Season 3

77 :03x01 - Trail of Hate

Robbers hold Mark hostage at the farm in order to convince Lucas to ride into town and help them rob a bank. When Mark is injured, Lucas swears vengeance and rides off after them.
Guest Stars: Harold Stone as Benjamin Stark (as Harold J. Stone) | Marc Lawrence (1) as Cougar | Harvey Johnson as Noley Stark | Jack Kruschen as Doc Burrage | Harlan Warde as Hamilton (John Hamilton) |
Uncredited: Joe E. Benson as Horse Owner
Director: Arnold Laven

78 :03x02 - Woman From Hog Ridge

The family matriarch of the local mountain people wants revenge after one of her sons are killed... and Lucas is the one who killed him during a robbery.
Guest Stars: Dee J. Thompson as Ma Boyle | Jan Stine as Johnny Boyle | Lane Bradford as Martin (Martin Boyle) | James Hurst (3) as Sylvester (Sylvester Boyle, as Jim Hurt) | Bill Quinn (1) as Sweeney | Robert F. Hoy as Lester Boyle (as Robert Hoy) | Charles Tannen as Storekeeper |
Uncredited: Danny Borzage as Boyle Clanman | Jack Kenny (2) as Boyle Clanman | Archie Butler as Townsman

79 :03x03 - Seven

Lucas is taken hostage after seven convicted murderers conduct a jail break and flee to North Fork.
Guest Stars: Bing Russell as Sanchez | Helen Beverly as May Sweeney | Hal John Norman as Frost | Hope Summers as Hattie (Hattie Denton) | Bill Quinn (1) as Sweeney | Don McGowan as Dorf |
Uncredited: Joe E. Benson as Prisoner | Robert Bice as Prison Official | Archie Butler as Prisoner | John Cliff as Prison Guard | Paul Sorenson as Prison Guard | Max Wagner as Prison Gibbons
Director: Ted Post

80 :03x04 - The Pitchman

A con man and his son are after Lucas' mineral rights.
Guest Stars: Danny Richards, Jr. as Swifty Sullivan | John Milford as Marsh Watson | Paul Wexler as Cleek Watson | Bob Sweeney as Speed Sullivan
Director: John Rich (1)
Writer: Jay Simms

81 :03x05 - Strange Town

Lucas must go up against a town in order to retrieve a prisoner.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Ott Droshek |
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Marshall Truce | Milton Parsons as Old Man | Joe Higgins as Bartender | Claude Akins as Bletch Droshek
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

82 :03x06 - Baranca

Lucas goes after a notorious bandit.
Special Guest Stars: Cesare Danova as Baranca |
Guest Stars: John Milford as Hadley (Bro Hadley) | Jack Kruschen as Doc Burrage | Bill Quinn (1) as Sweeney | Linda Dangcil as Mrs. Sanchez | Henry Amargo as Juan
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

83 :03x07 - The Martinet

An Army captain rides to North Fork to look for the man who killed one of his sons: Lucas McCain.
Guest Stars: John Hoyt as Captain Josiah Perry | Don Dubbins as Berry | Richard Alexander (1) as Swensen
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

84 :03x08 - Miss Milly

North Fork's new store owner decides to collect all of the money the townspeople owe and ends up hiring a shady newcomer to collect.
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | Warren Oates as Marty Ryan (as Warren M. Oates) | Michael Fox as Jim Oxford | Charles Tannen as Mr. Penn | Richard Devon as Jack Adams
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

85 :03x09 - Dead Cold Cash

A widow puts up $100,000 reward for Lucas' death.
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | Steve Darrell as Eli Benson | Chris Alcaide as Ben Casper | Harlan Warde as John Hamilton | Ed Nelson as Stacey (Stacey Beldon)
Director: Dick Moder

86 :03x10 - The Schoolmaster

Mark and a school friend become trapped in a mine.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Fields (1) as Billy Davis | Pamela Cole as Sally | Arnold Moss as Stevan Griswald
Director: Arthur Hiller

87 :03x11 - The Promoter

A conman makes money off a slow-witted farmboy with lightning reflexes: he provokes fights and bets on his boy. However, he makes a mistake when he picks Lucas for the next fight.
Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Jack Scully | Ollie O'Toole as John Crabtree | Robert F. Hoy as Dabbs (as Robert Hoy) | Jack Lester as Black Hat Murphy | Denny Miller as Reuben Miles
Director: Dick Moder

88 :03x12 - The Illustrator

An alcoholic painter is accused of murder.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Whorf as Jeremiah Crowley |
Guest Stars: Midge Ware as Hannah Shaw | Dayton Lummis as Jake Shaw | Ed Nelson as Ben Travis | Bill Quinn (1) as Sweeney | Joseph V. Perry as Tanner
Director: Don Medford
Story: Ken Kolb | Teleplay: Robert Mark

89 :03x13 - The Silent Knife

A mute Indian steals from a stagecoach to get revenge on the townspeople who hate him.
Guest Stars: Brad Weston as Mark C | Robert Williams (1) as Harrison (as Robert B. Williams) | Bill Quinn (1) as Sweeney | James Chandler as Harvey Andrews | Wallace Earl as Myrtle (as Amanda Ames) | Richard Devon as Ben Macowan
Director: Don Medford

90 :03x14 - Miss Bertie

An elderly lady, Miss Bertie, sets out to catch a bandit.
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | Leonard Stone as Gambler | Bill Quinn (1) as Bartender (Sweeney) | Richard Anderson as Duke Jennings | Agnes Moorehead as Miss Bertie (Bertie Olcum) |
Uncredited: Glenn Strange as Stagecoach Driver
Director: James Clavell

91 :03x15 - Six Years and a Day

Lucas helps an alcoholic doctor regain his dignity.
Guest Stars: John Larch as Jack Cooke | James Gavin as Marston (Lee Marston) | Ron Hayes as Bruce | Regina Gleason as Sarah (Sarah Marston) | Ralph Moody as Dr. Burrage (as Ralph R. Moody) | Hal K. Dawson as Hannaberry
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: Peter Arends

92 :03x16 - Flowers by the Door

Lucas believes a book salesman is a murderer.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Jason Gowdy |
Guest Stars: Jean Allison as Woman | Patricia Breslin as Cora Seevers
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

93 :03x17 - Long Trek

Lucas and Micah have to relocate a prisoner, but have a hard time doing so.
Guest Stars: Lonny Chapman as Stanley

94 :03x18 - The Actress

A dying man's last request is for Lucas to bring him his wife.
Guest Stars: Morris Ankrum as Jacob Black | Ralph Moody as Doc Burrage (as Ralph R. Moody) | Charles Tannen as Carson | Herb Armstrong as Clerk | Joe E. Benson as Mills | Diana Millay as Elizabeth Garrett Black |
Uncredited: Archie Butler as Buckboard Driver | Kathleen Mulqueen as Old Landlady
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Story: Chuck Connors | Teleplay: Lawrence Dobkin

95 :03x19 - Face of Yesterday

Lucas must face the son of a man he killed during the war.
Special Guest Stars: Ben Cooper as Simon Lee |
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | John Anderson as Hank Clay | K.T. Stevens as Nancy Clay | Bill Quinn (1) as Bartender (Sweeney)
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

96 :03x20 - The Wyoming Story (1)

When the herd is wiped out by hoof-and-mouth disease, Lucas needs money and goes undercover in Wyoming as a federal agent to find a murderer.
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | Kent Taylor as McKee (Forbes McKee) | Russell Thorson as Marshal (Marshal Gene Burks) | Enid Jaynes as Aggie (as Enid Janes) | Chris Alcaide as Ross | Dabbs Greer as Finny
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

97 :03x21 - The Wyoming Story (2)

While Lucas continues searching for the men selling repeating rifles to Indian renegades, Mark tries to deal with life without his father.
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | Kent Taylor as McKee (Forbes McKee) | Russell Thorson as Marshal (Marshal Gene Burks) | Enid Jaynes as Aggie (as Enid Janes) | Chris Alcaide as Ross | Dabbs Greer as Finny |
Uncredited: Joe Higgins as Rafe
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

98 :03x22 - Closer than a Brother

Micah snaps at Lucas and gives him his badge, claiming that Lucas has been undermining him for years. He soon goes back to his hard-drinking ways. However, Lucas soon discovers that Micah is cracking because the gunslinger that drove him to cowardice and drink the first time is returning to North Fork.
Guest Stars: Rex Ingram as Thaddeus | Berry Kroeger as Ansel Bain | Kelly Thordsen as Truelove (Harker M. Truelove) | Bill Quinn (1) as Sweeney | Jack Wells as Mr. Carpenter
Director: Joseph H. Lewis
Writer: Cyril Hume

99 :03x23 - The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town

Micah, Lucas, and Mark investigate a 20-year-old mystery.
Guest Stars: Robert Foulk as Herbert (Herbert Newman) | William Fawcett as Mr. Newman | Mickey Finn as James Newman |
Uncredited: Mike Barger as Bartender
Director: Don Taylor (1)

100 :03x24 - Dark Day at North Fork

After being rendered temporarily blind, Lucas must take part in a gunfight.
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | Ralph Moody as Doc Burrage (as Ralph R. Moody) | John Milford as Jack Solby | Joe Higgins as Nils
Director: Paul Landres

101 :03x25 - The Prisoner

Two former Confederate POWs take Lucas prisoner and plot revenge for his role in their captivity during the Civil War.
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | Adam Williams as Troc | John Dehner as Major Aaron King |
Uncredited: Bill Quinn (1) as Sweeney
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

102 :03x26 - Assault

Lucas' friend, traveling salesman Speed Sullivan, returns to North Fork and ends up accused of assaulting a woman.
Special Guest Stars: Bob Sweeney as Speed Sullivan |
Guest Stars: Linda Lawson as Vashti Croxton | Danny Richards, Jr. as Swifty (Swifty Sullivan) | King Calder as King Croxton | Med Flory as Thess Croxton (as Meb Florey) | Paul Mantee as Cade Conway
Director: Ida Lupino
Writer: Jay Simms

103 :03x27 - Short Rope for a Tall Man

Lucas unknowingly buys stolen horses and faces hanging for doing so.
Guest Stars: Hal Baylor as Charlie Crown | Norman Leavitt as Jephtha Docking | Charlie Briggs as Artie Quint (as Charles Briggs) | William Schallert as Joe Lovering | Bert Freed as Ben Crown |
Uncredited: Joe Higgins as Jenry Schneider
Director: Paul Landres
Writer: Tom Gries

104 :03x28 - The Clarence Bibs Story

A janitor accidentally kills a gunfighter, and the man's partner comes looking for revenge.
Special Guest Stars: Buddy Hackett as Clarence Bibs |
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | Denver Pyle as George Tanner | Lee Van Cleef as Wicks | John Milford as Reade | X Brands as Longden
Director: David Friedkin

105 :03x29 - The Score is Even

After being wounded, Lucas heads out to bring robbers to justice.
Guest Stars: Adam Williams as Jax | Kelly Thordsen as Andy | Joe E. Benson as Merar (as Joe Benson)

106 :03x30 - The Mescalaro Curse

A Mescalaro Indian puts a curse on the jury foreman that he holds responsible for his son's death: Lucas McCain. A ghostly horseman soon rides the ranges, and two men die after crossing paths with him.
Guest Stars: Ralph Moody as Doctor Burrage | Charles Watts as Joe Beaseley | Larry Chance as Lobo | Jackie Searl as Tom (as Jack Searl) | Joe Brown (3) as Jake | Michael Pate as Mogollan
Director: Jesse Hibbs

107 :03x31 - Stopover

A stage coach is stranded at the McCain ranch during a snowstorm.
Guest Stars: Adam West as Rolf (Christopher Rolf) | Gordon James as Medford | Joe Higgins as Scotty | Bethel Leslie as Tess
Director: Budd Boetticher

108 :03x32 - The Lonesome Bride

Lucas' name is submitted to a matchmaker.
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | Kay E. Kuter as Charv Banner | Lincoln Demyan as Kelly Banner | Bill Quinn (1) as Sweeney | Joan Shawlee as Mary Woodson
Director: Otto Lang

109 :03x33 - Death Trap

A doctor is threatened to not help save a man.
Special Guest Stars: Philip Carey as Dr. Simon Battle | Gigi Perreau as Carrie Battle |
Guest Stars: Hank Stohl as Britt | John Pickard (2) as Stacey | Larry Perron as Sag | William Kendis as Stark | Steve Pendleton as Ben Johnson | James Drury as Spicer
Director: Arnold Laven

110 :03x34 - The Queue

A bigot tries to intimidate a Chinese man and his son who arrive in North Fork.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Vince Fergus |
Guest Stars: Joan Taylor as Milly Scott | Victor Sen Yung as Wang Chi | Dick Kay Hong as Wang Lee | Pat Close as Noah Fergus | Paul Wexler as Les Foster |
Uncredited: Joe E. Benson as Bartender | Kathy Garver as Amy - Waitress | Tom Smith (2) as Patron in Restaurant
Director: James Clavell
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1958
Ended: July 01, 1963
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