Witness - Recap

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The scene opens with Jake coming down the stairs. Adam asks what he is doing there. He says that he is keeping an eye on Cassie. He says that he had to keep the witch hunters away. He says that they have a ritual that will kill witches with dark magic and says that they killed Cassie’s father with it and that is how they plan to kill Cassie. She says that she thought that her father died in the fire. He says that he did and that one of the witch hunters, Eban, was talking about the ritual that was used before he died. Issac didn’t know and neither then anyone. Adam doesn’t believe Jake and tells Cassie to stay away from Jake. Adam takes Cassie home and asks if she is alright. She says that if Jake is right, then she needs to find out what happened to her father. Adam doesn’t understand why Jake is so interested in Cassie’s dark magic. Diana comes up and tells them that she was worried about them. She tells her that she will fill her in later.

The next day Charles goes up and is invited in a coffee shop where Dawn and Diana are in it. Charles says that Dawn is not to use his daughter to get to him since she tried to kill her before. She says that she knows that he has a crystal and that she needs it. He tells her to stay away from him. Faye meets with Lee when Kelm comes up. Lee asks what he wants and he tells Faye to leave, but she talks back. Meanwhile, Jake comes home and Cassie is there. Jake tells her that he is there to save her life. She asks who is left to ask who was there the day the families died. Jake says that he was there hiding in his parents’ car. He says that she can connect to others and wants him to go into his memory. He says that he hid under a blanket on that day. He says that he snuck up and that is all he remembers. Adam comes in and tells Cassie that Diana said that she was there. Cassie says that Jake was there and says that if she goes inside his memory, she will know what happened. He says that it is too dangerous, but Cassie says that it is going to be worth it after they have the answers.

Back at Lee’s, Faye asks him how he knows Kelm. He says that he used to work with him. Kelm asks where Eva is and he says that he is not with her anymore. Kelm is a drug dealer of Voodoo drugs. Kelm tells him to get it. Faye tells Kelm that she will stay and that she will be fine. Adam goes up to Diana and tells her about the memory spell that Jake has. They are going to expel the memory and Adam says that it is a big risk. Diana says that it is worth it and that they should all be there because everyone had their lives destroyed that day. Jake and Cassie go to the boat and Jake shows where it all happened. Cassie says that she has to know and that is why she is going to go along with this. They go through the wreckage and he says that he remembers going down there, but everything else is foggy. Jake gets some ashes from the boat for the spell. He says that they need something from the fire. Dawn goes into Ethan’s bar and he asks if things are alright. She calls him sweet. She says that she envied Amelia for dating him. She says that Charles and her got into an argument and things got heated. She tells him that Charles choked him. He says that he did the same thing to him and says that he did magic. She tells him that Charles has a crystal. He says that he will handle it and she says that they will get rid of it when they have the crystal.

Jake and Cassie get ready to do the spell and Jake tells her to envision the night of the fire and to say the spell. She says it and they both go into Jake’s memory. They are transported to the night of the fire. Meanwhile, Diana and Adam are together and Adam says that it is just them then. Diana says that she feels that the circle is falling apart and Adam says that once they know what happened the night of the fire, then they will get back together. Ethan calls Charles and tells him that he knows about the crystal. Ethan says that he is going to tell the Elders and they will stop him. Back in the memory, Cassie and Jake realize that they can’t be seen. Jake sees his parents. They follow them and Jake gets a headache. He tells her that they can’t go on. However, Cassie tells him that they have to follow them. However, the headache gets worse. He says that the past is blocked or something. She doesn’t listen to him when he says that they have to stay together. She goes on and Jake awakens from the trance. He looks at Cassie, who is still in the trance. He tells her to wake up, but it is no use. Back in Jake’s memory, Cassie hears Jake’s parents talking about how they could get out as long as they stopped using their powers. Ethan shows up and walks by them. Jake’s father sees that Eben is there. Eban goes up to him and slices his throat. He takes Jake’s mother in another room to a bunch of bodies who are with their throats slit. Lucy is there. Adam and Diana come in and Jake says that he doesn’t know what happened.

At Lee’s, Kelm tells about the Death’s Spirit drug per Faye’s request. He says that it can make her do whatever she wants. Lee comes in and gives it to him and then tells him to leave. Kelm tells him that he used to be nice about this. They have a little scuffle and Faye knocks over a shelf. She tells them that they were getting stupid. Back in the memory, Eban is questioning Cassie’s father, John. He tells Eban that he can’t kill him, but Eban says that they have dark magic. They light a fire and Cassie watches. A woman goes up to her and asks her why she is there. She tells Cassie that she will get her out, but Cassie is trapped in the fire. The fire spreads when John uses an amulet and guides the fire to the witch hunters. Adam, Diana and Jake see that Cassie is choking and they do a spell that helps her breath with the smoke. Cassie sees her father leave. Adam tells Jake that he needs to go back into the memory and get Cassie out of there. He has Adam say the spell. He goes back into the memory and gets Cassie out of there.

Back at Lee’s place, Faye asks about Eva. He says that Death Spirit destroyed her. At Jake’s place, Cassie says that the witch hunters were the ones who started the fire and that her father didn’t die in the fire. Adam asks if their parents were there and Cassie says that Ethan was there. Adam says that Ethan told him that he wasn’t there. Meanwhile, Charles goes into Ethan’s bar and Ethan punches him. Cassie goes back to the place where the fire was and finds her father’s amulet that he used. Ethan tells Charles that he was right and that he did kill Henry Chamberlain. Charles tells him that he is a fool because Dawn is the one who killed Henry and says that he can walk away. However, Ethan does magic and makes him spit out water. Charles tells him that is enough and leaves without the crystal. Jake goes up to Cassie and tells her that he was glad that he got the memory out. She shows him the amulet that she found and asks why else did Jake go back. He says that he is glad that she is safe. She asks if her father is still alive somewhere, but Jake says that John is buried next to his father and mother.

Diana and Adam get back home and Diana asks if Jake is there to help them. She says that Jake is in love with Cassie and that Adam should be worried about that. She says that their friendship is a little awkward and Adam says that they are going to have to stay friends and that is it because of the relationship that he has with Cassie. She agrees. Later, Dawn goes up to Ethan and asks where the crystal is. He says that it is safe. He says that he will hold on to the crystal. She says that is good and that she will see him tomorrow. Faye gets a taxi back and Kelm shows up. He says that he brought her a present. However, Faye says that she doesn’t want it, but takes it anyways. Meanwhile, Jake and Cassie look in John’s coffin and find it empty besides the bones of a dog. The episode ends.