Traitor - Recap

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The episode begins with Cassie looking completely lost at Jane's wake. Diana hasn't revealed to the any of the others that she's a Blackwell because she hasn’t herself come to terms with the fact yet. Cassie reassures her that she has anyway thought her to be family and she shall be happy if it turns out that she is her sister. But somehow Diana’s feelings don not concur with Cassie’s. Meanwhile, Jake enters and looks visibly enraged; he makes quite a scene over witch hunters. Faye tries calming him down, and suggests something that would help in his present state of mind. Meanwhile, Dawn confirms to John Blackwell that she could be of help, if only she had her power back.

Meanwhile, Cassie retires to the floor above and is joined by Adam. Cassie is visibly upset and the reason is that, she has lost the one solitary thing she had left of her mom. She is distraught about the fact that, now there is not a living soul who knows her. Adam tries putting her mind at ease, and says that he knows her. She is clearly overcome by what he just said and the two, end up kissing each other. Just then John comes in interrupting their romantic interlude. Cassie confronts him about being Diana’s father, and gives him a piece of her mind. John confesses his mistake, and also confirms that Amelia was the one he loved, he just slept with Elisabeth once, and that too during a period when he and Amelia were broken up.

He also tries to bring to her notice that, this tragedy must surely have given her an idea of how close on their heels the witch hunters are. “We need to find those last two crystals," she says. Meanwhile, Faye with Jake’s help is planning to swipe her mom’s happy pills from her mom’s purse. Meanwhile, Diana is back home and confronts her father about the reason he didn’t attend the wake. She then questions him about the relationship her mom shared with John Blackwell. She simply wants to know from him if he can possibly be her father. Charles is visibly shocked with the volley of inquiries being made by Diana, he after a lot of hesitation reveals to Diana that, her mother and he had parted ways only for a few weeks.

He then tells her to be wary of John Blackwell, as he will do anything to win her trust, and is capable of making her do things she probably would never imagine doing normally. She assures him that she will be on her guard. Meanwhile, Cassie apologizes to Adam for kissing him. John in the meanwhile instructs the two of them to get hold of the remaining two crystals with Melissa. The crystals combines with their powers would thus help them locate the others on the map. Somehow, the map shows only one, and it’s in the house next to Jake’s. Meanwhile, Faye and Jake are removing their clothes, in his room. She takes out her mom's pills to help her forget what they're doing. She opens the bottle; and finds her family's crystal.

Back at the house, Faye brings it to the group. But the crystal doesn't have any powers. They figure Adam's grandfather's is cloaked. Blackwell says there's a spell to re-juice Faye's but they need the whole circle. They make plans to meet up later that night. Cassie drops by Diana's. She's ignoring everyone. She's not sure doing what Blackwell says is the best idea. Adam goes through his grandfather's stuff with Melissa. He tells her about Cassie kissing him. Melissa's solution is booze. At the house, Diana shows up and announces to Faye and Jake that Blackwell is her dad. Jake tells her about his grandfather's theory that Blackwell had two children in the circle.

Faye mentions Blackwell's appearance in her mom's journal. Diana wonders if they should trust him. The table with the dead crystal on it starts spinning and suddenly it melts through the table and disappears. They figure it was the traitor witch, trying to stop them from putting together the crystal skull. Jake suggests talking to Isaac to help them get the crystal to stop Ebben. Diana doesn't want to tell Blackwell the plan. Charles comes home to find a note from Diana saying she's with Cassie. He calls Blackwell. Drunken Melissa asks Adam if he has feelings for Cassie. He says he doesn't. He tells her about the curse. Then he sees his grandfather's lucky coin framed on the wall. He takes it down, remembering a trick his grandfather used to do.

He tries to recreate it, and manages to cloak the coin. But he doesn't know how to uncloak it. Jake, Faye, Cassie and Diana head out to the woods to meet Isaac. Ian shows up instead. Charles meets Blackwell at the coffee shop. Blackwell reminds him they're in public and asks what he's going to do. Charles decks him and knocks him to the ground. Blackwell gets up and chokes him, but Charles says he's taking Diana away from Chance Harbor. Dawn goes through her purse and realizes her crystal is missing. In the woods, Ian says he's there because Isaac is dead. They recognize him as one of the people who kidnapped them and took them to the boat. Cassie thinks he killed her grandmother and starts choking him with dark magic.

No one can stop her, except Diana, who shouts at her to stop. Diana reminds Cassie they don't know Ian killed her grandmother. Ebben killed Isaac because he turned on him. Ebben told Isaac to kill the witch traitor after the traitor helped them summon the demons, but Isaac refused. The witch escaped, so Ebben killed Isaac instead. Ian doesn't know who the traitor was, but he tracked him to Chance Harbor. Diana suggests if Isaac could turn, maybe the rest could. Cassie reminds her how well an attempted truce worked for their parents. Back at the house, Diana says she'll never use her dark magic. Cassie, Diana, Faye and Jake try to find the crystal and see it's near Hudson Fields. Adam tries to remember the uncloaking words.

He does an etching of the invisible coin and recites the words. The coin reappears, as does a secret panel in the wall. Blackwell visits Dawn, and tells her Diana is his daughter. He wants her to keep Charles from taking Diana out of town. He tells her he needs the whole circle to make the skull and defeat the witch hunters. He promises to get her power back if she helps; he says the Elders won't be around to object because they'll take them out next. He tells her Faye took her crystal. She agrees to talk to Charles. Adam opens the secret compartment and finds a box; but the crystal isn't in it. They need the map. Cassie, Diana, Faye and Jake arrive at Hudson Fields, an abandoned amusement park. "I've had at least a dozen nightmares start this way," Faye says. Someone watches them enter.

They split up. Diana isn't thrilled to go with Cassie. Dawn drops by Charles', playing dumb about Blackwell. Charles thinks Blackwell is trying to take Diana away for his own private army of witches. Dawn tells him about Faye stealing her crystal. She says it's their responsibility to stop Blackwell since they brought Cassie back to bind the circle. Faye sees something on a ride. Its dead Ian with his throat slit. They turn on the power to the ride and car after car of dead witch hunter goes by. They keep looking through the amusement park and find blood. They follow it into the Haunted Mansion. Back at the house, Blackwell arrives and Adam and Melissa tell him they uncloaked the last crystal and found it's in the high school.

Jake and Faye creep through the creepy haunted house and see a door. Diana tells Cassie that ever since Blackwell arrived, Cassie has lost all sense of what's right. She thinks Cassie is letting her dark magic take over. Cassie reminds her dark magic saved her life on Halloween. Diana says killing is wrong and she's going to keep reminding Cassie of that. They see someone running away wounded and think it's the traitor witch. In the haunted house, Jake thinks something is amiss. He finds a sway, which transfers powers from witches to mortals. Diana and Cassie chase the witch. In the Haunted House, Jake finds an old photo of his parents. Cassie stops running and uses magic to fling a spear at the fleeing witch. She doesn't skewer him, but knocks him down instead. It's Nick. He's alive. The episode ends at this point.