Who's In Jail? - Recap

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Ring ring...who is it? Oh, it's Nehemiah and he is calling from jail! The documentary screening is just around the corner and the editor is behind bars. What is the gang to do? After hearing the news of Nehemiah's arrest Danny heads to the Travis County Justice Complex to gather some information on what happened. Danny returns later to tell the roommates that Nehemiah had gotten into a fight and his bond will be close to $2000. Rachel brings up the fact that the screening of their project is coming up and with Nehemiah in jail nothing is getting done.

Nehemiah finally gets through to the house and Danny organizes a way to get him out of jail by having the production front him his check. Rachel and Lacey rally around the project so that work will continue and they will meet their deadline. David, the gang's Instructor/Editor, pays them a visit and receives the bad news that Nehemiah is in the slammer. David has some doubts that the gang will be ready for their screening date, but the gang believes they can do it. Nehemiah returns to the house and explains he earned his trip to the pokey by hitting someone. Wes breaks it to him that he is possibly looking at another $4000 and up to a year in jail. After finding the guy he hit and apologizing, Nehemiah goes back to editing while the rest of the roomies are out partying. Wes returns home after a night of drinking and does what Wes does best, break stuff and cause trouble. Wes gets in Rachel's face after a confrontation over the phone and slaps her. Later, when he sobers up a bit, he cannot believe or remember the things he did that night.

Nehemiah finishes up the rest of the editing and the project is done. Time for the screening, and Wes and Nehemiah go to the viewing in their very best Dumb And Dumber-style tuxedos.