Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Recap

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The Past

In their cabin aboard the Magus, young Lena complains to Lincoln that she can’t get to sleep. She gets into the lower bunk with him and asks him to sing, and Lincoln starts singing, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

Day 35

Clark does a series of interviews.

Clark plans to head home, produce the show, and give everyone a happy ending. He then watches the camera in Tess’ cabin, where she is lying naked with Emmet.

Lincoln says that he’s happy that his parents are back together, and remembers when they were reunited after Emmet’s return. He considers for a moment and admits that he can’t imagine any of them staying the same.

Jonas forgives Emmet despite the fact that he left him in the jungle.

Emilio says that he came along to save Emmet, who had saved his life. However, he admits that he wouldn’t do it again.

Jahel says that they’re lucky to still be alive after seeing the Boiúna.

Kurt isn’t interested in talking and plots their course back to the Amazon.

Clark finally talks to AJ and notes that he mentioned someone named David when he was trapped in the tunnel. AJ admits that he owes David an apology and Clark realizes that he’s gay. The cameraman angrily says that it’s none of Clark’s business and that he never had a chance to go clubbing while they were on the expedition.

Jonas plans to have sex when he gets back.

Lena talks about Lincoln would sing to her when they were children, and that she used to think that life on the boat was but a dream. Now she’s realized that it’s real life.

Clark decides that they needs to have Emmet answer some questions.

Clark and the others gather and they ask Emmet why he came to the Amazon, but he refuses to answer and simply says that it’s over now. He tells the others that each time he experienced something, a bit of him died, and a lot of people got hurt because of him. Emmet informs the crew that now he’s going to make up or what he did and walks away.

Later, Emmet approaches Lena and apologizes for failing her father Russ after leading him into the Amazon. She demands to know why Emmet needs her there and what the mark on her neck means, but Emmet dismisses it as a birthmark and says that neither one of them are special. Lena refuses to accept that and asks about the Source, but Emmet tells her that it’s better she hate him then find out and leaves.

Clark meets with Tess, flattering her by claiming that she’s the most astonishing thing he’s seen on the expedition. Tess warns him off, saying that her having an affair with Clark when Emmet left was a mistake, and she doesn’t plan to repeat it. Clark goes to the monitor room and smashes several cameras.

When the generator overheats, Emilio shuts them down for an hour and has Jahel go up top to tell the others.

On the deck, Lincoln warns his father that Lena is pissed at him. Emmet thanks him for coming when he didn’t have to, and starts making plans to visit Lincoln in Chicago and have Christmas with him. Lincoln tells him to slow down and worry about them getting back to civilization before they plan their future friendship. Emmet hesitates and then admits that he’s proud of Lincoln and has been ever since he was nine and has always been his own man. Lincoln half-jokingly points out that if Emmet had said that in the past, he would have had a camera crew capture the “very special moment,” and Emmet says that they’re going to burn all of the tapes so that there’s no record of what they’ve seen. Lincoln suddenly sees something inside of the wheelhouse and shoves his father aside just as a shot rings out and a bullet takes Lincoln in the throat. He falls to the deck as the others run over to see what caused the noise. Emmet and Tess try to revive Lincoln, but the explorer finally tells his wife that their son is gone.

As night falls, Tess assembles the crew and warns them that they’re not leaving until they find out who is responsible. Jonas admits that the cameras weren’t filming, and AJ says that he has an alibi since he was filming elsewhere on the time. Clark starts accusing the others, pointing out who has a motive to kill Emmet, the presumed target, and AJ notes that Kurt is the only one of them skilled enough to have made the shot. Kurt denies it, saying that if he had fired the shot then Emmet would be dead, but Clark steps in and says that he has a tape of Kurt calling his superiors on his sat phone and saying that he would kill Emmet if the explorer found the Source. Kurt draws his gun... and then hands it over, saying he’s there to protect them. Determined to find the killer, Tess vows that when she does, she’ll make him suffer.

Later, Jahel is in the wheelhouse piloting the Magus toward the Amazon when the radio emits a burst of static. She hesitates and then picks it up and starts talking to whoever--or whatever--is on the other end.

Emmet is questioning Tess about Kurt when Jahel comes in and tells them that it’s possible to bring Lincoln back to death. Emmet warns against it, noting that neither one of them has the power, but Jahel says that the spirit of the Boiúna can bring Lincoln back. The explorer refuses to hear it, warning that the spirit is a demon and that there are something that no one dares call out.

Later, however, Tess privately asks Jahel bring back Lincoln no matter the cost. Jahel agrees and they go to a lower cabin. Jahel begins the ritual using her Tarot cards and calling to the Boiúna to return Lincoln’s lost spirit. A storm starts outside and the lights on the Magus start flickering. Jahel cuts each of Tess’ arms but admits that the spirit of the river is guiding her. She calls out to the Boiúna again and a hideous shrieking noise fills the entire ship. Emmet looks over the side and sees something moving through the river toward the Magus. Below, the river water floods into Lincoln’s cabin, first covering him and then filling the entire cabin.

When the shrieking stops, Emmet and the others come down and demands to know what Tess has done. He sees the cuts on her arms and realizes what she’s been up to. Tess ignores him and opens the door to Lincoln’s cabin... and finds her son, alive and well. She hugs him and after a moment, Emmet hugs Lincoln as well. Jahel says that it will take time for Lincoln to recover from his soul being separated from his body, but Lincoln immediately identifies his killer: Kurt. Satisfied that they’ve found the guilty part, Tess locks Kurt up in a supply closet, ignoring his claims of innocence.

Day 36

While the crew considers the ramifications of Lincoln’s resurrection, Emmet takes his son aside and explains that the Boiúna chooses people, and gave Emmet the magic to survive when he should have died. Lincoln hugs a surprised Emmet and says that he loves him.

As they work in the engine room, Emilio tells Jahel that she’s going to go live with her aunt in Montana and work at the restaurant. She refuses, saying that she’s not a child and will make her own choices, but Emilio tells her that she keeps making foolish choices. Despite her father’s warning, Jahel insists that she not be hid away, and quietly affirms that she sees things and hears voices.

That night, Tess is working out their route on the GPS tracker and Emmet comes in. He suggests that something dark has possessed Lincoln, who has never hugged him and said he loved him in his life. When Tess insists that Lincoln has always loved his father, Emmet has second thoughts and admits that he must not be a very good father if he can suspect his son for saying he loves him.

Lincoln is making a sandwich when Jonas comes in, and complains that his fingers are still numb. Jonas offers to help and finishes cutting up the sandwich, and Lincoln asks Jonas if he tried to kill Emmet because the explorer abandoned him in the jungle. He casually tells the cameraman that he saw Jonas fire the shot, but says that he won’t tell anyone. When Jonas wonders why he lied about Kurt, Lincoln says that he has unfinished business with the mercenary... and wanted Jonas for himself. He then launches a single savage blow, crushing Jonas’ throat.

In the monitor room, Emmet goes over footage of the expedition and focuses on Lincoln. Clark comes in and Emmet says that he’s a good friend for taking care of Tess. Clark, still angry at Tess and himself, claims that he’s just a selfish bastard who came along to make a top-rated TV show, and that he never believed that they would find Emmet. Once he leaves, Emmet turns on the camera in the galley and sees Jonas walk out, seemingly unharmed. After a moment, Lincoln glances up at the camera and the picture dissolves into static. Emmet then goes to find Lena. He asks if she wants to talk about what’s bothering her and then turns off the camera.

Emilio and Jahel are in the wheelhouse and he asks his daughter what she remembers about her dead mother. She admits that she remembers very little, and Emilio tells her that his wife isn’t dead. She had the same gift that Jehel does, to see and hear the spirits, but Emilio warns her that once the spirits are in, they refuse to be restrained. Jahel asks where her mother is and Emilio tells her that she’s somewhere that he hopes his daughter will never see.

Lincoln goes to confront Kurt, who knows that he isn’t who he appears. Kurt says that they’ve met and that he is there to protect, and Lincoln warns him that what he’s come to get is not his concern. He then casually beats Kurt, throwing him into the wall repeatedly until he passes out, and says that he’s guardian enough.

Clark is drowning his sorrows in the galley when AJ comes in to film him. AJ has figured out that Clark and Tess were having an affair, and taunts the producer with his failed love live. When Clark comes after him, he feels blood dripping on his head and they look to see Jonas’ corpse crammed into an overhead vent.

Lincoln is on deck when Lena comes up to him with a bottle of beer. She asks to touch his healed wound and asks how things will work out with Jillian. Lincoln says that things won’t work out because he’s fallen in love with Lena, and kisses her. Lena invites him to her cabin and offers him the beer. However, when Lincoln drinks it, he collapses, gagging, and Emmet emerges from the shadows, knocks him out, and says that he’s learned a few things about how to deal with demons.

Once the crew ties down Lincoln to a table in the wheelhouse, they retreat to the monitor room and watch him on the cameras. Emmet explains that something has gotten inside of his son and that they have to get it out, and tells Tess to stay behind while he and Lena deal with it. As they prepare powders for a ritual, Emmet explains that Jahel let the Boiúna demon spirit through to enter Lincoln and possess him. While Lena uses a flashlight to paralyze the demon in Lincoln’s body, Emmet forces a dragonfly down Lincoln’s throat so that it can seek the spirit. However, the flashlight first overheats and then explodes. The demon tells Emmet that he’s nothing, but Emmet knows it’s not his son speaking. The Boiúna spirit continues, saying that Emmet has no idea who Lincoln really is and knows nothing about his son’s lie. It screams that Clark and Tess had an affair, but a shocked Emmet continues with the ritual as the demon screams in Lincoln’s voice that it hurts.

As they watch from the monitor room, Tess and Emilio notices on another monitor that Kurt is praying in Latin.

The demon calls to Lena for help and lures her in close enough to grab. He levitates her up against the ceiling and Emmet comes to help, only to be knocked aside. Lena commands Lincoln to put her down, but the demon sings “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” using the young Lincoln’s voice. He starts to rip open her blouse, but Emmet commands the demon to let it go and it alters and then screams.

Emmet gets Lena out of the wheelhouse. When they meet the others, the explorer warns them that Lincoln’s soul is gone and he has no idea what to do. Tess realizes that Kurt knows more than he’s saying and let him out. He admits that he knows more about the Boiúna then he let on, and says that they have to call upon Lincoln so that he can drive out the demon from within. Emmet goes back into the wheelhouse and speaks to his son, apologizing for everything he missed in his life. The demon tries to regain control but Emmet assures his son that he won’t miss another moment of his life. After a brief struggle, the demon yells that they are at war and is then blasted free of Lincoln’s body. The spirit blasts through the window sand reenters the river, while a sobbing Lincoln says that he’s sorry.

Day 38

Lincoln tries to apologize to Lena but she’s still leery of him. Emmet glares at Clark now that he knows about the affair, but nonetheless takes Tess’ hands in a gesture of reconciliation.

As the ship approaches the village at the point where the Boiúna merges back into the Amazon, Tess suggests that they leave the Magus and take a Zodiac ahead and then airlift out. However, there’s no sign of the village, which seems to have disappeared without a trace. The GPS tracker goes dead and AJ sends the camera drone up. As they watch from above, they see the river twist and change around them, altering the entire landscape, and realize that it will never let them go.