The Rockford Files (1974)

The Rockford Files (1974)

Jim Rockford is a private investigator who lives and works out of his trailer in Malibu, Los Angeles. Convicted of a crime he didn't commit, Jim spent five years in San Quentin for armed robbery before getting a pardon. He then went to work as a easygoing private investigator, one who'd rather talk his way out of trouble than fight... and run when the talking doesn't work out. Jim's helped out in his cases (and sometimes hindered) by a number of friends and allies, including his father Rocky, his pal police lieutenant Dennis Becker, his scheming ex-cellmate and conman Evelyn "Angel" Martin, and his soft-hearted defense attorney Beth Davenport.

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Final: 6x12 -- Deadlock in Parma (Jan/10/1980)

Available Episodes

Dirty Money, Black L..
Apr 01, 1977
Season 3 episode 22

Crack Back
Mar 25, 1977
Season 3 episode 21

To Protect and Serve..
Mar 18, 1977
Season 3 episode 20

To Protect and Serve..
Mar 11, 1977
Season 3 episode 19

New Life, Old Dragon..
Feb 25, 1977
Season 3 episode 18

Just Another Polish ..
Feb 18, 1977
Season 3 episode 17

The Becker Connectio..
Feb 11, 1977
Season 3 episode 16

James GarnerJames Garner
As Jim Rockford
Noah Beery, Jr.Noah Beery, Jr.
As Joseph "Rocky" Rockford
Joe SantosJoe Santos
As Det. Dennis Becker

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recap: Karen Styles, a long ago girlfriend, looks Jim up and they go to a restaurant for a nice dinner. When Jim was in prison he met Karen’s father, Sam Styles, who encouraged Jim to look up his daughter when he got out. He did, and they had a fiery romance that left them both a little singed. She seems recovered but he isn’t. And he’s a little unclear why she contacted him. She comes on strong, saying she even looked in the phone book to see if he was listed as “Mr. and Mrs.” before she came down. She asks to move closer to the fire and continues: she’s in real estate now, well established. She made a quarter million dollars in profits. It’s fun and enjoyable work for her and now that she’s better situated she decided to look Jim up. She offers him one of her two tickets to a tennis match the next day and tells Jim to pick her up around noon. Then she remembers an appointment in Pasadena at 10:30 that will keep her from making it. But she could make it if Jim kept the appointment for her. All he has to do is drop off a case containing escrow papers... read more.

2x21: Foul on the First Play recap: In a dark alley two men have another pinned to the ground. One “massages” the victim’s hand painfully while the other asks questions. They want to know who the man works for. One of them has a habit of laughing; when his laughter collapses into wheezing he pulls an inhaler from his pocket to calm his lungs. At first Mark spins a story but soon enough gives them the truth. He is parole officer Mark O’Brien and one of his parolees is Terry Schider. Unknown men approached Schider, a potential star for a new basketball franchise, and demanded he shave points for them. As a parolee Schider faces serious trouble if he does this. When they find O’Brien ’s identification in his shoe the men are convinced and leave him in a heap on the ground... read more.

1x3: The Countess recap: Jim Rockford walks through a field of scrubby wildflowers somewhere in the California foothills. He finds a grassy clearing and sets down his bags, begins to open them. A taxi, an older model, drives along a road. The driver asks his passenger, an attractive woman, how much further. She thinks about another mile. Jim removes a video camera from its case and begins connecting a cable to it. The taxi driver comments that he's taking his passenger a long way to the middle of nowhere, and asks if she's sure he just wants him to drop her. She's sure. In the hills, Jim has readied his camera, save for a few adjustments. The woman directs the hack to pull up in a clearing – a clearing Jim's position overlooks. When he sees the hack pull up he puts camera to eye and begins to record... read more.

1x2: The Dark and Bloody Ground recap: Sirens precede fire engines down a nighttime street. Later, it is daytime and ambulance attendants carry a stretcher up the metal stairs of the Regal Motel. Fire fighting equipment is still on the scene but the fire is under control at this point. There are extension ladders here and there, smoke swirling from the second floor, and firemen tossing burned and smoldering furniture over the railing. Other firemen douse this wreckage with water, ensuring it is no longer burning... read more.

1x1: The Kirkoff Case recap: Jim drives along a highway on a sunny California day, following a man in a cowboy hat driving an old, robin's egg blue pickup truck. The man pulls to the side of the road and gets out. He walks through a gap in a weathered wire fence, across a field of tall grass towards the water. Jim turns his car around, looking for a place to park. He stops, then opens his trunk, there trading his dust colored sport coat for a fishing rod. At the fence gap he sees Cowboy Hat has crossed most of the field. Cowboy Hat reaches the rocky edge of the beach and drops from view. Jim hurries then, arriving at the top of the slope moments later. The man has vanished! There are only rocks, sand, beach scrub, and the cries of seagulls. And, concealed beneath the lip of rock, a narrow sea cave... read more.
Recurring Guests

Stuart Margolin as Evelyn "Angel" Martin (34 eps)
Jack Garner as Accountant (21 eps)
Luis Delgado as Officer Billings (11 eps)
Joe E. Tata as Solly Marshall (9 eps)
James Luisi as Stryker (7 eps)
Gretchen Corbett as Beth Davenport (7 eps)
George Loros as 'Anthony Boy' Gagglio (6 eps)
Fritzi Burr as Maid (6 eps)
John Davey as Delivery Man (6 eps)
Bruce Tuthill as Murray Gaines (6 eps)

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Network: NBC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1974
Ended: July 25, 1980
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