Season 5

143 :05x01 - Waste (1)

Lucas, Micah and Mark are taken hostage by a gang of bandits.
Guest Stars: Vito Scotti as Alphonso | Alex Montoya as Ear Digger | Pepe Hern as Sleeper | Tony Rosa as Horse Teeth Looker | Sara Taft as Old Woman | Enid Jaynes as Pregnant Woman
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Writer: Robert Culp

144 :05x02 - Waste (2)

Lucas is able to break free from the bandits that are holding him hostage just in time to deliver a baby.
Guest Stars: Vito Scotti as Alphonso | Alex Montoya as Ear Digger | Pepe Hern as Sleeper | Tony Rosa as Horse Teeth Looker | Sara Taft as Old Woman | Enid Jaynes as Pregnant Woman
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Writer: Robert Culp

145 :05x03 - Lou Mallory

The townsmen are in awe when a beautiful woman buys the hotel.
Guest Stars: Conlan Carter as Haslim Jackman | Thom Carney as Moss Jackman | Mel Carter as Bo Jackman | Bill Quinn (1) as Bartender | Charles La Franchise as Eddie | Peter Whitney as Neb Jackman |
Uncredited: Michael Jeffers as Townsman
Director: Arnold Laven

146 :05x04 - Quiet Night, Deadly Night

Lucas and a wanted outlaw are quarantined in a hotel together.
Guest Stars: Ed Ames as Lee Coyle
Director: Arnold Laven

147 :05x05 - Death Never Rides Alone

A retired gunfighter decides to settle down in North Fork.
Guest Stars: Lee Van Cleef as Johnny Drako | Rex Holman as Billie Graves | Joe Higgins as Nils (Nils Swenson) | Bill Quinn (1) as Sweeney | Mel Carter as Mac Jones | John Rayborn as Red Evans |
Uncredited: Tom Kennedy (2) as Barfly | Buddy Roosevelt as Barfly
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

148 :05x06 - I Take This Woman

An Irishman woos Lou.
Special Guest Stars: Sean McClory as Dennis O'Flarrety |
Guest Stars: Joe Higgins as Nils (Nils Swenson) | Charles Cooper as Larsen
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

149 :05x07 - The Assailants

Lucas must race to stop an assassination plot.
Guest Stars: John Milford as Lt. Price | Steven Marlo as Sgt. Will | Joe Higgins as Nils (Nils Swenson) | Noam Pitlik as Trooper Dalt | William Bryant as Trooper Coley | Edward Platt as Senator Bordon (Jim BOrdon) | Henry Allin as Tom Burroughs | Benny Carle as Amos Blaine |
Uncredited: Tom Kennedy (2) as Townsman | Jimmy Noel as Townsman
Director: Arthur H. Nadel

150 :05x08 - Mark's Rifle

Mark becomes friends with Marty Blair, a front man for a traveling circus. However, the boy ends up at odds with Lucas when Lucas ends up shooting Marty during a hotel robbery. Marty claims he was an innocent bystander and Mark believes him... pitting father against son.
Guest Stars: Ralph Moody as Doc Burrage | Eddie Quillan as Angus Evans | Mark Goddard (1) as Marty Blair
Director: Arnold Laven

151 :05x09 - The Most Amazing Man

Legendary Wade Randall, the self-billed "Most Amazing Marksman the West Has Ever Known," arrives in North Fork. Mark idolizes the man... but when he ends up challenged to a gunfight, Lucas has to help him out when he learns Wade is better with his mouth than with a gun.
Special Guest Stars: Sammy Davis, Jr. as Wade Randall |
Guest Stars: Patrick Henry as Hardware Man | Richard Devon as Lovett
Director: Arthur H. Nadel
Writer: Robert Lewin

152 :05x10 - Squeeze Play

When a land speculator, Willard Prescott, tries to get Lucas to sell his farmland because the railroad wants to put a line through, Lucas refuses to sell. Prescott calls in some men to convince Lucas to change his mind.
Guest Stars: Gerald Mohr as Prescott (Willard Prescott) | Chris Alcaide as Dave Rankin | Henry Madden as Hal Spencer | Dean Fredericks as Phil Carver
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Writer: Ed Adamson

153 :05x11 - Gun Shy

After an accident, Mark becomes afraid of Lucas' gun.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Vantine |
Guest Stars: Bill Quinn (1) as Sweeney | Pat Goldin as Salesman (Finch) | Bobby Hall (1) as Minister (as Bob Hull) | Jay Nelson as Driver | Darryl Richard as Fred | Jimmy Carter (2) as Charlie |
Uncredited: Archie Butler as Townsman | Fred Carson as Posse Member | Tom Kennedy (2) as Stage Passenger
Director: Arthur H. Nadel
Story: Lois Myers | Teleplay: Cyril Hume

154 :05x12 - The Anvil Chorus

When Micah takes a trip out of town, he leaves blacksmith Nils in charge when Lucas isn't available because it's branding season. However, Nils soon decides to enforce a no-guns policy in North Fork, and some outlaws take advantage of it.
Guest Stars: Joe Higgins as Nils Swenson | Steven Marlo as Stagg | Norman Alden as Duff (as Norm Alden) | William Meigs as Sam Benson | Michael Harris (2) as Ed Bundy | Adam Williams as Cory Platt |
Uncredited: Joe E. Benson as Townsman | Olan Soule as Storekeeper
Director: Arnold Laven

155 :05x13 - Conflict

After Lucas misses an easy shot and puts Mark's life at risk, the Rifleman loses confidence in his abilities.
Guest Stars: Ralph Moody as Doc Burrage | Eddie Quillan as Angus Evans | Rhodes Reason as Ben Kendrick
Director: Arthur H. Nadel
Writer: Ed Adamson

156 :05x14 - Incident at Line Shack Six

An Indian, John Wing, is wanted for a murder at a railroad camp. Lucas protects John, believing in his innocence, but railway boss Gangling and his men soon capture John and have the authority to put him on trial. Lucas will hang with John if he's found guilty... and Gangling is the killer.
Guest Stars: Paul Mantee as Johnny Wing | Raymond Guth as Charlie Breen | Claude Hall as Jeb Croton | Ray Kellogg as Vale Croton | Dale Wright as Dave Croton | John Anderson as Gangling (John Gangling)
Director: Arnold Laven

157 :05x15 - Suspicion

A sign painter is accused of murder.
Guest Stars: Joe Higgins as Nils Swenson | Kevin McCarthy as Winslow Quince | William Fawcett as Pyrite Rand
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Writer: Jay Simms

158 :05x16 - The Sidewinder

Mark is threatened by a young boy.
Guest Stars: Joe Higgins as Nils Swenson | William Hughes (1) as Gridley Mau
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Writer: Robert Lewin

159 :05x17 - The Sixteenth Cousin

When a Japanese man arrives in North Fork to visit, he is hounded by townspeople.
Guest Stars: Charles Maxwell as Gus Torpin | Paul Sorenson as Vic Adler | Vito Scotti as Soto | John Fujioka as Hikaru Yamanaka (as John Mamo) |
Uncredited: Archie Butler as Barfly
Director: Arthur H. Nadel

160 :05x18 - Hostages to Fortune

Lucas is worried when he hears rumors that Mark may be running with a gang of rustlers. He's unaware that two rustlers are using children's Halloween masks to conceal their identities, and renting a gullible Englishman's barn to store the stolen cattle.
Guest Stars: Maurice Dallimore as Bullock (Percy Bullock Sr.) | I. Stanford Jolley as Joe (Joe Bulgutch) | Paul Mazursky as Sylvester (Sylvester Bulgutch) | Rusty Stevens as Melvin | Andy Martin as Man | Dan White (1) as Old Rancher (Russell) | Tony Haig as Percy (Percy Bullock Jr.)
Director: Arthur H. Nadel
Writer: Cyril Hume

161 :05x19 - And the Devil Makes Five

Lucas and Mark help Micah transfer a prisoner. However, when a rattlesnake crawls into Lucas' blanket, Mark and Micah have to make a deal with the prisoner, the only one who can save Lucas.
Special Guest Stars: Lonny Chapman as Scully Potter
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

162 :05x20 - End of the Hunt

Micah locks Lucas up for his own good when a man who shot Lucas in the back years ago and tried to take his wife arrives in North Fork. Meanwhile, Mark goes hunting for a near-legendary stag but discovers that his prey isn't what he expected.
Special Guest Stars: Jeff Morrow as Reef Jackson |
Guest Stars: K.T. Stevens as Granny Mede | Joe Higgins as Nils Swenson | John C. Gilbert as Boy | Harry Finley as Harvey
Director: Arthur H. Nadel
Writer: Jay Simms

163 :05x21 - The Bullet

Lucas finds a bullet and presents it as evidence at a convict's hearing.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Griff | Harold Stone as The Marshal |
Guest Stars: Gene Tyburn as Deputy (Ben) | Dal McKennon as Judge Hopkins | Norman Leavitt as Hotel Clerk | Harry Lauter as Hired Gun | Regis Parton as Victim (as Reg Parton) | Asa Maynor as Molly
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

164 :05x22 - Requiem at Mission Springs

Mark's legs are paralyzed following a devastating accident.
Guest Stars: Dean Fredericks as Rance | George Lindsey as The Dove | Dal Jenkins as Smiley | Ralph Moody as Doc Burrage | Joe E. Benson as Prison Guard
Director: Arthur H. Nadel

165 :05x23 - The Guest

Lucas and Mark's new friend is a killer for hire who has taken a job to dispose of Lucas.
Special Guest Stars: Cesare Danova as Mario (Mario Rosati) |
Guest Stars: Walter Sande as Ralph (Ralph Hayden)
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Writer: Ed Adamson

166 :05x24 - Old Man Running (aka The Wanted Man)

When an old man running from the law asks Lucas for help, Lucas orders him away at gunpoint.
Guest Stars: Adam Williams as Jeb Sherman | Rex Holman as Bob Sherman | Arthur Batanides as Littleboy Sherman | Joe Higgins as Nils (Nils Swenson) | John Anderson as Sam Gibbs (Samuel E. Gibbs)
Director: Arthur H. Nadel

167 :05x25 - Which Way'd They Go?

Lucas' help is needed when a group of lawmen have difficulty capturing a gang of outlaws.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Neb Jackman |
Guest Stars: Conlan Carter as Haslam Jackman | Mickey Manners as Moss Jackman | John Craig (2) as Bo Jackman | Beatrice Kay as Goldie Drain | Dal McKennon as Judge Moze | Leo Gordon as Stack Wade | Vito Scotti as Marcello Chabini
Director: Arthur H. Nadel

168 :05x26 - Old Tony

A recluse is the only one who can save Lucas and Mark when they get caught up in quicksand.
Guest Stars: Karen Sue Trent as Lorrie | Martin Kosleck as Joe (Joe Stanic) | Stefan Schnabel as Old Tony
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1958
Ended: July 01, 1963
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