Peaches - Recap

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Day 22: The Amazon

Aboard the Magus, Jonas shows the others Emmet’s route along the Boiúna to the Sahte Falls, where the TV host believed that he would find people that could show him where The Source was. While Tess focuses on Emmet, Lena reminds her and the others that they’re also looking for her father Russ as well as the other crew.

Clark interviews Lena and asks her why she plays the accordion. She explains that Russ taught her, and she dwells on how people forget about him and focus on Emmet. Clark asks her what she thought was the greatest thing about Russ and she’s unable to come up with something on the spot, but finally remember how he would call her Peaches and teach her to cheat at poker. Focusing on the present, Lena insists that they’ll find her father.

Tess is forced to slow the ship down as the fog closes in. She finally has everyone come up on deck and man the spotlights so that they can navigate. Lena watches on one side and Jonas comes over and admits that Russ was a hero to him. She thanks him for remembering her father when everyone else is focused on Emmet.

Jahel brings coffee to Lincoln, who has noticed Lena and Jonas talking. She figures that Lincoln has feelings for Lena even if he won’t admit it and smiles knowingly at him. Meanwhile, Kurt spots a ship coming toward them through the fog. They try to signal it with the horn and the flares, but the ship continues on a collision course with the Magus. It finally brushes against the side of the Magus, running them aground, and then disappears into the fog.

Day 23

Emilio informs the others that the Magus is damaged and they’re stranded until they can repair the engine. However, they don’t have the parts necessary. While Tess sends out a SOS, Emilio and Jahel make what repairs that they can. Tess stays on the radio, rebuffing Lena’s attempts to fill in. The next morning, Clark and AJ go out on the Zodiac to get footage of the stranded ship, while Jonas reviews the footage of Emmet’s expedition. He finally calls in Lena and shows her some footage of her father, Russ. He left her a message telling her daughter to find something she loves to do and then get someone to pay for it, and wishes her well. Jonas leaves her alone and Lincoln comes by and sees Lena crying, and leaves her to her grief.

Twelve hours later, Tess is still manning the radio without a break. Lincoln argues with Kurt that they need to continue on in the Zodiacs rather than waste more time and put Emmet in greater danger. Kurt disagrees, warning that it will take four days by boat to get to Sahte territory. Another ship, the Exodus, finally responds to Tess’ Mayday. They have a crew of four: Patrick, Annabelle, Malosi, and Soup. They assure the Magus crew that they have parts and come over on their own Zodiac. Their captain, Patrick, tells them that they are environmentalists and have been tracking down illegal loggers. Soup and Malosi bring over some parts and Emilio finds the gear wheel that they need. He glances nervously at the newcomers and tells Jahel to stay near him.

In the wheelhouse, Patrick and Annabelle meet with the others and get an explanation of what happened. Patrick warns that Emmet is unlikely to have survived after six months and they haven’t seen anyone on their travels. Tess thanks them for their help and asks them to join the crew for dinner.

Jonas tries to interview Lena on camera about her relationship with Lincoln, suggesting that they had sex while they were teenagers aboard the Magus. She refuses to discuss it and suggests that he get footage of the Exodus, and they see someone moving inside of a porthole on the other ship. Since Patrick claimed there are only four of them and they’re all aboard the Magus, Lena and Jonas wonder who else might be over there.

The crew goes to the mess room and shares several bottles of bourbon, and Annabelle and Patrick explain that they met when they were helping defend a tribe that was being driven out by a construction crew. Patrick excuses himself to go to the head while Annabelle, who is making dinner, burns herself on the stove. The suspicious Kurt figures that Patrick is up to something and goes to the monitor room to track him. He sees Patrick meet with Malosi, and the latter wants to capture the Magus crew immediately. Patrick refuses, saying that it could be messy and that they have to capture the crew alive and get them over to the Exodus.

Five days earlier, Clark talks to Kurt and questions whether he really wants to find Emmet. Kurt insists that he does, but admits that he was trained to maintain a professional detachment. Clark suggests that he may have other commitments and Kurt angrily tells him that his only obligation is to the safety of the crew.

Kurt gets his gun and prepares for action. Meanwhile, Patrick and Malosi go to the mess and start drinking again, making sure that Clark and AJ drink most of the bourbon. While Emilio and Jahel put in the new part, Jonas and Lena decide to go over to the Exodus and see who else is onboard.

The guys start playing cards and Soup and Malosi ask Lincoln if Lena is his girlfriend. He stumbles and says that she isn’t. Meanwhile, Annabelle talks to Tess and expresses her admiration for her strength of character, and says that Emmet is a lucky man to have her. Kurt approaches Patrick and asks him to come to the wheelhouse with him to map out a refueling route.

Lena and Jonas board the Exodus and start exploring. They hear someone moving below and go down to investigate, and they found a barred room.

On the Magus, Kurt grabs Patrick and throws him into his cabin. He draws his gun and tells Patrick that he and his crew should quietly leave now. Patrick insists that they’re innocent but Kurt slams him into the wall and gives him one last chance. Smiling, Patrick comes after Kurt, who shoots him in the chest and blasts him to the ground. When Kurt goes to examine the body, Patrick reaches up and grabs him.

Lena and Jonas finally get into the chamber and discover... Russ Landry, chained to the wall. When she goes to hug him, Russ tells her to go and then yells at someone to let Lena go. Someone tosses Kurt in and bars the door from the outside, and Russ screams that they can’t have Lena.

Soup comes down to see Jahel by herself and flirts with her. He invites her back to his room on the Exodus and she starts to consider it, but then backs out. When Emilio comes in, Soup backs off and runs up to the deck.

Russ tells Lena, Kurt, and Jonas that Patrick and the others are ghosts. They picked him up when he was stranded in the jungle after being separated from Emmet. The Exodus is a ghost ship, and the crew can’t leave until they find someone to replace each of them. If they’re not off by sunrise, then they’re cursed to spend eternity on the ship until they find someone to replace them. Russ points out that there are now three Magus crew on the ghost ship, and that the ghostly crew need one more.

Tess and Annabelle talk privately and Tess admits that she’s worried that Emmet may have lost himself in the Amazon. Annabelle sympathizes, saying that the Boiúna has a way of changing people and making them do things that they never thought were possible. She studies the hand-drawn map of the Boiúna and tells Tess that they have actual maps aboard the Exodus. Annabelle offers to take Tess over to see them and Tess agrees. They go out past Clark and AJ, who are all but passed out from drinking. Clark offers to go with them but Tess tells him to sober up because they may need him to film in the morning. Meanwhile, Annabelle tells Soup to tell Patrick and Malosi that she’s bringing Tess over.

Clark goes downstairs and Lincoln runs in to him. He wonders where Lena and Jonas are, and Clark suggests that they’ve gone off on their own and don’t want to be found.

Once they board the Exodus, Annabelle takes Tess inside and locks the door behind them. Tess examines the ship and realizes that its decades old. Annabelle apologizes, reminding her that the Boiúna changes people... including herself. Patrick, Soup, and Malosi come in and they all transform, revealing skull-like faces.

Lincoln confirms that Kurt is gone and finds his gun. He tells Clark and AJ that they are in trouble and then hear the Exodus start up. They look to the ship and realize that it’s departing.

Tess is tossed in with the other prisoners. She asks Russ if Emmet is there and he explains that they were separated in the jungle. They realize that the ship is turning and Kurt figures that the ghosts will run east to avoid the rising sun.

Since Emilio and Jahel are still working on the engines, Lincoln decides to leave with Clark on the Zodiac and pursue the Exodus.

Jonas realizes that they can use his camera to transmit back to the monitor room on the Magus and let the others know where they are. Kurt hammers at the door, trying to make a big enough gap for the signal to go through. Meanwhile, Russ explains what happened between him and Emmet.

Six months earlier, Emmet became obsessed with the Source and left the ship for extended periods of time, vanishing out of his cabin. When the Magus becomes trapped, Emmet insisted on going to Sahte Falls on foot. Russ refused but Emmet insists that they are facing their last and greatest test, and tells Russ to get strong or get out of the way.

With ten minutes until sunrise, Jonas finally connects with the equipment in the monitor room and Lena sends a message asking for help. Lincoln is outside the room and fails to hear Lena on the monitors, and leaves with Clark on the Zodiac, hoping that they can find the Exodus despite the fact that they don’t know where it went.

Kurt tries to break the door down and they realize that the Exodus has stopped.

Jahel goes to the mess room to get some steel wool for her father, and hears Lena on the monitors. She then calls Lincoln on the radio and tells him where he can find the Exodus, and warns him that he has to get there by sunrise. She tells him to take flares to deal with the ghosts. As Clark and Lincoln approach the ghost ship, they don’t see the crew on the deck.

Inside, Kurt breaks down the door and he and the others escape. They get to the deck just as the four ghosts confront Clark and Lincoln as they board. Both men open fires but the bullets have no effect. Kurt remembers Annabelle burning her arm on the stove earlier and tells Lincoln and Clark to use the flares. They use one on Malosi, turning his ghost into ashes in a matter of seconds. They drive the other ghosts back below decks and lock the doors, and the flames from the flares set the Exodus on fire. Lena tries to pull Russ along, but he tells her that he is the fifth ghost aboard the ship and is as trapped as the others. Russ thanks Lena for freeing him so that he can move on, and tells her to live her life. Lincoln pulls Lena into the Zodiac and they pull away as Russ burns with the Exodus.

Young Lena plays cards with her father and beats him. He realizes that she was cheating and congratulates her, telling Peaches that he’ll always love her.