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Series 6

99 :06x01 - The Best Laid Schemes

When the body of a commonly disliked ship's captain is found dead on a beach, Templar tries to find out if he was murdered - Or even if he is actually really dead!
Guest Stars: Sylvia Syms as Arlene (Arlene Flemming) | Paul Daneman as Dr. Ormsby | Gabrielle Drake as Diana (Diana Flemming) | Norman Bird as Insp. Mitchell | Fulton Mackay as John Everett | John Tate as Skinner | Godfrey Quigley as Ballard (Mike Ballard) | Francis De Wolff as Capt. Flemming (Charles Flemming) | Olive Milbourne as Mrs. Haggerty | Jonathan Elsom as Andrew (Andrew Carter) | Fredric Abbott (1) as Joe Carney | Geoffrey Lumsden as Coroner | John Ringham as Dr. Russell | Joanne Dainton as Nurse | Eric Mason (1) as Sailor (as Erik Mason)

100 :06x02 - Invitation to Danger

At a London casino, Simon is framed for theft. He escapes but a beautiful blonde punter identifies herself as a secret agent trying to bring the casino owner Sunley down because he's using his business as a front for enemy agents.
Guest Stars: Shirley Eaton as Reb Denning | Robert Hutton (1) as Brett Sunley | Julian Glover as Ramon Falconi | Bryan Marshall as Moreno | Charles Houston as Al Vitale | Warren Stanhope as Marty Bresset | Leslie Crawford (1) as Peter Rendo (as Les Crawford) | Ros Drinkwater as Inez | Dennis Chinnery as Carson
Director: Roger Moore
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Terry Nation

101 :06x03 - Legacy for the Saint

A dead gangster leaves a bizarre inheritance: an offer to let someone claim a million pound if they steal another million. Several other gangster take up the challenge, and abduct the dead man's daughter as insurance.
Guest Stars: Ivor Dean as Chief Insp. Teal | Alan MacNaughtan as Charlie Lewis (as Alan McNaughtan) | T.P. McKenna as Tony | Reginald Marsh as Ed Brown | Stephanie Beacham as Penny | Kenneth Farrington (1) as Ashford | Edward Brayshaw as Pietro | Bruce Boa as Mark | Brian Coburn as Dickie | Sheila Keith as Cynthia Ffouldes | Edward Kelsey (1) as Williams |
Uncredited: Harry Fielder as Kidnapped Security Guard
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Michael Winder

102 :06x04 - The Desperate Diplomat

A diplomat disappears with $1 million and someone holds his daughter hostage to force him to return it. Inspector Teal asks Simon for his help when a tortured man turns up dead.
Guest Stars: Ivor Dean as Chief Insp. Teal | Robert Hardy as Walter Faber | Suzan Farmer as Sara Douglas | John Robinson as Jason Douglas | David Cargill as Eddie Margoles | Kenneth Gardnier as John Chatto | Lorna Wilde as Carla Lawrence | Leslie Crawford (1) as Dunn | Terry Plummer as Healey | Maggie London as Julie | Charlotte Selwyn as Shop Assistant | Yutte Stensgaard as Telephone Operator | Brian Harrison (1) as Police Doctor
Director: Ray Austin
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Terry Nation

103 :06x05 - The Organisation Man

Simon goes undercover to infiltrate a mercenary army that plans to steal a vehicle from the British Army.
Guest Stars: Tony Britton as Jonathan Roper | Caroline Mortimer as Kate Barnaby | Glynn Edwards as Leander | Norman Bird as Mr. Spode (Horace Spode) | John Collin (1) as Cable | Simon Lack as Craddock (George Anthony Craddock) | Mark Dignam as Major Carter | Terence Edmond as Captain Yates | Tony Caunter as Mason | Douglas Ditta as Highland Driver
Director: Leslie Norman
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Donald James (1)

104 :06x06 - The Double Take

A Greek millionaire asks Simon to track down the perfect double that is impersonating him and ruining his business. However, when Simon tracks down the imposter, he claims that he is the real millionaire.
Guest Stars: Gregoire Aslan as Eugene Patroclos | Kate O'Mara as Annabel II | Denise Buckley as Annabel I | Blake Butler as Bainter | Michael Robbins as Pat Hurst | June Abbott as Girl in London Airport | Michael Mellinger as Hotel Clerk | Martin Wyldeck as First Man at Party | Geoffrey Morris (1) as Second Man at Party | Rose Alba as First Woman at Party | Anne Godfrey as Second Woman at Party | Michael Pemberton (2) as Egan (Footman) | Iain Blair as Chuck Spendelton |
Uncredited: Pauline Chamberlain as Woman at Airport | Larry Taylor as Man at Airport | Terry Walsh as Sailor
Director: Leslie Norman
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: John Kruse

105 :06x07 - The Time to Die

A mysterious killer keeps sending Simon death threats, including a wreath. When the Saint tries to find the man responsible, the killer disposes of his messengers and takes Simon's lady friend prisoner.
Guest Stars: Suzanne Lloyd as Mary Ellen Brent | Maurice Good as Steven Lyall | John Barcroft as Dinny Haigh | Terence Rigby as Charlie Mason | Freddie Jones (1) as Martin Graves | Monica Grey (1) as Donna Sumrie | Linda Marlowe as Laura Carlton
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Terry Nation

106 :06x08 - The Master Plan

Simon helps locate a missing brother, Tony, and the trail leads him to a drug smuggler named Thrandle. However, when Simon arranges for Thrandle's drugs to disappear, Thrandle takes Tony's sister Jean and demands that Simon return his merchandise.
Guest Stars: John Turner as Cord Thrandel | Lyn Ashley as Jean Lane | Burt Kwouk as Mr. Ching | Christopher Benjamin as Fish | Robert Morris (3) as Max | Paul Greenhalgh as Tony Lane (misspelled Lanes in credits) | James Locker as Dr. King | Brenda Kempner as Nurse | Leslie Anderson as Porter | Edwin Brown (1) as Van Driver | Prudence Drage as Girl Customer
Director: Leslie Norman
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Harry W. Junkin

107 :06x09 - The House on Dragon's Rock

Simon investigates a mysterious disappearance in a Welsh village, and discovers a science experiment gone horrifically awry.
Guest Stars: Anthony Bate as Dr Sardon (Charles Sardon) | Annette Andre as Carmen (Carmen Grant) | Mervyn Johns as Dr Davis (Rhys Davis) | Alex Scott (1) as Armstrong | Glyn Houston as Dylan Williams | Richard Owens as Shoni Morgan | Talfryn Thomas as Owen Thomas (as Talfyn Thomas) | Heather Seymour as Mary (Mary Williams) | Anthony Blackshaw as The Guard | David Garfield (1) as First Local | Dafydd Havard as Second Local | Peter Lawrence (1) as Third Local | Reg Pritchard as Fourth Local
Director: Roger Moore
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Harry W. Junkin

108 :06x10 - The Scales of Justice

A board director dies at Simon's side asking for help, and the remaining directors turn to The Saint to save their lives.
Guest Stars: Andrew Keir as Gilbert Kirby | Jean Marsh as Anne Kirby | Mark Burns as Elliott Stratton | Gillian Lind as Mrs. Stratton | John Barron as Neal R. Lammerton | Geoffrey Chater as Carl Howard | Ronald Leigh-Hunt as John Ramsey | Victor Maddern as Jim Cowdry | John Boxer as Sir John Mulliner | Brian Badcoe as Dr. Downray | Leon Cortez as Mac | John Crocker as The Blind Man | Edward Harvey (2) as The Sheriff | Clifford Parrish as Mr. Roach | Dorothea Phillips as Mrs. Barnes |
Uncredited: Fred Wood as Man Watching Parade
Director: Robert Asher
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Robert Holmes

109 :06x11 - The Fiction-Makers (1)

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Director: Roy Ward Baker
Screenplay: Harry W. Junkin

110 :06x12 - The Fiction-Makers (2)

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Director: Roy Ward Baker
Screenplay: Harry W. Junkin

111 :06x13 - The People Importers

An illegal immigrant on the run from the smuggling ring that brought him into England is infected with a deadly case of smallpox... and he's contagious.
Guest Stars: Neil Hallett as Bonner (Charles Bonner) | Susan Travers as Laura (Laura Stevens) | Gary Miller as Slater | Ray Lonnen as Jackson | Salmaan Peer as Suresh (Suresh Gupta) | Imogen Hassall as Malia (Malia Gupta) | Nik Zaran as Chaudri | Joan Newell as Mrs. Reynolds | Michael Robbins as Harry Baxter | Ron Pember as Sam Barlow | Julian Sherrier as Mr. Sen | Jeremy Anthony as 1st Pakistani |
Uncredited: Michael da Costa as Doctor | John Downing as Roberts | John Garvin as Ministery Man | Kevork Malikyan as Hima Dri | Christopher Sandford as Photographer
Director: Ray Austin
Story: Ray Austin | Screenplay: Donald James (1)

112 :06x14 - Where the Money Is

Simon is asked to deliver the money to pay kidnappers for the return of Jenny Kersh, the daughter of a movie producer. However, when he retraces his steps later, he discovers that Jenny doesn't want to be rescued.
Guest Stars: Kenneth J. Warren as Ben Kersh | Judee Morton as Jenny Kersh (as Judee Morten) | Sandor Eles as Jean Latour | Derek Newark as German | Warren Stanhope as Arnie Garnett | John Savident as Frank Lomax | Tony Wright as Largo | Jeanne Bates as Lila Prentice (as Jane Bates)
Director: Roger Moore
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Terry Nation

113 :06x15 - Vendetta for the Saint (1)

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Guest Stars: Ian Hendry as Allessandro Destamio
Director: Jim O'Connolly
Screenplay: Harry W. Junkin

114 :06x16 - Vendetta for the Saint (2)

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Director: Jim O'Connolly
Screenplay: Harry W. Junkin

115 :06x17 - The Ex-King of Diamonds

Simon takes on royalty when he deals with a cheating ex-monarch who is gambling--and cheating--to get enough money to regain his throne.
Guest Stars: Stuart Damon as Rod Huston | Ronald Radd as Henri Flambeau | Isla Blair as Janine Flambeau | Willoughby Goddard as Boris | Paul Stassino as Col. Rakosi | Jeremy Young (1) as Gregorio | Antony Stamboulieh as Franco (as Anthony Stamboulieh) | Alan Rowe as Lafitre | Jacky Allouis as Henriette | Carol Friday as Josette | Derek Smee as Young Man | Araby Lockhart as American Lady | Hugh Morton as Attendant | Les White as Frogman |
Uncredited: Peter Brace as Boris' Thug | Pauline Chamberlain as Guest in Cat Woman Mask | Darryl Read as French Student | Mike Reid as Lafitre's Thug | Robert Rietty as Lafitre | Karen Young as Alba
Director: Alvin Rakoff
Writer: John Kruse

116 :06x18 - The Man Who Gambled with Life

Simon receives a unique offer: immortality.
Guest Stars: Clifford Evans as Keith Longman | Jayne Sofiano as Stella Longman | Veronica Carlson as Vanessa Longman | Steven Berkoff as Carl | Valentine Palmer as Ronald | John D. Collins as Chick | Iain Blair as Morris | Barry Andrews as Tom | Hedger Wallace as Ian | James Vallon as James | Geoffrey Lumsden as Dr. Williams | Brian Tully as Dr. Grange | David Kelsey as Dennis | Barry Stanton as Pete
Director: Freddie Francis
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Harry W. Junkin

117 :06x19 - Portrait of Brenda

To track down a friend's killer, Simon enters the world of mod hipsters and rock singers.
Guest Stars: Anna Carteret as Diane Huntley | Ivor Dean as Chief Inspector Teal | Anne De Vigier as Josephine | Trevor Bannister as Johnny Fox | Petra Davies as Edna White | Marne Maitland as The Guru | Hazel Coppen as Mrs. Blondel | Tina Ruta as Opera Singer | Larry Taylor as Ashok | David Prowse as Tony | Harry Littlewood as Postman
Director: John Gilling
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Harry W. Junkin
Songs: Chris Andrews (2) -- Out to Get You, Gary Osborne -- You Won't See Me No More

118 :06x20 - The World Beater

Simon becomes involved in the world of race-car driving when a designer invites him to test-drive his latest model. However, when it crashes, Simon discovers that foul play is involved.
Guest Stars: Patricia Haines as Kay Collingwood | John Ronane as Justin Pritchard | James Kerry (1) as George Hapgood | George A. Cooper as Harold Laker | Eddie Byrne as Mr. Hapgood Snr. | William Wilde as Tom Stevens | Rosemary Donnelly as Dilys | Reg Whitehead as Microphone Man | Anthony Sheppard as Rally Official | Clifford Earl as Rally Official | Bernard G. High as Radio Man
Director: Leslie Norman
Story: Leslie Charteris | Screenplay: Donald James (1)
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Spy/Espionage
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 1962
Ended: March 05, 1969
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