Goodbye Austin - Recap

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Mel takes Danny on a little romantic trip back to the spot where they first met and tells him she will go to Boston with him. Back at the house the packing starts. Wes and the gang reminisce about their first night at the house and all hope for a great last night out together as roomies.

At the bar, Wren comes up to Nehemiah and informs him that Wes is "this small," illustrating her point with her fingers. Wren then approaches Wes, slapping him and yelling at him for spreading rumors about their hook-up. Wes is steamed and storms off to find the snitch, who Danny confirms is Rachel. Wes tracks her down and berates her in front of the rest of the roommates. Nehemiah once again jumps into someone else's argument and causes the situation to escalate. It all ends with Rachel in tears. The final day comes and one by one each roomie heads off into the proverbial sunset.

First to go is Rachel. She leaves without saying goodbye to Wes or Nehemiah. Next to go is Nehemiah. He is not going very far, however, as he has to stay in Austin for his court date. Lacey's boyfriend Ryan shows up to surprise her. Wes leaves with a tearful hug from Johanna. Johanna leaves with a face streaked with tears. Danny and Mel do a final walk through the house, reminiscing. They then head off to the airport to say goodbye to Austin and hello to a life with each other.