Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Sarah, a successful children's book editor, must go to her sister for help when she learns she is unable to have children. Sarah asks CoCo, her estranged and free-spirited younger sister, to be the surrogate mother to her child. Can the sisters put aside their differences in order to bring a child into the world?
Guest Stars: Dylan Blue as Aaron | Amy Hohn as Evelyn | Jasika Nicole as Dora

2 :01x02 - Frankenstein Baby

Coco decides to help her sister, packs up her belongings and moves into Sarah's loft. Meanwhile, Sarah must deal with a surprise visit from her mother and father, who both take a turn for the worst.
Guest Stars: Dylan Blue as Aaron | Amy Hohn as Evelyn | Jasika Nicole as Dora

3 :01x03 - Needles & Schlag

Sarah sets her sights on signing a 15-year-old child prodigy in order to get the rights to his new book and must go to great lengths to make a good impression the the boy. She tries to entice him with Knicks tickets, but soon finds that bed and bath items are more up his alley. Meanwhile, Sarah and Coco go to Coco's first visit in a long time to the gynecologist where Sarah finds out some of her sister's greatest fears.
Guest Stars: Dana Ivey as Molly | Renée Goldsberry as Paget | William Wiggins as Ethan | Erin Dilly as Rose | Dan Bakkedahl as Darryl | Maria Elena Ramirez as Nurse | Sol Miranda as Carmen | Ricky Garcia as Miguel | Lou Torres as Delivery Man
Director: Gail Mancuso

4 :01x04 - The Return of the Crazy Jackal Shillelagh Lady

Talia comes over visit Coco unexpectedly one too many times, leading Coco to get out of the loft and find a job. She lands a job walking a neighbor's dog, which gives her the idea to start a dog-walking empire. However, her idea falls apart when Sarah reports the neighbor to the co-op board for violating the no animal rule in the building. Later, feeling guilty, Sarah spends the night with Marcus, breaking one of their cardinal rules.
Guest Stars: Dianne Wiest as Talia | William Wiggins as Ethan McCormick | Amy Hohn as Evelyn | Andrew Dolan as Bob | Elliot Villar as Francis | William Hill (1) as Freddy | Ramsey Faragallah as Khalid

5 :01x05 - I'm With Blank

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Guest Stars: Renée Goldsberry as Paget
Director: Jody Margolin