525 :11x02 - Keeping Germs At Bay When You're Airborne

Saturday's Question -- Why Do We Sneeze?: It's fall allergy season, a good time for Ben Tracy of CBS station WCCO-TV in Minneapolis to look at the facts and folklore behind sneezing.

Campaign 2008 -- Michelle Obama: Almost as fascinating as the presidential race itself is the role the presidential candidates' wives are playing on the campaign trail. We will have Part Two of Hannah Storm's conversation with the accomplished Chicago lawyer, wife and mother who could become the next First Lady.

HealthWatch -- Fly Healthy: Many people claim airplanes are a breeding ground for germs and illnesses, but are planes any dirtier than, for exmaple, an office? Dr. Mallika Marshall will be in Newton, Mass. with the answer, and she'll have tips on how to avoid picking up germs while flying.

New Tube: SuChin Pak of MTV News reveals the stories behind America's guilty pleasure: the YouTube videos people are forwarding to their friends this week.

Just Perfect -- Eyeglasses: It takes know-how to pick the right glasses to fit your face, wardrobe and personality. Joseph Tallier of SamaEyewear will offer some guidance on figuring out the shape of your face, and he'll show us which frames flatter which mugs.

Celebrity Dish: Ashlan Gorse, host of E! News Now, serves up the inside scoop on this weekend's Emmys. She'll have tidbits on the Saturday Night Live skit that became an Internet favorite, and speculation about former Grey's Anatomy bad boy Isaiah Washington: Will he show up at the award ceremony with the rest of the cast?

Chef on a Shoestring: Bob Waggoner from the award-winning Charleston Grill in Charleston, S.C. spent many years living and training in France, and that training influences his low-country cuisine. His new cookbook is called "Charleston Grill at Charleston Place." He'll make a meal for four, on our budget of $40.
Menu: Yellow tomato gazpacho topped with goat cheese and cilantro; herb omelet served with a potato gallete; and "A la minute" apple tarts.

Second Cup Cafe: Paula Cole is best=known for her smash hits, "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?" and "I Don’t Want To Wait" (a.k.a. the theme to "Dawson’s Creek"). Her album. "This Fire," blazed onto the pop charts and earned seven Grammy nominations. She's back with a new CD called "Amen."

Ten Years Of The Saturday Early Show: We'll mark our anniversary with a look at some memorable moments.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Joseph Tallier as Himself | Mallika Marshall as Herself | Paula Cole as Herself | Bob Waggoner as Himself | Ben Tracy as Himself | Ashlan Gorse as Herself | Suchin Pak as Herself

526 :11x03 - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, KT Tunstall

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Guest Stars: K.T. Tunstall as Herself

527 :11x04 - Hiring A Tutor, Brent Grunow and the Bandits

Saturday's Question: Is arguing good for relationships? Ben Tracy of CBS station WCCO-TV samples opinions in Minneapolis. We'll also invite viewers to weigh in on this question by taking our instant poll online.

HealthWatch -- Yogurts: If you want to target a specific health goal, can certain yogurts help? The newest one to hit stores is Icelandic yogurt, but there are others that promise to aid digestion or weight-loss, and still others that are marketed to kids. Keri Glassman, a registered dietician and nutritionist, sorts out the options.

Tutor Time: There's no longer a stigma attached to having a tutor; in fact, so many kids -- from grade school through college -- use them to reinforce lessons or just to get an edge, tutoring is now a $4 billion industry. What's behind the tutoring explosion, and how can you tell if your child needs one? In what ways can tutoring help -- or hurt-- a child's progress? We will ask an educator, and find out how to match the tutor to the student.

Fall Tabletops: Event planner Marcy Blum has ideas for quickly changing the look of a home for autumn, just by changing what's on the tables.

Alex Around the World: We will check in live with Alex Boylan, a former contestant on "The Amazing Race," who is now trying to travel around the world for free. Viewers can log on to our Web site to offer help and follow his journey.

Fitness: Made-for-TV Workout: Jade Alexis, a trainer for Fitness magazine and Reebok Sports Club in New York City, has designed an exercise routine that can even get couch potatoes up and moving. It's meant to be done in front of the TV, during commercial breaks!

Celebrity Dish: Dawn Yanek of Life & Style Weekly will be on our plaza with a healthy helping of Hollywood fare, including Paris Hilton's plans for a trip to Rwanda.

Dress for Success: We round out the week with another donor announcing a contribution to our clothing drive. The recipients are disadvantaged women who will receive new or gently-used business attire and job counseling.

Chef on a Shoestring -- Chris Santos of "The Stanton Social" in New York City: The restaurant is all about small plates, but he is putting a fall spin on the menu for us with a tailgating menu. He'll have our customary $40 budget for a three-course meal for four.
Menu: Grilled Crostini with Black Bean & Pickled Jalapeno; Smoked Goat Cheese Sliders; Spicy Shrimp Satay with Corn & Tomatillo Relish; Chile & Chocolate Cheesecake

Second Cup Cafe: Brent Grunow and the Bandits, finalists in our "Living Room Live: Battle of the Bands," will perform.

Source: CBS

528 :11x05 - Disaster Proof Tech, Jean Therapy, The 5 Browns

Maggie Rodriguez, Chris Wragge of CBS station WCBS-TV in New York, and meteorologist Sean McLaughlin of CBS station KPHO-TV in Phoenix

Saturday's Question: Why do men's bicycles have that wince-inducing bar? Ben Tracy of CBS station WCCO-TV in Minneapolis explains.

Disaster-Proof Technology: Andy Ihnatko, tech columnist for The Chicago Sun Times, will be back to drop and dunk laptops, cameras and other devices that are supposed to withstand considerable wear and tear. Andy will tell us how much abuse they can actually take.

HealthWatch -- Men's Contraceptives: When it comes to birth control for men, there are few options available. For years, there's been talk of a "male pill," but would guys really take it? We put that question to a group of men -- and a few women, too -- and got some surprising answers. Dr. Matt Hardy, a senior scientist with The Population Council, will discuss whether a "male pill" is really in our future. How far along are efforts to develop other forms of male contraception?

Greyhound Gathering: Veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner will be live in Rehoboth Beach, Del., for the 13th annual "Greyhounds Reach the Beach" weekend. The event promotes the adoption and well-being of these dogs, who have a relatively short racing career and then need to be adopted into good homes. Turner will live-wrap a taped piece, and she will have 200 greyhounds of different varieties around her as she talks with a guest about why greyhounds make great pets for certain households.

Eric Carle: Maggie and her two-year-old daughter sit down with the beloved children's book illustrator. His book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" is a classic, and he has collaborated on more than 70 other picture books that appeal to pre-school and early elementary kids. His latest book is "Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?"

Just Perfect -- Jeans: Fashion stylist Sarah Shirley will be on our plaza to show us how to find the perfect jeans that fit. No easy task, as Maggie finds out when she goes shopping in a setup piece. The jeans will be modeled by four "real women" with four different body-types.

Celebrity Dish: Ashlan Gorse of E! News Now will be in Los Angeles with all the Hollywood buzz.

Chef on a Shoestring: Cat Cora is the first female Iron Chef America and author of two cookbooks. She'll make a seasonal meal for four, on our budget of $40.
Menu: Baby Greens & Figs Stuffed with Gorgonzola; Honey Roasted Chicken; and Affogato (a dessert with ice cream and espresso)

Second Cup Cafe: The Five Browns -- Ryan, Melody, Gregory, Deondra and Desirae -- will be in our studio with five baby grand pianos. This critically acclaimed sibling quintet from Utah is back with their third studio album, "Browns In Blue," a collection of romantic and jazz-inspired music drawn from a wide variety of sources.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: The 5 Browns as Themselves

529 :11x06 - Paper Or Plastic, Wrinkle Fighters, The Cheetah Girls

Saturday's Question: Paper or Plastic?Ben Tracy of CBS station WCCO-TV in Minneapolis looked into that question and found out something that could change your mind about what's best for the environment.

HealthWatch -- Wrinkle-Fighters: Nutrients in certain foods can help keep your skin looking young. Nutritionist Samantha Heller of Health magazine will show us these natural alternatives to expensive creams and medical procedures.

Rent-A-Husband -- Fall Home Fix-ups: The warmer-than-normal autumn weather we've been seeing in parts of the country won't last much longer. So, Kaile Warren will be at a house in Portland, Maine to demonstrate how to get your home ready for the inevitable snow and cold, and save money in the long-run.

Girls Gone Wired: Some women now own just as many electronic gadgets as men do -- five, on average -- but not all women have the same tech needs or tastes. Regina Lewis, AOL's consumer adviser, will help women determine their tech-style profile, and figure out which gadgets are best-suited to their needs.

Celebrity Dish: All of this week's Hollywood tidbits, served up by Julia Allison of Star magazine.

Office Fitness: Sarah Robichaud, a personal trainer and co-author of "Working on the Ball: A Simple Guide to Office Fitness," will show us how to decompress (and stay healthy) on-the-job.

Pink for a Week: Our Breast Cancer Awareness Month series concludes with a give-away of day-planners from

Chef on a Shoestring: Michael Schlow is executive chef of Radius, one of the most popular and highly-acclaimed restaurants in Boston. Radius built its reputation on Schlow's very personal style of modern French cuisine. He'll make a fall meal for four, on our budget of $40.
Menu: Pasta Stuffed with Ricotta, Zucchini and Mint; Loin of Pork a la Apicius (glazed and roasted); and Roasted Pineapple with Black Pepper & Citrus Cream. (Producer: Megan Jordan)

Second Cup Cafe: The Cheetah Girls are a huge Disney Channel sensation, with made-for-TV movies and pop-music that their pre-teen fans love. Now, they're out with their third album, "TCG."

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: The Cheetah Girls as Themselves

531 :11x08 - Season 11, Episode 8

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532 :11x09 - Season 11, Episode 9

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533 :11x10 - Cancer Studies by Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel


"Progress Lagging Against Many Cancers, While Overall Cancer Rate In The U.S.A. Is Down 8%, Some Cancers Aren't Dropping At All":

Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel is interviewed by Maggie Rodriguez. The American Cancer Society previously in 1982 set a goal of cutting the cancer rate by 25% by 2015. It fell 8% so far, which isn't fast enough. Dr. Emmanuel does not believe that this same goal can be accomplished by 2015. There is however, a decline in people that were men and people that were over 65. This is because people don't smoke as much, which risks cancers. There is also a reduction of colorectal cancer and breast cancer. Brain Cancer, Lukemia, Pancreatic, and Uterine cancers have not declined. To decrease the risks, Seek Medical Prevention, Exercise, Eat Fruits & Vegetables and avoid many fats and high fructose corn syrup, avoid UV rays, and don't smoke.
Guest Stars: Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel as Himself

534 :11x11 - Flue Information From Dr. Holly Phillips


Kitchen Tips:

Here are some Kitchen Tips that help out for Thanksgiving and meals:

Roasting Pan: KitchenAid Five-Ply Stainless-Steel-Clad Roaster with rack, $150.00

Carving Set: Wüsthof Classic Carving Set; $140.00

Carving Board: Crate & Barrel Turnabout Carve-Serve Board; $49.95


Wireless Remote Meat Thermometer: Maverick Redi-Check remote meat thermometer, $36.00

Silicone Oven Liner: Sur La Table Silicone Oven Liner, $24.95.

Leftover Set: OSO Fresh Container Set, $94.99

Peeler: OXO i-Series Y Peeler, $9.99

Magnetic Trivet: Kuhn Rikon’s Magnetic Trivet Set, $49.95

Champagne Hibiscus Pods: Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup, $11.00

Serving Tray: OGGI Hot/Cold Thermo Tray, $40.00

Flu Tips:

1. The flu vaccine can give you the flu - true or false?

2. Antibiotics can fight the flu. Is this true?

3. There are effective treatments for the flu - true or false?

4. The "stomach flu" is a form of influenza - true or false?

5. If you get the flu, you can't get it again in that flu season. True or false?

6. This year's flu shot won't help protect you next year. Is it true?

7. Here's one your grandma may have told you - and she was pretty smart: Exposure to cold weather can cause the flu. What do you say?


Question 1: It's FALSE. The flu shot can't cause the flu. It's made from small parts of the flu virus that are not alive. Some people experience "flu-like" side effects from the shot, like achiness and mild fever, but those should resolve in 24 hours. And remember, the flu shot doesn't protect you from getting a regular cold. Often people will get a cold shortly after having the flu shot, and think the two are related. They aren't.

Question 2: FALSE - another myth. Antibiotics only fight bacteria. For instance, strep throat is a bacteria, but the flu is a virus. Antibiotics can't help with the flu at all. Also, nowadays doctors try to be extra careful not to over-prescribe antibiotics because that creates the "superbugs" we've all been hearing so much about recently.

Question 3: TRUE. But when it comes to treating the flu, timing is everything. If you can get to the doctor quickly - within 48 hours of contracting the flu - there are anti-viral medications that can help. Drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza. They won't cure the flu, but they can cut the amount of time you're sick and make you less contaigious to others.

Question 4: FALSE. This is another myth. The stomach flu is not caused by the influenza virus, but rather by a regular virus that affects the stomach and intestinal tract. It tends to last 24-to-48 hours and has symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, and feeling generally lousy. But the good news is it goes away on it's own.

Question 5: FALSE. Many people assume that once they've had the flu, they're protected from it for the rest of that same flu season. Not so, because the flu does NOT come from a single virus - there are usually two in circulation, and you could be hit twice. So even if you have the flu, you should get vaccinated: that'll protect you from the type you didn't get.

Question 6: Unfortunately, that's TRUE. The flu is a "smart" virus ... it is constantly changing, with new strains coming out every season. So last winter's flu shot can't protect you from this winter's flu.

Question 7: Sorry granny, it's FALSE. No matter what grandma told you, being cold can't cause a cold or the flu. That being said, we are more likely to contract flu or cold viruses in the winter because we stay indoors, with the windows closed, trapped in with other people who cough and sneeze, and so forth - and that's the perfect environment for viruses to spread.

Guest Stars: Vanessa Carlton as Herself | Dr. Holly Phillips as Herself | Tanya Steel as Herself

536 :11x13 - Joe Ely, Jennifer Openshaw,

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Guest Stars: Joe Ely as Himself | Jennifer Openshaw as Herself

537 :11x14 - Holly Stell

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Guest Stars: Holly Stell as Herself

539 :11x16 - Ray Martin, Paul Potts, Michael White,

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Guest Stars: Michael White (1) as Himself | Paul Potts as Himself | Ray Martin as Himself

540 :11x17 - Dr. Holly Phillips

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Guest Stars: Nathan Gunn (2) as Himself | Dr. Holly Phillips as Herself | Seamus Mullen as Himself

541 :11x18 - Advice For New Parents

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Guest Stars: Dean Ornish as Himself | Christina Pirello as Herself | Cass Dillon as Herself

543 :11x20 - Alleviating Congestion

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Guest Stars: Christopher Lee as Himself | The Kin as Themselves

544 :11x21 - Dawn Yanek

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545 :11x22 - Waldy Malouf, Kate Voegele

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Guest Stars: Kate Voegele as Herself | Waldy Malouf as Himself

546 :11x23 - Dr. Mallika Marshall, Meridith Phillips,

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Guest Stars: Mallika Marshall as Herself | Meredith Phillips as Herself

548 :11x25 - Season 11, Episode 25

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Guest Stars: Alison Sudol as Herself | Mallika Marshall as Herself | Dominique Macquet as Himself

549 :11x26 - Season 11, Episode 26

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Guest Stars: Heather MacLean as Herself | Mallika Marshall as Herself | Kerry Simon as Himself | Whiskey Falls as Themselves

550 :11x27 - Season 11, Episode 27

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551 :11x28 - Season 11, Episode 28

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Guest Stars: Lori Nicholson as Herself

552 :11x29 - Season 11, Episode 29

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553 :11x30 - Season 11, Episode 30

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Guest Stars: David Hugh Jones as Himself | Tess Langevin as Herself | Marty Ballard as Himself | Becky Woodland as Herself

554 :11x31 - Season 11, Episode 31

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555 :11x32 - Season 11, Episode 32

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Guest Stars: Karen Halligan as Herself | Tom Parsons as Himself

558 :11x35 - Scott Linquist

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563 :11x40 - Vitamins,

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568 :11x45 - glamour on a budget

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572 :11x49 - brewing coffee at home

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580 :11x57 - Season 11, Episode 57

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581 :11x58 - Season 11, Episode 58

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582 :11x59 - Season 11, Episode 59

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583 :11x60 - Season 11, Episode 60

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584 :11x61 - Season 11, Episode 61

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585 :11x62 - Season 11, Episode 62

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586 :11x63 - Season 11, Episode 63

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587 :11x64 - Season 11, Episode 64

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588 :11x65 - Season 11, Episode 65

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589 :11x66 - Season 11, Episode 66

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590 :11x67 - Season 11, Episode 67

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591 :11x68 - Season 11, Episode 68

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592 :11x69 - Season 11, Episode 69

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593 :11x70 - Season 11, Episode 70

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594 :11x71 - Season 11, Episode 71

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595 :11x72 - Season 11, Episode 72

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596 :11x73 - Season 11, Episode 73

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597 :11x74 - Season 11, Episode 74

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598 :11x75 - Season 11, Episode 75

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599 :11x76 - Season 11, Episode 76

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601 :11x78 - Season 11, Episode 78

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