Do Over - Recap

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Ben is at school waiting for Adrianne. Adrianne comes in and she tells him that she's had her period and she isn't pregnant. Ben is relieved to find this information out. His best friends show up and tell him that they have been trying to get in touch with him for twenty four hours. They were worried about him, but then figured that he was out having fun with Adrianne again. Ben tells them that Adrianne had been worried that she was pregnant. Alice is a bit shocked by this and asks a million questions. She is analytical as Ben tells her that she took an early pregnancy test and it came up positive, but then she had her period. She asks if he is sure and he tells her that he didn't verify it but she told him that she did, so he believes her.

Grace and Adrianne meet in the hall and Grace asks what the deal was. Adrianne says that she guesses she was wrong because she was late and then her period came. Adrianne tells Grace that she doesn't want to talk about it anymore and doesn't want her to talk to anyone about it. Grace asks if she can tell Jack and Adrianne says she can since she already told him about her possibly being pregnant anyway. She then asks if she can tell Madison because she knows he told her. Grace asks about if Madison told Amy. Adrianne says not to as it will get back to her anyway from Jack.

Adrianne sees Ashley and goes to tell her that everything is okay that there is no need to worry about her little "issue". Ashley is kind of whatever about it. Adrianne asks if she told anyone about it and Ashley kind of avoids answering the question properly. Soon Ashley tells her that she told her dad. It seems that Ashley used Adrianne as an excuse to ask her parents to be put on birth control. Of course Adrianne is mad, but she notices Ricky and leaves. While leaving she tells Ashley to talk to her dad and not anyone else. Ricky goes up to Ashley and tells her that she doesn't want to hang out with Adrianne because she's a bad influence. She tells him that she has a mind of her own and he says that he knows that and that is what he likes about her. He asks if Ben has called Amy and he tells her that he better because she deserves it. She says that it is good because if she pays attention to Ben then she will pay attention to her less. Ricky asks her why she wouldn't want her to pay attention to her and she tells him that she doesn't want her to pay attention to her sex life. Ricky is a bit shocked by that and asks who she has a sex life with. She says "wouldn't you like to know?" and walks away. He watches her walk away and says to him "yeah, I really would like to know".

Amy, Madison and Lauren are walking through the hall ways and talking. Amy asks why Ben would tell her that he loves her and not return any of her calls. Lauren and Madison don't know. Madison is acting weird because of the secret she is hiding. She walks away and Amy asks Lauren what is up with her. Lauren says she doesn't know and says maybe because her and Jack were supposed to have sex after the wedding she is freaking out. Amy asks Lauren if her and her boyfriend had sex since that's the way she and Madison "are". She tells her that she did not have sex. Ben walks by, looks at her for a second and keeps walking.

He runs into Jack and he tells him congrats on the fact that Adrianne isn't pregnant. Ben pretends to be oblivious and says pretty much nothing. He is a bit upset about the fact that it basically spread. Ashley and her father are at the doctor talking about getting her on birth control. Her father is rambling about his worries in regards to Ashley getting pregnant like Amy did. When her father leaves the doctor tells her that based on her family history, it is a good idea that she is put on the pill. Amy and her mother are at home and Amy brought John home early because all of the other babies are sick. She tells her mother that she keeps thinking about how Ben hasn't called her back. Her mother asks her if she really wants to get back together with her. She says that maybe she should just leave it alone with Ben. Amy tells her that she still loves him.

Her mother asks if Ashley told her that she is going out for track. Amy thinks that it is a lie. They are wondering why he would lie and then they realize that she hasn't agreed with them on the whole birth control pill thing. Grace shows up at Ben's and says she got her license and thought she would come and see him since he did the same when he got his. She also said that she wanted to celebrate because of his "good news". He seems surprised this time. When she leaves he calls Adrianne and keeps getting her voicemail. He calls out of work and gets a ration of crap from his manager. He wants her to not mention this to his father. Ricky overhears the conversation and goes to talk to her about what is going on with Ben. He feels like something is going on with Ben and Adrianne. He also claims that he doesn't care about Adrianne.

Jack and Madison are in the car making out and talking. They are talking about how she is not comfortable with not telling Amy about the almost pregnant incident with Adrianne. Jack tells her that he loves her and she thinks he was just doing it to get into her pants. She goes on a bit of a tangent asking him if he got her a gift to go with the "i love you". He was turned off by that. She apologizes and tells him that she is just preoccupied with other things.

Ben is at Adrianne's and he tells her that he doesn't believe she's really not pregnant. Ben asks her if she had an abortion. She denies that and says that if she did it would have been her choice. He doesn't believe that she isn't lying. She tells him that he and Amy are great together and hope it will work out. He hopes that maybe she and Ricky would work out and she says that it won't because he'll never forgive her. Ashley and her dad show up at home and her mother asks what happened. She says she got on the team. She asks if they are lying and he says that they aren't, that she runs well. She then catches him in a contradictory truth.

Grace goes home and Tom gives Grace some grief about her not having friends. Her mom notices that she seems sad. Grace says that she just wants to spend some time with Ben. She asks about the whispering between her and Adrianne. She asks about what is up and Grace tells her everything about Adrianne having sex with Ben. Her mother tells her maybe she should meet a new guy. Grace tells her that she doesn't want to. She likes Ben. Ricky shows up at Ben's and he is reorganizing his sock drawer. Ricky asks him if he stayed home for work for that. Ben seems in a great mood---maybe a little drunk on life (or alcohol?). Ricky says he knows he was at Adrianne's. He asks why he was there and he says to talk to her. They talk about how he claims to be in love with Amy, has sex with Adrianne, and only wants to be friends with Grace but she thinks they could be more. Ben says just because he's in love with her doesn't mean she's in love with him and even if she is, it doesn't mean she would be with him again. Ricky wants to go to find out and invites him to Amy's so he can see.

At Jack's, his father and mother come in. They talk to him about how they are moving to Phoenix. He needs to find a friend to move in with for his senior year. He tells them to take the job that they are moving for. He calls Madison and asks her if her parents would let them live over there. Ricky shows up to say goodnight John. He and Ashley about how he doesn't want to get back with Adrianne and hopes Ben will get back with Amy. She asks what he does if he has a companion. She comes off as a bit jealous. He asks how things are with Grant and she says things are fine. He tells her not to have sex in high school. Ben and Amy are talking in the kitchen and she says she is glad he came over. He apologizes for not calling back because he scared himself. He asks how they will make it work and get forgiveness. She asks if they could remember how much they loved each other instead of all the bad things. They get back together and promises they won't hurt one another.

Madison talks to her parents about him moving in and they are not into it. They tell her no. Amy's mom come in before reading and she asks her to go for a run. She is using reverse psychology and then Ashley tells her that she is on the pill. Her father pretends to be outraged and her mother says that they really need to talk about this. She tells her mother that it was because she wanted to have a back up plan if she did have sex. Ashley says that she's not the only one the pill and says Amy is on, too. Neither of them knew about that. Ben is on the phone with his father and step mother. He tells him that he and Amy are back together. They are happy about that.

Adrianne's father checks on her and asks how she is doing. He tells her that he has happy she tracked him down. He double checks to make sure everything is okay. She tells her dad she learned that the next time she wants to be with someone she loves.