N/A
190 10x02 26/Jun/2001 The Real World Back to New York / Road Rules Casting Special N/A
191 10x03 03/Jul/2001 Welcome to New York! N/A
192 10x04 10/Jul/2001 Conveniently Single N/A
193 10x05 17/Jul/2001 Coral vs. Mike N/A
194 10x06 24/Jul/2001 Get a Nightlife! N/A
195 10x07 31/Jul/2001 Valentine's Day N/A
196 10x08 07/Aug/2001 Get a Job N/A
197 10x09 14/Aug/2001 Nicole vs. Malik N/A
198 10x10 21/Aug/2001 Lori's in a Band N/A
199 10x11 28/Aug/2001 Coral and Nicole are Outkasts N/A
200 10x12 04/Sep/2001 Let's Go to Morocco N/A
201 10x13 18/Sep/2001 Back to Reality N/A
202 10x14 25/Sep/2001 Lori Works It N/A
203 10x15 02/Oct/2001 Meet Mike's Parents N/A
204 10x16 09/Oct/2001 Virgin Margarita Party N/A
205 10x17 16/Oct/2001 Meet the Miz N/A
206 10x18 23/Oct/2001 Bobby Gets Puked On N/A
207 10x19 30/Oct/2001 Boston Road Trip N/A
208 10x20 06/Nov/2001 Jisela Rocks the House N/A
209 10x21 13/Nov/2001 The Hamptons, Darling N/A
210 10x22 20/Nov/2001 Sex, Lies and Videotape N/A
211 10x23 27/Nov/2001 Hasta La Vista, Arista N/A
212 10x24 04/Dec/2001 Bye, Bye NYC N/A

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
212 11x01 08/Jan/2002 The Real World Chicago Casting Special N/A
213 11x02 15/Jan/2002 Chicago: Episode 1 N/A
214 11x03 15/Jan/2002 Chicago: Episode 2 N/A
215 11x04 22/Jan/2002 Chicago: Episode 3 N/A
216 11x05 29/Jan/2002 Chicago: Episode 4 N/A
217 11x06 05/Feb/2002 Chicago: Episode 5 N/A
218 11x07 12/Feb/2002 Chicago: Episode 6 N/A
219 11x08 19/Feb/2002 Chicago: Episode 7 N/A
220 11x09 05/Mar/2002 Chicago: Episode 8 N/A
221 11x10 12/Mar/2002 Chicago: Episode 9 N/A
222 11x11 19/Mar/2002 Chicago: Episode 10 N/A
223 11x12 26/Mar/2002 Chicago: Episode 11 N/A
224 11x13 02/Apr/2002 Chicago: Episode 12 N/A
225 11x14 09/Apr/2002 Chicago: Episode 13 N/A
226 11x15 23/Apr/2002 Chicago: Episode 14 N/A
227 11x16 30/Apr/2002 Chicago: Episode 15 N/A
228 11x17 07/May/2002 Chicago: Episode 16 N/A
229 11x18 21/May/2002 Chicago: Episode 17 N/A
230 11x19 28/May/2002 Chicago: Episode 18 N/A
231 11x20 04/Jun/2002 Chicago: Episode 19 N/A
232 11x21 11/Jun/2002 Chicago: Episode 20 N/A
233 11x22 18/Jun/2002 Chicago: Episode 21 N/A
234 11x23 25/Jun/2002 Chicago: Episode 22 N/A
235 11x24 02/Jul/2002 Chicago: Episode 23 N/A
236 11x25 16/Jul/2002 The Real World Chicago Reunion Special N/A
236 11x26 09/Jul/2002 Chicago: Episode 24 N/A
236 11x27 08/Sep/2002 The Real World: Las Vegas Casting Special N/A

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
237 12x01 17/Sep/2002 Word from Home N/A
238 12x02 17/Sep/2002 Welcome to Las Vegas! N/A
239 12x03 24/Sep/2002 Love Connection N/A
240 12x04 01/Oct/2002 Professional Partiers N/A
241 12x05 08/Oct/2002 Touchy Situations N/A
242 12x06 15/Oct/2002 Hey, Jealousy N/A
243 12x07 22/Oct/2002 Good to Be Bad N/A
244 12x08 29/Oct/2002 In the Spotlight N/A
245 12x09 05/Nov/2002 Stepping In N/A
246 12x10 12/Nov/2002 Secret's Out N/A
247 12x11 19/Nov/2002 Out in the Open N/A
248 12x12 26/Nov/2002 Public Displays N/A
249 12x13 03/Dec/2002 Opening Up N/A
250 12x14 10/Dec/2002 The Next Step N/A
251 12x15 17/Dec/2002 Pregnancy Scare N/A
252 12x16 08/Jan/2003 Happy Birthday N/A
253 12x17 14/Jan/2003 Back and Forth N/A
254 12x18 21/Jan/2003 Down Under N/A
255 12x19 28/Jan/2003 The Showdown N/A
256 12x20 04/Feb/2003 New Beginnings N/A
257 12x21 11/Feb/2003 Late Night Attraction N/A
258 12x22 18/Feb/2003 Singles Club N/A
259 12x23 25/Feb/2003 Change of Plans N/A
260 12x24 04/Mar/2003 Broken Boundaries N/A
261 12x25 11/Mar/2003 Baggage Problems N/A
262 12x26 18/Mar/2003 All or Nothing N/A
263 12x27 25/Mar/2003 Over It N/A
264 12x29 Unknown/Unaired The Real World Las Vegas Reunion Special N/A
264 12x30 Unknown/Unaired The Real World Paris Casting Special N/A
264 12x31 01/Apr/2003 Leaving Las Vegas N/A

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
265 13x01 03/Jun/2003 Paris: Episode 1 N/A
266 13x02 03/Jun/2003 Paris: Episode 2 N/A
267 13x03 10/Jun/2003 Paris: Episode 3 N/A
268 13x04 17/Jun/2003 Paris: Episode 4 N/A
269 13x05 24/Jun/2003 Paris: Episode 5 N/A
270 13x06 01/Jul/2003 Paris: Episode 6 N/A
271 13x07 08/Jul/2003 Paris: Episode 7 N/A
272 13x08 15/Jul/2003 Paris: Episode 8 N/A
273 13x09 22/Jul/2003 Paris: Episode 9 N/A
274 13x10 29/Jul/2003 Paris: Episode 10 N/A
275 13x11 05/Aug/2003 Paris: Episode 11 N/A
276 13x12 12/Aug/2003 Paris: Episode 12 N/A
277 13x13 19/Aug/2003 Paris: Episode 13 N/A
278 13x14 26/Aug/2003 Paris: Episode 14 N/A
279 13x15 02/Sep/2003 Paris: Episode 15 N/A
280 13x16 09/Sep/2003 Paris: Episode 16 N/A
281 13x17 16/Sep/2003 Paris: Episode 17 N/A
282 13x18 23/Sep/2003 Paris: Episode 18 N/A
283 13x19 30/Sep/2003 Paris: Episode 19 N/A
284 13x20 07/Oct/2003 Paris: Episode 20 N/A
285 13x21 14/Oct/2003 Paris: Episode 21 N/A
286 13x22 21/Oct/2003 Paris: Episode 22 N/A
287 13x23 28/Oct/2003 Paris: Episode 23 N/A
288 13x24 04/Nov/2003 Paris: Episode 24 N/A
289 13x25 04/Nov/2003 Paris: Episode 25 N/A
289 13x26 11/Nov/2003 The Real World Paris Reunion Special N/A

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
290 14x01 06/Jan/2004 Hello, San Diego! N/A
291 14x02 06/Jan/2004 Rockin' the Relationship N/A
292 14x03 13/Jan/2004 The "N" Word N/A
293 14x04 13/Jan/2004 Boom Bazooka Joe! N/A
294 14x05 20/Jan/2004 Pass or Fail N/A
295 14x06 27/Jan/2004 San Diego Slammer N/A
296 14x07 03/Feb/2004 Free at Last! N/A
297 14x08 10/Feb/2004 Insult to Injury N/A
298 14x09 17/Feb/2004 Crossing the Line N/A
299 14x10 24/Feb/2004 Excuses, Excuses N/A
300 14x11 02/Mar/2004 House of Fun N/A
301 14x12 09/Mar/2004 Fakin' the Funk N/A
302 14x13 16/Mar/2004 Dentally Challenged N/A
303 14x14 31/Mar/2004 The Snake vs. the Mouse N/A
304 14x15 06/Apr/2004 Emotional Distress N/A
305 14x16 13/Apr/2004 Don't Hate the Player... N/A
306 14x17 20/Apr/2004 Happy at Last N/A
307 14x18 27/Apr/2004 Truth or...Dare! N/A
308 14x19 04/May/2004 Welcome to Paradise N/A
309 14x20 18/May/2004 Who Are You? N/A
310 14x21 25/May/2004 The End Is Near N/A
311 14x22 01/Jun/2004 Goodbye Juliet N/A
312 14x23 08/Jun/2004 And the Winner Is... N/A
313 14x24 15/Jun/2004 Overboard N/A
314 14x25 22/Jun/2004 No Bonus for You N/A
315 14x26 13/Jul/2004 The #@%& They Should Have Shown N/A
315 14x27 29/Jun/2004 Farewell San Diego N/A
315 14x28 06/Jul/2004 The Real World - 2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion N/A

 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
316 15x01 07/Sep/2004 Welcome to Philly! N/A
317 15x02 07/Sep/2004 "Out" In Philadelphia N/A
318 15x03 14/Sep/2004 Bed-Swapping Begins N/A
319 15x04 21/Sep/2004 Boys Will Be Boys N/A
320 15x05 28/Sep/2004 Gunning for Karamo N/A
321 15x06 05/Oct/2004 The Roomies Have Soul N/A
322 15x07 12/Oct/2004 Ivana Have Some Fun! N/A
323 15x08 19/Oct/2004 Frustrations N/A
324 15x09 26/Oct/2004 Landon & Leo N/A
325 15x10 02/Nov/2004 Things Change N/A
326 15x11 09/Nov/2004 Happy Birthday MJ! N/A
327 15x12 16/Nov/2004 Passive Aggression N/A
328 15x13 23/Nov/2004 Switchin' Teams N/A
329 15x14 30/Nov/2004 Forbidden Affair N/A
330 15x15 07/Dec/2004 Gone Sour N/A
331 15x16 28/Dec/2004 MJ's Having Trouble with The Ladies N/A
332 15x17 04/Jan/2005 Altercations N/A
333 15x18 11/Jan/2005 Ew, Scabies! N/A
334 15x19 18/Jan/2005 Fiji N/A
335 15x20 25/Jan/2005 Romantic Getaway N/A
336 15x21 01/Feb/2005 Back to Reality N/A
337 15x22 08/Feb/2005 Intervention N/A
338 15x23 15/Feb/2005 Willie's Love Triangle N/A
339 15x24 22/Feb/2005 Ashley's Visit N/A
340 15x25 01/Mar/2005 Motherly Love N/A
341 15x26 08/Mar/2005 Losing You N/A
342 15x27 15/Mar/2005 Fistful of Philly: The Real World Philadelphia Reunion N/A

 Season 16(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
343 16x01 21/Jun/2005 Howdy, Welcome to Austin! N/A
344 16x02 21/Jun/2005 Chaos on 6th Street N/A
345 16x03 28/Jun/2005 One Man's Loss; Another's Gain N/A
346 16x04 05/Jul/2005 Danny's surgery N/A
347 16x05 12/Jul/2005 Love & War N/A
348 16x06 19/Jul/2005 First Dates N/A
349 16x07 26/Jul/2005 Mel and Danny Get Up Close and Personal N/A
350 16x08 02/Aug/2005 A Heartbreaking Valentine's Day N/A
351 16x09 09/Aug/2005 Heading Home N/A
352 16x10 16/Aug/2005 Jo and Leo Sittin' in a Tree? N/A
353 16x11 23/Aug/2005 Danny's Back! N/A
354 16x12 30/Aug/2005 Things are Heating Up N/A
355 16x13 06/Sep/2005 Trouble's in the Air N/A
356 16x14 13/Sep/2005 Ranchin' It N/A
357 16x15 20/Sep/2005 Johanna's Jailbreak N/A
358 16x16 27/Sep/2005 Jo and Leo: To Be or Not To Be? N/A
359 16x17 04/Oct/2005 The Best Documentarians Yet N/A
360 16x18 11/Oct/2005 SxSW All the Way N/A
361 16x19 18/Oct/2005 Love Hurts N/A
362 16x20 25/Oct/2005 The Pressure's On N/A
363 16x21 01/Nov/2005 Watch Out, Costa Rica N/A
364 16x22 08/Nov/2005 Nehemiah's Actin' Up N/A
365 16x23 15/Nov/2005 Who's In Jail? N/A
366 16x24 22/Nov/2005 Goodbye Austin N/A

 Season 17(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
371 17x01 28/Feb/2006 Welcome to Key West (1) N/A
373 17x02 28/Feb/2006 Roomate Anxiety (2) N/A
372 17x03 07/Mar/2006 Club Hoppin' N/A
373 17x04 14/Mar/2006 Svetlana's Tough Times N/A
374 17x05 21/Mar/2006 Troubled Waters N/A
375 17x06 28/Mar/2006 No Friends of Mine N/A
376 17x07 04/Apr/2006 Zach Steps It Up N/A
377 17x08 11/Apr/2006 John's Got Game N/A
378 17x09 18/Apr/2006 John and Paula's Fight N/A
379 17x10 25/Apr/2006 Gettin' Stormy N/A
380 17x11 02/May/2006 Clarification N/A
381 17x12 09/May/2006 Tyler's Night of Fun N/A
382 17x13 16/May/2006 Opening Day N/A
383 17x14 23/May/2006 Janelle and Jose's Fight N/A
384 17x15 30/May/2006 The Burn Book N/A
385 17x16 06/Jun/2006 Zach's Girl Trouble N/A
386 17x17 13/Jun/2006 Let's Get Physical N/A
387 17x18 20/Jun/2006 Hurricane Wilma N/A
388 17x19 27/Jun/2006 Wake of the Storm N/A
389 17x20 11/Jul/2006 Spanish Getaway N/A
390 17x21 18/Jul/2006 Jose Gets Stranded N/A
391 17x22 25/Jul/2006 Relationships N/A
392 17x23 01/Aug/2006 Regaining the Pace N/A
393 17x24 08/Aug/2006 Svetlana's Birthday N/A
394 17x25 15/Aug/2006 Season 17 finale N/A
395 17x26 22/Aug/2006 Fun, Sun & Now Totally Done: The Real World Key West Reunion N/A
396 17x27 29/Aug/2006 Real World XVII: S*@#! They Should've Shown N/A

 Season 18(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
397 18x01 22/Nov/2006 3-Way Premiere N/A
398 18x02 22/Nov/2006 Heating Things Up N/A
399 18x03 29/Nov/2006 The Morning After N/A
400 18x04 06/Dec/2006 Davis vs Tyrie N/A
401 18x05 13/Dec/2006 Dark Kent N/A
402 18x06 20/Dec/2006 Bus Brawl N/A
403 18x07 27/Dec/2006 The Kissing Disease N/A
404 18x08 03/Jan/2007 Crossing The Line N/A
405 18x09 03/Jan/2007 Outward Bound N/A
406 18x10 10/Jan/2007 Breaking Point N/A
407 18x11 17/Jan/2007 Hit Where It Hurts N/A
408 18x12 24/Jan/2007 The Disabled List N/A
409 18x13 31/Jan/2007 Reaching the Peak N/A
410 18x14 07/Feb/2007 Playing the Field N/A
411 18x15 14/Feb/2007 Out and Proud N/A
412 18x16 21/Feb/2007 Lashing Out N/A
413 18x17 28/Feb/2007 Letting Go N/A
414 18x18 07/Mar/2007 Butting In N/A
415 18x19 14/Mar/2007 Juggling Act N/A
416 18x20 21/Mar/2007 Locked Up N/A
417 18x21 28/Mar/2007 Leaving Early N/A
418 18x22 04/Apr/2007 Personal Evaluations N/A
419 18x23 11/Apr/2007 False Appearances N/A
420 18x24 18/Apr/2007 Loose Lips N/A
421 18x25 25/Apr/2007 Conquering Fears N/A
422 18x26 02/May/2007 Make-Out Bandits 6.7
423 18x27 09/May/2007 Welcome to Paradise 10
424 18x28 16/May/2007 Out With A Bang N/A

 Season 19(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
426 19x01 08/Aug/2007 G'Day, Australia! N/A
427 19x02 08/Aug/2007 Hittin' The Hot Tub N/A
428 19x03 15/Aug/2007 Suddenly Single 7.5
429 19x04 22/Aug/2007 Big Pimpin' 10
430 19x05 29/Aug/2007 Mini Crush N/A
431 19x06 05/Sep/2007 Getting Wet and Wild N/A
432 19x07 12/Sep/2007 Whining and Dining N/A
433 19x08 19/Sep/2007 Mardi Gras Mayhem N/A
434 19x09 26/Sep/2007 Boys Vs. Girls 9
435 19x10 03/Oct/2007 Breaking The Girl Code N/A
436 19x11 10/Oct/2007 The Grilled Cheese Incident 5
437 19x12 17/Oct/2007 Girl Fight N/A
438 19x13 24/Oct/2007 Anger Mis-Management N/A
439 19x14 31/Oct/2007 Second Fiddle N/A
440 19x15 07/Nov/2007 The New Girl N/A
441 19x16 14/Nov/2007 The Birds N/A
442 19x17 21/Nov/2007 Off the Hook 9
443 19x18 28/Nov/2007 Enjoy Your Flight N/A
444 19x19 05/Dec/2007 Friends Again N/A
445 19x20 12/Dec/2007 Praying for a Miracle N/A
446 19x21 19/Dec/2007 The Honeymoon Is Over N/A
447 19x22 26/Dec/2007 Tourism N/A
448 19x23 02/Jan/2008 Gettin' Down N/A
449 19x24 09/Jan/2008 Moving On and Out 5

 Season 20(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
451 20x01 16/Apr/2008 Welcome to Hollywood N/A
452 20x02 23/Apr/2008 Let's Not Get Ghetto N/A
453 20x03 30/Apr/2008 Where's Joey? N/A
454 20x04 07/May/2008 Joey's Intervention N/A
455 20x05 14/May/2008 I Need Lovin' N/A
456 20x06 21/May/2008 Greg vs. the House N/A
457 20x07 28/May/2008 Get It On N/A
458 20x08 04/Jun/2008 Arrival and Departure N/A
459 20x09 11/Jun/2008 Joey Checks Out N/A
460 20x10 18/Jun/2008 In With the New N/A
461 20x11 25/Jun/2008 Making It 4
462 20x12 02/Jul/2008 Mexi-Loco 7
463 20x13 09/Jul/2008 It's A Wrap 2
464 20x14 12/Jul/2008 Reunion Special N/A

 Season 21(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
465 21x01 07/Jan/2009 Brooklyn Bridging 4
466 21x02 14/Jan/2009 The Outs & Ins of Brooklyn 7
467 21x03 21/Jan/2009 The BFF-O-Meter 7
468 21x04 28/Jan/2009 Daddy Dearest and the Dueling Divas N/A
469 21x05 04/Feb/2009 Friends and Enemies N/A
470 21x06 11/Feb/2009 Battle of the Sexes 8
471 21x07 18/Feb/2009 Of Mice and Devyn's Men 8
472 21x08 25/Feb/2009 Angry Boys and Dirty Girls 8
473 21x09 04/Mar/2009 Dilators, Dresses and Bow Ties 9
474 21x10 11/Mar/2009 Pole Dancing and Pedro 8
475 21x11 18/Mar/2009 Saving A Private Ryan N/A
476 21x12 25/Mar/2009 Atlantic City, Baby! N/A
477 21x13 01/Apr/2009 Saying Goodbye N/A
478 21x14 01/Apr/2009 Real World XXI Reunion N/A

 Season 22(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
479 22x01 24/Jun/2009 Yes We Cancun! N/A
480 22x02 01/Jul/2009 Jerkface Joes and Romeos N/A
481 22x03 08/Jul/2009 I Kissed a Girl And I Liked it (At First) N/A
482 22x04 15/Jul/2009 Cancun Casanovas N/A
483 22x05 22/Jul/2009 Payback, Piglets and Projects N/A
484 22x06 29/Jul/2009 Flirting With Disaster N/A
485 22x07 05/Aug/2009 Peak Week N/A
486 22x08 12/Aug/2009 Settling DIF-frences N/A
487 22x09 19/Aug/2009 The Love Square N/A
488 22x10 26/Aug/2009 Three's a Crowd N/A
489 22x11 02/Sep/2009 Love Bites N/A
490 22x12 09/Sep/2009 ¬°Adios Cancun! N/A
491 22x13 09/Sep/2009 The Sh*t They Should Have Shown N/A
493 22x14 11/Nov/2009 Return To Duty N/A

 Season 23(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
492 23x01 30/Dec/2009 Looks Can Be D.C.-ving 10
493 23x02 06/Jan/2010 Bipartisan Lovin 9
494 23x03 13/Jan/2010 Playboys and Proper Portions 9
495 23x04 20/Jan/2010 The Princess and the Panda 10
496 23x05 27/Jan/2010 Love hits a sour note 9
497 23x06 03/Feb/2010 When Push Comes to Shove 9
498 23x07 10/Feb/2010 Bitch Begins With BI 9
499 23x08 17/Feb/2010 Out of the Closet and Onto the Stage 9
500 23x09 24/Feb/2010 Cheaters, Beaters and Pavement Eaters 8
501 23x10 03/Mar/2010 Laughing Panda, Changing Ty N/A
502 23x11 10/Mar/2010 Girlfriends and Dead Ends N/A
503 23x12 17/Mar/2010 White House, Glass House 8
504 23x13 24/Mar/2010 Sisterhood and Brotherly Love 5
505 23x14 24/Mar/2010 The S&@! They Should've Shown 5
506 23x15 31/Mar/2010 TBA 5
507 23x16 31/Mar/2010 Reunion Special 5

 Season 24(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
508 24x01 30/Jun/2010 Welcome To New Orleans 5
509 24x02 07/Jul/2010 Knight Fights, Love Bites 4
510 24x03 14/Jul/2010 Jemmye's White Knight 4.5
511 24x04 21/Jul/2010 Superbrawl 2010 4.5
512 24x05 28/Jul/2010 Confused & Abused 5
513 24x06 04/Aug/2010 Sing out, Cop out 4.5
514 24x07 11/Aug/2010 Buliding & Breaking 4
515 24x08 18/Aug/2010 Saint Patrick's Secrets 4
516 24x09 25/Aug/2010 Fired 4.5
517 24x10 01/Sep/2010 Getting Down, Blowing Up 4
518 24x11 08/Sep/2010 Over Knight 5
519 24x12 15/Sep/2010 Au Revoir New Orleans 4.5
520 24x13 22/Sep/2010 Reunion Special 4.7
521 24x14 29/Sep/2010 The S&@! They Should've Shown 5

 Season 25(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
522 25x01 09/Mar/2011 Welcome to Las Vegas N/A
523 25x02 16/Mar/2011 Bromance, Bottles and Broken Hearts 8
524 25x03 23/Mar/2011 Stands By Me 7
525 25x04 30/Mar/2011 Three Hookups and a Breakup 8
526 25x05 06/Apr/2011 Playas Getting' Played 7
527 25x06 13/Apr/2011 Sexiles / Exiles 8
528 25x07 20/Apr/2011 Cooke Monsters 7
529 25x08 27/Apr/2011 Dustin Shows His Hand, Heather Folds 8
530 25x09 04/May/2011 Guys Who Like Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Sex 7
531 25x10 11/May/2011 Who's Your Daddy? 7
532 25x11 18/May/2011 Oh Yeah, Mexico, Yeah 7
533 25x12 25/May/2011 Addicted To Love 8
534 25x13 01/Jun/2011 Leaving Las Vegas 7
535 25x14 08/Jun/2011 Reunion Special 7
536 25x15 15/Jun/2011 The S&@! They Should've Shown 7

 Season 26(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
537 26x01 28/Sep/2011 San Diego: First Impressions 8
538 26x02 05/Oct/2011 San Diego: Danas, Derrieres and Drama 8
539 26x03 12/Oct/2011 San Diego: A Pig Walks Into a Gay Bar 7
540 26x04 19/Oct/2011 San Diego: Hair Razing Arguments and Sticky Situations 7
541 26x05 26/Oct/2011 San Diego: Over the Rainbow 7
542 26x06 02/Nov/2011 San Diego: Pride and Prejudice 8
543 26x07 09/Nov/2011 San Diego: It's My Party and I'll Bang If I Want To 8
544 26x08 16/Nov/2011 San Diego: Stolen Show, Stolen Hearts, Stolen Motorcycles 7
545 26x09 30/Nov/2011 San Diego: All the Wrong Moves 8
546 26x10 07/Dec/2011 San Diego: Camp Out, Drag Out, Sing Out 7
547 26x11 07/Dec/2011 San Diego: Tick, Tick, Cabo-oom! 8
548 26x12 14/Dec/2011 San Diego: An End to the Endless Summer 7
549 26x13 14/Dec/2011 San Diego: The @%!! They Should've Shown! 8
550 26x14 21/Dec/2011 Reunion Special 7

 Season 27(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
551 27x01 27/Jun/2012 Paradise Found 7
552 27x02 04/Jul/2012 99 Problems But the Beach Ain't One 8
553 27x03 11/Jul/2012 Roommates Become Bedmates 8
554 27x04 18/Jul/2012 To Pee or Not to Pee 8
555 27x05 25/Jul/2012 Clean Break 7
556 27x06 01/Aug/2012 Smells Like Green Spirits 8
557 27x07 08/Aug/2012 No Shirt, Boat Shoes, No Sanity 7
558 27x08 15/Aug/2012 Hurts So Good 8
559 27x09 22/Aug/2012 Who Done It? 7
560 27x10 29/Aug/2012 Of Vice and Men 8
561 27x11 05/Sep/2012 Should I Stay or Should I Blow 8
562 27x12 12/Sep/2012 Flyin' The Coop 8
563 27x13 12/Sep/2012 Reunion N/A

 Season 28(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
564 28x01 27/Mar/2013 Bondage, Butts, and Burlesque 8
565 28x02 03/Apr/2013 Hot Air Jordan 7
566 28x03 10/Apr/2013 Hot and Bothered 7
567 28x04 17/Apr/2013 New Chick, Little D*** 8
568 28x05 24/Apr/2013 I Wanted Romance Not No Pants 7
569 28x06 01/May/2013 How To Play The Game 8
570 28x07 08/May/2013 The A-Nia-lation Proclamation 8
571 28x08 15/May/2013 Pink Wigs, Pink Slips 7
572 28x09 22/May/2013 Heartbreak Hotel 7
573 28x10 29/May/2013 Sins of the Flesh (eaters) 7
574 28x11 05/Jun/2013 Welcome to the Sh*t Show! 8
575 28x12 05/Jun/2013 The S#!@ They Should've Shown 8
576 28x13 12/Jun/2013 Out With a Bang! 7
577 28x14 12/Jun/2013 Reunion 8

 Season 29(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
578 29x01 08/Jan/2014 Excess Baggage N/A
579 29x02 15/Jan/2014 A Numbers Game N/A
580 29x03 22/Jan/2014 The Departure N/A
581 29x04 29/Jan/2014 Ex-otic Encounters N/A
582 29x05 05/Feb/2014 Ex-Plosion N/A
583 29x06 19/Feb/2014 First Love Fools N/A
584 29x07 26/Feb/2014 The Test N/A
585 29x08 05/Mar/2014 Betrayed and Beatdown N/A
586 29x09 12/Mar/2014 Indecent Ex-posure N/A
587 29x10 19/Mar/2014 Burned to Ashes N/A
588 29x11 26/Mar/2014 It's Go Go Time N/A
589 29x12 02/Apr/2014 The Ex-odus N/A
590 29x13 02/Apr/2014 The S#!@ They Should've Shown N/A
591 29x14 09/Apr/2014 Reunion N/A

 Season 30(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
592 30x01 16/Dec/2014 Skeleton Keys N/A
593 30x02 23/Dec/2014 Love and Other Drugs N/A
594 30x03 30/Dec/2014 Three Way N/A
595 30x04 06/Jan/2015 Blast From The Past N/A
596 30x05 12/Jan/2015 Dirty Laundry N/A
597 30x06 20/Jan/2015 A Royal Nightmare N/A
598 30x07 27/Jan/2015 All the King's Women N/A
599 30x08 03/Feb/2015 Sarasota's Finest N/A
600 30x09 10/Feb/2015 Where's the Beef? N/A
601 30x10 17/Feb/2015 Brother in Arms N/A
602 30x11 24/Feb/2015 Breaking Mad N/A
603 30x12 03/Mar/2015 Wine and Roses N/A
604 30x13 10/Mar/2015 The Final Skeleton N/A

S16 - #129/Nov/2005Real World Reunion: Tex, Hugs & Rock 'n' RollN/A
S16 - #206/Dec/2005The S@#t They Should of ShownN/A
S17 - #321/Feb/2006Coral's Casting Couch: A First Look at the Real World Key WestN/A
S18 - #401/Nov/2006Real World: Denver - Launch SpecialN/A
S18 - #523/May/2007Real World XVIII Reunion7
S18 - #630/May/2007Real World XVIII S*#! They Should've Shown7
S19 - #701/Aug/2007Real World Sydney Casting SpecialN/A
S19 - #816/Jan/2008Real World XIX ReunionN/A
S21 - #904/Jan/2009Secrets RevealedN/A
S22 - #1009/Sep/2009The Sh*t They Should Have ShownN/A
S22 - #1116/Sep/2009Real World XXII Reunion7
S26 - #1230/Nov/2011San Diego: After Show 2609N/A
S28 - #1308/May/2013Aftershow7
S28 - #1415/May/2013Aftershow7

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Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: May 21, 1992
Episode Order: 14
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