Roomate Anxiety (2) - Recap

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All the roomies are leaving their homes and saying goodbye to their loved ones and heading for Key West but Hurricane Katrina has other plans and strands the cast in Miami. Most are without electricity as they wait the hurricane out to head for the house. The weather finally clears up and Tyler meets up with Svetlana and is immediately excited that she is Russian. The two take a small plane to the house and Svetlana is freaking out the whole way there about the ride. John, Zach and Janelle take a boat ride to get to the house while Jose picks Paula up in the house car. Jose and Paula arrive last and all the housemates realize how skinny she is and Paula had admitted in the opening that she "is a little bit bulimic." The group goes out to a local bar to have some fun and John tells Paula she would look better with ten to fifteen pounds on her. Paula is offended and leaves the bar and in a drunken slur talks to Zach about all her problems. Svetlana and Zach flirt and Svetlana talks to her boyfriend who tells her she better not let Zach touch her feet anymore comparing it to a girl touching his butt. John tries to do some cleaning in the kitchen and puts dish soap in the dish washer and it ends up spilling all over the floor and he makes no motion cleaning it up leaving it to Tyler. The roomies go out to another bar the next night and Paula is kinda acting weird towards John and later in the car ride home Paula says she is sick of hearing him talk and a whole fight breaks out between the two of them and eventually leads to Paula having a panic attack. All the roomies are worried about Paula and if she will even last in the house.