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Doctor Emmet Cole - Recap

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Day 28: The Amazon

Lincoln watches as Lena sits on the deck alone, contemplating the discovery that her father Russ is dead. He goes back to the wheelroom and tells Tess that they should stop in their hunt for Emmet to radio to have a helicopter pick Lena up. Lena comes in and insists that they continue on to Sahte Falls to find their father now that she has lost hers.

Day 29

The crew makes their way to Sahte Falls through the jungle, and Tess wonders if they should have sent Lena back after all. Lincoln says that he can understand Lena having to deal with her father’s death, but that he had to deal with it six months ago. Now that they believe Emmet may be alive, he’s not sure how to take it. His mother tells him that she’ll be glad to have Emmet back no matter what has happened to him.

At Sahte Falls, everyone searches for signs of Emmet’s presence. They find his penknife and Russ’ camera bag in the water. They take the video back to the Magus and Clark and Jonas put together the footage. Once they’ve seen some of it, they warn Tess that she may not want to see it. Tess insists and goes into the monitor room along with the rest of the crew. Clark then begins playing the recovered footage.


Russ, Rabbit, and Manny are waiting for Emmet to return. In his cabin, Emmet’s body is seated on a bunk. A dragonfly soars in and enters the body’s mouth, and Emmet transfers his spirit back into his body. Laughing, he records a message to Lena saying that he knows they’re near Sahte Falls and that while he was out, he heard part of a song. He writes down the notes and shows them to the camera, asking Lena to use the music databases and identify it if she can.

Emmet then finds the others and tells them to pack because they’re leaving via the Zodiac. Russ points out that they’re almost out of gas and that they’ve lost half their crew, but Emmet insists that they’re still alive and they are approaching the river’s last test. When he tells Russ that his daughter would be ashamed of him for backing down, Russ angrily punches him for involving his family. As they struggle, Emmet says that Lena is in the situation because she’s marked for it. When Manny breaks them apart, Emmet says that he’s going. He gets in the Zodiac along with the ship’s dog, Salsa. After a few moments, Rabbit and Manny join him, eager to see the magic. They leave while Russ watches them from the deck.


Lena tells the others that Emmet never sent her the footage, and that she doesn’t know what Emmet meant when he said she was “marked for it.”


The trio leaves the boat and travel into the jungle. Emmet finds scratches on the trees and explains that the Xulos are a local tribe that is reputed to have magical powers of healing and consider themselves angels. He believes that the tribe can lead them to the Source so that they can see it and show the world what they’ve found. The wind picks up and makes a strange whistling sound like the music that Emmet heard earlier. He smiles and says that they’re getting closer.

When the trio makes camp for the night, they gather bugs to preserve their rations. While Manny beds down, Rabbit sits with Emmet and admits that she has a schoolgirl crush on him. She takes his hand but Emmet gently pulls his hand away and explains even though he and Tess may be separated, he doesn’t consider them separated in his heart.

When Emmet is unable to sleep, he records himself and then hears the music again. Salsa runs off into the woods and Emmet and the others follow. They find the skinned pelt of a monkey and then the monkey itself, killed and hung up from a branch.

The next day, Manny worries that someone—or something--is stalking them. Emmet explains that the monkey was a guardian spirit, Il Tunchi, and that it was trying to scare them off the path to the Source. Manny realizes that the spirit stole their rations.


Jahel pauses the video and warns the others that Il Tunchi is a she-demon, not a guardian spirit. She tells the others not to watch because Il Tunchi kills rather than scares. Lena goes out in the hallway, crying, and Jonas follows her. She admits that she doesn’t know what Emmet meant when he said that she was marked, and asks if Jonas can keep a secret. When he says that he can, Lena tells him that she was the one who set off Emmet’s beacon, hoping that everyone would come to find him because no one was interested in finding Russ. Now she realizes that everyone will watch Emmet die because she was wrong.


The trio continues through the jungle on their journey. When they stop for a break, Emmet tells Rabbit that he was glad to settle down when Tess became pregnant with their first child, Alice. But when she died, Emmet was stricken. Tess got over it and convinced him to start filming his adventures again and then she sent the footage to a local affiliate. Because of that, Emmet became himself again and they had Lincoln a year later.

The wind begins whistling again and something moves toward the group out of the bushes. The trio runs for it but Manny and Salsa get separated from the others. Emmet and Rabbit hide inside of a grove of trees and wait until Il Tunchi leaves. As night falls, they go back to look for Manny and find him skinned and hanging from a tree. The demon returns and Emmet and Rabbit hide again. As Il Tunchi approaches them, Emmet tries to get the song out of his head and finally whistles it. The demon pauses and then leaves, and Emmet realizes that the song was a riddle and they had to give it to Il Tunchi to get it to leave. Rabbit is desperate to leave, but Emmet says that it’s another test and that they’re close now. The woman considers and then agrees to continue on their trek.

However, the next morning Emmet discovers that Rabbit has left and taken most of the survival gear with her. Only a few items remain, including a sat phone, and Emmet calculates that he can get to Sahte Falls in 16 days if he keeps moving and if he doesn’t starve first.

Moving through the jungle, Emmet continues to follow the Xulos markings. Each time Il Tunchi approaches, Emmet whistles the music back to it to drove it off. That night, Emmet tries to start a fire but fails. Salsa catches up to his master, who admits that things aren’t going well Emmet concentrates and then calls upon the magic, creating a handful of fire which he uses to start a fire to keep himself alive.

The next day, Emmet continues his voyage while harvesting what food he can from the plants and insects. He talks about he misses Alice and wishes that he could see her again. After drinking river water, Emmet becomes increasingly feverish and realizes that he’s running low on calories. He makes camp for the night and then uses the sat phone to call Lincoln. Lincoln is preparing to give a hall lecture and sounds distracted, and Emmet refuses to tell him what he’s going through. After a minute of vague conversation, Lincoln says that he has to go and hangs up.


Shocked and guilty, Lincoln goes to the necklace and remembers his father giving him the necklace with the symbol, saying that he was strong enough to carry it. Tess comes to see him and Lincoln blames himself for not being there when his father needed him. He tells her that he knew Emmet was calling from the incoming phone number and tried to ignore the call, figuring that they’d juts have another fight. Now he remembers the good times when he was a child and adventured with his father. Sadly Lincoln tells his mother that Emmet would have been better if he hadn’t taken the call.

Lena goes to her cabin and uses mirrors to try to find the mark on her body. She finally discovers the symbol on the back of her neck.

When Tess goes back to the monitor bay, Clark says that perhaps she should let him review the footage first, but Tess insists on watching it.


A feverish Emmet has lost all track of time and is unable to sleep because he has to keep whistling off Il Tunchi. He spots a mango tree and tries to climb up to get the fruit, but falls and breaks his ankle. Unable to get to Sahte Falls, Emmet tries to get to the river but finally collapses from fever and hunger. Salsa sits with him and Emmet realizes that to survive, he will have to kill his dog. Sobbing, Emmet takes out a knife and prepares to cut its throat, but finally lets the dog go. Addressing the camera, Emmet tells Lincoln and Tess that he should never have left and thrown away his beautiful life. He asks Tess to forgive him for leaving, and the whistling starts up. Emmet tries to whistle back but is too weak to succeed.


Tess pauses the footage and asks everyone but Lincoln to leave so that they can watch it together.


Il Tunchi approaches and Emmet passes out. The plant life comes to life and wraps around Emmet, and Xulos tribesmen approach him. They pick him up and take him to a fenced-in outpost in the middle of the jungle, and leave him on the edge of the camp.

The camera goes out and Lincoln and Tess realize that Emmet is alive and is somewhere safe. The crew enters the jungle again and uses the mountains in the footage to pinpoint Emmet’s location. They arrive at the outpost... but discover that it’s seemingly deserted with no signs of life.