Valentine - Recap

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The scene opens with Faye and Jake waking up next to each other. Jake asks what she is doing, she say that this was a mistake. She says that she wanted to get a mental picture of her shame. However, they kiss and go at it again. Cassie tells Diana at school that she felt a real connection to her father. She sees people kissing and is clearly upset. Faye goes up to Melissa and tells her that she was at Jake’s. She tells Melissa that she was in control the entire time. She tells Melissa that they should have an Anti-Valentine’s Day sleepover. She says that would be great. Diana and Cassie come up and Melissa invites them as well. Faye tries to deny them because they will be talking about Adam, but Diana says that she won’t. Cassie says that she has to go to get one of her books that she forgot. She goes outside to find Adam there. He asks where she was last night and says that he saw her with Jake. She tells him that she was telling Jake that he didn’t know her as well as he thought. Adam asks her if she is doing something tonight, but Cassie says that Faye has this Anti-Valentine’s Day party. He asks her on a real date and she says that she is up for it.

As Cassie runs to get her book, a masked figure is standing from a distance. However, when she turns around, the masked figure is gone. Later, Lee comes over to Faye’s and tells her that he brought her something. It is a Power Totem and that it will give Faye the power she is seeking. He asks her out and she declines. She says that she has something later. He says that he and the “doll” are going to help her out. She tells him that she isn’t going to try it though. Isaac goes up to Jake and he says that he shouldn’t be there. Jake slams Isaac against a closet door and tells him that he saw Eban killing his parents. He says that what Jake saw was only part of the story. He says that Blackwell would have never accepted the truce. The Medallion that Cassie has is unlocked and evil will come after her. Isaac says that if he gives it to the council, then the attacks with stop. He warns Jake about the Medallion and the evil that is coming. Cassie goes down to the basement and sees the masked figure. She runs upstairs and screams. Adam shows up and Cassie tells him that someone is down there.

They go down to the basement together and find that no one is there. Cassie says that he was wearing the same robe that her father was wearing. A symbol was on the robe. Adam asks what she was doing down there anyways. Cassie says that she was trying to contact her father. Adam tells Cassie that her father had 16 years to look for Cassie. Adam warns Cassie about the Black Magic. Adam suggests that Cassie go to Jake about the witch hunters. Later at the party, Faye is a little disgusted with it and Diana accidentally knocks over Faye and causes her to fall and break the Totem. She puts it away and Melissa tells Diana that Faye is happy that she is there. She offers Diana some “Devil’s Spirit” to take off the edge. She takes some. Meanwhile, Cassie talks to Jake about the symbol that she saw on the robe of the mask figure. Jake tells her that it belongs to a coven that was destroyed years ago. Jake says that he doesn’t know what this has to do with her father. Diana is feeling the affects of Devil’s Spirit and Faye likes Diana’s new-found bravery. They do a spell that will turn the pizza guy hot. However, it is Lee and not the pizza guy. Diana kisses him. Faye tells her that he is not the pizza guy and is there to fix what Diana broke. Meanwhile, Cassie is at home. The medallion starts to move. She puts it around her neck. There are now two masked figures.

Back at Faye’s, Lee notices that Diana and Melissa are messed up. Faye says that they are on Lee’s “Devil’s Spirit”. The pizza guy comes over and Diana kisses him. The doorbell rings again and this time it is Cassie. She tells them that she is not in the “partying” mood, but Diana and Melissa drag her inside. Melissa takes some more “Devil’s Spirit”. Jake meets with Isaac and he is told that the coven that Cassie is being haunted by wants the powers that Blackwell stole from them. He says that Jake has to get the Medallion to him or they are going to all die. Back at the house, Faye tells the girls that her Totem is fixed and Cassie tells them that she saw a ghost in the bedroom. Faye says that she has just the thing for contacting the dead.

They get out the magic board and Cassie puts the Medallion on it. She asks the spirits who are contacting her. Suddenly the Medallion moves and spells out “sacred”. Diana and Melissa laugh. Cassie gets a text from Adam and he tells her to come over. She decides that she is going to go. Jake comes over and Faye and Melissa tell him that Cassie isn’t there. Jake gets Melissa to tell him that she went over to Adam’s. At the same moment, Cassie is driving when suddenly the Medallion begins to choke her. She struggles to maintain control of the car and tries to get the Medallion off. She flips the car. Adam is getting ready for Cassie when Jake comes up and asks where Cassie is. He says that she left Faye’s place already, but that she is not with Adam. Jake says that the Medallion is dangerous and that they need to find her. Adam calls Diana and asks if Cassie has been back there. Diana tells her that Cassie is probably finding a third boyfriend. She hangs up the phone and Faye asks if it hurts. Diana takes the offense and says that Faye is just jealous that she is spending more time with Melissa. Faye mentions that Diana tossed Melissa to the side when she was serious with Adam. Faye realizes that Melissa is missing and they find her convulsing from taking a lot of “Devil’s Spirit”. They pick her up and take her to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Adam and Jake arrive at Cassie’s overturned car and find that she is not there. Jake says that the Medallion has the powers of all the witches who are haunting Cassie. He says that there was a church where the blood of the witches was spilled. He says that if they lead her there, Cassie is in big trouble. In the forest, Cassie follows the apparitions. They lead her to the church. Meanwhile, Melissa is vomiting and Diana is holding her hair. Faye says that she can’t believe that Diana was doing “Devil’s Spirit” with Melissa and Diana says that she can’t believe that Faye introduced Melissa to it to begin with. Melissa grabs Diana’s hand and they walk off. Back at the church, Cassie looks for the spirits and sees a plaque that says “Sacred Heart”. She tells the spirits to come out and face her. The masked figure is there and so are the others. Jake and Adam get there, but are soon surrounded. The spirits possess Adam and tell Cassie to give them the Medallion. She says that she will give it to them when the spirits of the coven threaten to kill Adam. She holds out the medallion and crushes it in her hand. It falls to pieces. Adam is released from the possession. Later, Jake goes up to Isaac and gives him a piece of it. He asks why Isaac wanted the medallion when they couldn’t use it anyways. Isaac says that he can’t protect him or Cassie anymore and leaves.

Faye holds the Totem and then places it under her bed. Diana comes in and says that Melissa is feeling better and Faye tells her to stay. Diana says that she may have screwed up before, but she won’t abandon her again. Lee gets home to find his first girlfriend in bed. He tells her that he found a way to fix her. Back at Faye’s, Melissa tells Faye that Lee likes her. Diana teases her and says that he is a good kisser. They have a pillow fight and laugh. Cassie and Adam get to the Valentine’s Day present that Adam planned. She tells him that Adam was right about her father and she doesn’t want to find him anymore after finding out that he killed all those witches. She says that she doesn’t want to be like her father and Adam says that she is amazing. They kiss. Later, a man on a dock waits with the symbol of the medallion on his hand. The episode ends.