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The Rockford Files: Coulter City Wildcat

Rocky returns home to an unpleasant greeting: two goons who force him to sign away oil and mineral rights to a parcel of land! Jim later discovers his father has been speculating in an oil parcel lottery run by the government. To learn why goons left his father for dead, Jim goes to Coulter City to meet Claude Orzeck, Rocky’s broker. There he discovers a new parcel Rocky just won on which rests a well that produces a great deal of oil. He also discovers Rocky signed his land over to an old man named Anderson who is a staunch opponent of oil drilling! Nobody in town knows anything about that well, and some men who might be a drilling crew seem to have vanished. Jim returns to Orzeck’s office and finds the man dead. Then the sheriff arrests him on suspicion of Orzeck’s murder. Once again, Jim finds himself required to ferret out the real culprit or face prison.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x6
Production Number: 45009
Airdate: Friday November 12th, 1976

Guest Stars
Dennis BurkleyDennis Burkley
As Howard
John AndersonJohn Anderson
As Gerald O'Malley

Co-Guest Stars
Noble WillinghamNoble Willingham
As Orzeck
Jerry HardinJerry Hardin
As Link
Ed DeemerEd Deemer
As Detective
Patricia StichPatricia Stich
As Phyllis
Sharon ComptonSharon Compton
As Beehive
Hal BokarHal Bokar
As 2nd Bidder
John ClavinJohn Clavin
As 1st Bidder
Gordon HurstGordon Hurst
As Willie
Richard KennedyRichard Kennedy
As 3rd Bidder
Episode Quotes
Answering Machine Message: It’s Shirley at the Planted Pot. There’s just... no easy way to tell you this, Jim. We did everything we could – your fern died.

Jim: Dad, I do this kind of thing professionally. Why don’t you just let me handle it?
Rocky: If you’re trying to say I’m too old to take care of myself, I ain’t!

Jim: Okay, I’ll make a business proposition with you. Now, I figure that whatever’s going on has got to be worth at least two thousand dollars or these goons wouldn’t be messing with it. So I’ll take a percentage of anything we can manage to get over the two thousand dollars, alright?
Rocky: Fifty-fifty?
Jim: That’s way too much!
Rocky: Ahhhh! That way we’re partners.

Jim: (as the imaginary Lyle Sayer) I hate to interrupt you, Mr. Orzeck, but I’ll tell you what I’d like for you to do. I wish you’d make a list of all the available oil leases and how much you want for ‘em. And I’m gonna get in my car and I’m gonna drive right out there and stand on ‘em. That’s how I buy all my leases, Mr. Orzeck. If there’s oil under there, I can feel it.

Rocky: I guess you been doing a little out of season hunting.
Willie: (pointing a rifle at him) No season on varmints.

Gerald O’Malley: Do you know that twenty-three critical masses of plutonium disappeared last year from U.S. nuclear facilities alone?
Jim: No, I didn’t know that.
Gerald O’Malley: Well, the United States government claims it was all inevitable manufacturing losses, so forth and so on, but I know it was the terrorists got it – turning it into bombs.

Rocky: If O’Malley says he doesn’t know nothing about me signing that lease over to him, then it’s gotta still be mine, doesn’t it?
Jim: Dad, you did sign it over to him, and the paper you signed is valid, so it’s floating around out there somewhere.
Rocky: Well, who’s got, then?
Jim: I don’t know – probably whoever sunk the well. They wouldn’t have sunk the well unless they had the rights.
Rocky: Could be Orzeck?
Jim: Orzeck couldn’t drill his way through a cloud. And the two guys with the guns – they’re just country beef. Somebody else is running this show. I’ll look around and see if I can find out who sunk the well.

Jim: What I found out this afternoon was, as far as anyone around here is concerned, nobody ever drilled on parcel 334. And they went to a lot of trouble to cover their tracks. I think they might even have disposed of the drilling crew.

Jim: (in jail, charged with the murder of Claude Orzeck) How could the D.A. go for a first degree murder charge when he doesn’t even have the weapon?
Beth: He’s figuring on an accomplice – a third person who got away with the gun.

Jim: Anything’s better than sitting here staring at the gallows.

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